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A FREE Android Developer Toolkit to CURE the fragmentation and deliver you the MOST stunningly beautiful apps.

A FREE Android Developer Toolkit to CURE the fragmentation and deliver you the MOST stunningly beautiful apps. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 11, 2012.

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About this project

Here at Kewl Life, we have a vision of bringing a "pure" digital lifestyle to the masses using OPEN and FREE technologies. Through the use of Android (mobile), HTML5 (web) and Wireless Broadband (connectivity) we are on the verge of realizing a dream that we like to call "Living the Kewl Life".

libKCE is a FREE Android / HTML5 Toolkit that we've developed with the primary purpose of transferring the power from the manufacturers, the carriers, the policy makers and other powers that be into the hands of the software developers (the people that make things happen) and on to the people, YOU!

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It's FAST!

libKCE is a drop-in, plug-and-play library that allows developers to quickly add it to their new and current projects. It offers an Intuitive API that conforms to international programming standards, which allows anyone to be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Developers will spend LESS TIME figuring out how to do something and MORE TIME actually doing it! Liking listening to your requests and adding new features, adding more levels and overall improving YOUR mobile experience.


You've no doubt been exposed to the #1 debate about why Android is NOT better than iOS, FRAGMENTATION! One of the primary goals of libKCE is to offer a Fragmentation-FREE experience for developers when creating apps. This is accomplished through the extensive use of crowd-sourced device data in combination with an API that allows Android develop.


In battle of the mobile supremacy, Android has proven to be the most functional of the Big 3 (Android, iOS and Windows Phone). However, what it offers in function it equally lacks in style. libKCE provides a new set of Beautiful Widgets for developers to drop into their applications, to match the industry-leading UI of Apple's iOS.

It's FREE!

Successful funding will allow us to release libKCE FREE to developers across the world. By creating this FAST. STABLE. BEAUTIFUL library for developers, we hope to ensure the continued growth and adoption of Android as The World's #1 Mobile Platform. Any contribution you make to this project will bring us one step closer to realizing this dream.


A successfully funded project will allow us to complete the necessary packaging and preparations necessary to release libKCE to the public. Additional funds will be directed towards expanding the compatibility of the current libKCE Toolkit to reach as many devices and users as possible. With our planned UI upgrades, we aim to combine function with beauty in a way that Android has never seen (but desperately needs). Each and every dollar is invested towards bringing the benefits of this library to more and more developers, more and more devices, more and more users throughout the world.

So, exactly where does my money go?

  • 35% New Talent adding Specialized Developers to the team
  • 30% Design →improving & adding to the beautiful UI Widgets
  • 10% i18n →adding support for the International Community
  • 10% Hardware →new & used Devices for in-house development
  • 5% Licenses →to allow support for vendor-specific OEM Libraries
  • and approx. 10% for Kickstarter and Amazon fees

And the REWARDS!

For your support of this project and for your love of Android and our "Live the Kewl Life" campaign, we've done our best to offer our backers as many Android goodies as we can. Our first reward kSync can be downloaded immediately by ALL of our Kickstarter backers HERE.


  • FREE libKCE Beta Apps (will be available during the funding campaign)
  • Kickstarter exclusive LTKL T-shirts
  • Kickstarter exclusive LTKL Wallpapers
  • Kickstarter exclusive LTKL Ringtones

ANDROID SUPERS (rooted device users)

  • "Custom" Rooting Guides for users that want to be SUPERS ;-)
  • Kickstarter exclusive LTKL Boot Animations
  • Kickstarter exclusive LTKL Icon & Theme Packs

Stretch Goals

  • $10,000 → early access to iPhone TOP100 (iOS favorites for Android)
  • $15,000 → early access to kGallery (LWP & social photo gallery)
  • $25,000 → early access to kDisk (cloud storage utility suite)
  • (if we make it past 25K, we'll be sure to add some more goodies for ALL)

Each and every dollar over our goals will be utilized to expand the compatibility of libKCE to as many devices as possible. We dare to reach 99% compatibility of ALL Android devices in 2013 and putting and END TO FRAGMENTATION!

Future Plans

As new devices and technologies continue to be built and released to market, we will continue to work and coordinate the efforts of hundreds of programmers and millions of hours of tireless, hard work to provide a simple, central resource for Android developers to share. With the success of this libKCE, we will soon be able to offer additional project to the Kickstarter community, like

We hope that you will consider project as a benefit towards the cause of keeping people connected throughout the world in a free and open way. Thanks for your support ^_^

For more information about Kewl Life apps and all of our reward offers, please visit


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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Android LOVER •• Help us fund this Developer's Library and we'll provide you with immediate access to the kSync app (check the link below). This reward is your VIP ticket to the kOS pre-launch party. If we get funded, you'll also receive exclusive "Live the Kewl Life" Android Goodies, including: (1) LTKL device wallpaper, (2) LTKL desktop wallpaper, (3) LTKL ringtone.

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    Andorid SUPER •• Android Goodies + Root Goodies, including: (1) Customized, step-by-step rooting guide for your device, (2) LTKL boot animation, (3) LTKL icon/theme pack.

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    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    Kewl Life SUPPORTER •• Android & Root Goodies + 1-year of PRO access to the exclusive Club KL ($25 value).

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    Kewl Life LOVER •• Android & Root Goodies + 1-year of ELITE access to the exclusive Club KL ($120 value).

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    Kewl Life GROUPIE •• Android Goodies + 1-year Club KL ELITE + a limited Kickstarter-edition LTKL T-shirt. Worldwide shipping included.

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    Kewl Life LIEUTENANT •• All of the above, plus “early-backer” access to the kCoder Development Suite (KCDS): all libKCE resources, project hosting, team management, support center and more (check out for more details).

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Kewl LIfe GENERAL •• All of the above, plus 1-year of LIVE support from the libKCE Development Team.

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