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Brain and Nerd's indie 4X space strategy game Predestination was Kickstarted by you. Now you can find us on Steam!
Brain and Nerd's indie 4X space strategy game Predestination was Kickstarted by you. Now you can find us on Steam!
1,195 backers pledged $49,899 to help bring this project to life.

Art update! The Human race revealed!

Posted by Daniel Morse (Creator)

A few weeks ago we revealed our first race, a steampunk-style robot race that has adapted to use coal as a fuel source. Today we give you a look at what our character artist Connor Murphy is currently working on as we reveal the artwork for the two playable human factions and some early concept sketches for the Reptillian race!

High-technology humans:

(Left to right: Scientist, Soldier, Diplomat)

Low-technology humans:

(Left to right: Engineer, Soldier, Citizen)

Reptile race concept sketches:

All of the art in this update is work-in-progress from talented character artist Connor Murphy. If you pledge for the concept art reward you can get a one-of-a-kind original signed print of anything you see here or other concept art. And if you've pledged to design a race, Connor will be working with you on the art for it!

We hope you enjoy this look at the art of Predestination's upcoming races!

-- Brendan, Lead Developer


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    1. Dan Serik on

      I agree with Digheko Nesij. The low tech human soldier should look more like a normal soldier of today...with a normal uniform and a rifle, grenades on the belt, ammo belt, etc. Unless you want to go primitive with a sword,axe,spear and a shield... :D

    2. Daniel Morse 2-time creator on

      Hey guys!
      We're glad you like the concept art, we've passed your feedback on to Connor and he'll take it all on board! We have several more races to make, and look forward to working with our race design backers to create some awesome races!
      Thanks again for all your support!
      -- Brendan, Lead Developer

    3. Missing avatar

      Digheko Nesij on

      Looks Great but I have to say the Human Low-Tech Soldier looks like a thug rather than a soldier.
      How about something similar to what we have today :

    4. Willem on

      Must say, brilliant artwork. I am very impressed. I love the design of the human clothing/aesthetic. Very cool.

    5. ErekoseDM on

      my favs are the 2 ladies; the high tech on her looks pretty sweet! i want a pair of those neck sockets ^_^

      i LOVE the turtle shell guy, would be awesome to play as one of em in the expansion (or whenever) but get some sweet colored bandanas ^_^
      hopefully the turtle power makes it beyond the concept and into the main game. bad ass ^_^

      and the bottom left lizard man underneath the two MerMen-lizardmen. he looks like he could be trouble, but perfect for signing on to my team.

      Great work, Connor Murphy!!!!

    6. Missing avatar


      I am pretty partial to the first reptile face on the left. I am not sure about the turtle shell, but at least I have never seen anything like it on a sentient creature before...

    7. gandalf.nho

      The first reptile ones look like snapper turtles (and krogans) and the second ones like frilled lizards, I liked.

    8. John Stewart on

      Oh, very nice! I do like the HUD idea there, though let's hope rival diplomats sitting behind can't read it too!

    9. Ronald Wanders on

      That top picture for the reptiles has quite a bit of Mass Effect Krogan in there. I quite like it. :)