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NYC Resistor is a creative technology space in Brooklyn where we learn, share, and make things. We're moving to a great new location wtih 3x the space

What's a hackerspace? A hackerspace is a place where people with common interests, usually in science, technology, or digital / electronic art can meet, socialize and collaborate.

NYC Resistor is a collaborative technology and hacking space in Brooklyn, NY. We hold open hacking events, teach classes, have geeky parties, and do pretty much anything that gets people making stuff - from DIY MP3 players to knitting to beer brewing.

In February we're trying to move to a new space, one that will be 3x bigger for less than our current rent. But it needs a fair amount of build out, and since we only make enough money to cover our costs, we don't have a huge stash of cash to spend on things like putting in enough electricity to power a rack of servers.

We plan to get as many things as possible second hand, but some things just can't be thrifted. Aside from a fresh coat of paint, we'll need to put in a few more electrical circuits (lest an army of Arduinos take out the power), windows, lighting, and a handful of other improvements to make the space awesome.

Once the new space is ready we'll have enough room to host bigger and better events than we can currently. Our current space feels cramped with more than 25 or so people, but our new home will make lectures for 50+ easy. From multiple classes at once to miniature conferences, we'll be able to expand our offerings to the community. We're incredibly excited.

All money will go directly into building out the new space. The total cost of moving will be about $10,000, most of which we're covering out of our own pockets. The Kickstarter rewards are set at the real costs of the items they're named after (including things like tax and freight to get the stuff to us). As intimidating as the expenses are, we're thrilled about the possibilities the new space will bring.


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    Paint! $25 gets us a big bucket o' paint, and man are we going to need a lot of it. People who contribute $25 or more will get a completely awesome handwritten thank you. Completely. Awesome (hint: there will be lasers involved).

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    Chairs! Resistor needs a ton of chairs! It's hard to have awesome events if no one has a place to sit, and with 3x the space we're going to need 3x the chairs! People who contribute at this level will be forever memorialized on a sweet plaque at the space and a handwritten thank you.

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    Lights! Bigger space means we need more lights to hack by. People who contribute at this level will get a NYCR notebook and a sweet handwritten thank you.

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    Windows! Our new space is a bit dark. It had windows, but the previous tenant bricked them up. The landlord has agreed to split the costs with us to have them replaced, and this represents our half. People who contribute at this level will be forever memorialized on a sweet plaque under the window they've sponsored, and get an even sweeter NYCR notebook. And of course, a sweet handwritten thank you.

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    Electrical and filtration work for the laser room! Keeping the laser's thirst for amperage at bay is no easy task, so we're going to need some electrical work. Contributors at this level will be forever commemorated on a plaque at the space, receive a completely awesome handwritten thank you, get an amazingly cool NYC Resistor notebook to scribble in, and a gift certificate good for a class at Resistor once things get back up and running.

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