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Sure, you can read a travel guide on Europe.. but why not see it in handcrafted images, collage art, and bits of story along the way?
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How Catherine & I Became Friends

Wow! Thank you so much for your contributions! I thought it would be a few more days before we reached over 10 backers and half our goal!! To keep energy up here's a short story about Catherine & me! Keep spreading the word - and Thanks!!!

Catherine and I went to Alfred University together from 2004-2008. I had seen her around freshman year but it was easy to get lost in the sea of new faces back then.

Sophomore year (2005) I was walking past the student art gallery when the exhibition caught my eye: Catherine Lynch (she changed her name about a year later) and she had the whole space to herself. In this large room she simply placed a two tiered bookshelf filled with sketchbooks and a bean bag chair. On top of the shelf were small treasures, picture frames with old photos and other valuables.

Wherever I was going it didn't seem so important anymore. I sat in the bean bag chair and read through her sketchbooks. I remember falling in love with them, thinking they were exactly what I should be creating, but also reading Catherine's secrets and feeling so connected to her. I knew I had to find my way into her life. I sat there for a long time, long enough that Grace and Catherine came along.

I remember feeling embarrassed, like I had been caught, but I'm good at not showing those emotions so I'm sure Grace and Catherine didn't see it that way. I remember looking at Catherine and saying "We should be friends".

And as direct as it may have been, it worked. I did find my way into her life, and it's something I'll be forever grateful for... because now my kids will have an awesome Aunt Catherine someday to show them how to make their own sketchbooks, jar jam, and move them to change the world we live in.

Video below is a really short kind of silly video of us in the summer of 2008 long before Catherine went to the Peace Corps.

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