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Development of Hott Smoke #3, Asian-inspired #4, and 1 gallon, food service bottles for restaurants

NW Elixirs is the collaboration of a chef and a waiter with a deep passion for food and dining. We believe in good food done right. Food should be enjoyed and experienced; not merely eaten. NW Elixirs seeks to create and sustain a thriving community of people interested and excited about food. It is our passion to contribute to a thriving 'foodie' community and work with other creative individuals, organizations, and businesses as we strive to turn ideas into reality.

Unlike other sauces on the market, NW Elixirs’ Sauces were specifically designed to be used in a variety of cooking applications. We only use whole roasted vegetables, spices, and natural sweeteners, so our products do not disappear in the crock pot or burn in a hot pan.The flavor profile, depth and level of heat vary depending on usage.

Currently, we have 2 products: Hott Sauce #1 and Verde Hott #2. We are seeking to expand our product line with the additions of Hott Smoke #3 and an Asian-inspired #4. We currently distribute to Portland area restaurants and have found the need to begin offering 1 gallon recyclable bottles for our restaurant distribution.

Hott Sauce #1: Roasted habanero peppers and dry arbol chilies combined with just the right amount of NW honey and southern spices, create the ideal balance of sweet, smoky, and spicy. It's the ideal sauce for absolutely anything.

Verde Hott #2: Roasted tomatillos, Poblano and Serrano peppers, fresh cilantro, and a touch of sweet, natural agave nectar produce a bright and fresh green sauce with a spicy finish. Unlike other green sauces on the market, Verde Hott #2 delivers a balanced flavor from start to finish. 

Hott Smoke #3: All smoke and heat, without the sweet. A sauce inspired by southern cooking evoking visions of a smoldering hickory fire and roasted chili peppers.

"Asian-inspired" #4: The yet unnamed "Asian" sauce is a sweet,spicy and sour sauce designed for noodles, fish, and other light fare.


  • You can check out for all sorts of recipe ideas from Chef Garrett...some highlights include an incredible Bloody Mary Mix, Mayan Brownies, Corn Chowder, and Lamb Meatballs!!

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  • While almost ALL hot sauces come in the standard 5.5 oz bottles, NW Elixirs' Hott Sauces are packaged in 9 oz bottles. The reason being, we have developed our sauces for cooking. NW Elixirs make fabulous ingredients in all kinds of foods: BLOODY MARYS, Soups, Casseroles, Pastas/Noodles, etc..

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