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€30,409 pledged of €100,000 goal
By Nunzio Fiore
€30,409 pledged of €100,000 goal

One Update: a lot of updates

Too many things are happening in these days and we would like to do a single post to tell them all:

- We are delighted to announce that Memori Srl is joining an AR / VR and Mixed Realty expert who will support us in creating the first extensions for your Memori on these fronts:

- We have sold out three pledges between super early and early adopters

- We have just concluded an important meeting to organize a huge presentation event of Memori in September for the public, and then we will produce the first boxes to create the first experiences for that date

- we are catching the interest of some companies who want to help us in the production of the first Memori

Keep following us because things are going to happen very interesting. Share our update with your friends and your enthusiasm in being part of a project that has an evolution that will bring us all in science fiction


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