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Brooklyn, NY Design
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at the Intersection of Art and Technology we explore ways to create augmented reality.

at the Intersection of Art and Technology we explore ways to create augmented reality. Read More
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Brooklyn, NY Design
Project We Love
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I’m fascinated with the possibilities to create interactive spaces, and that is finally becoming a reality. Today we live surrounded by technology either at home or on the go, in fact we are so connected to the web we almost live two places at once: in the real world and online. Thats exactly what my work explores, this connection between our digital selves and our physical body.


I find that creating installations as experiments is the most effective way to explore these ideas, you have to bring people into interactive spaces and see how they react. Allowing people to really experience this connection to the digital world and giving them the freedom to change the space they are in is part of what our digital life is about, to connect with other people through new ways of socializing that encourage people to play and literally change the space.


It has come to a point that for me to create a new installation  I need to develop a user interface. The Money will be used to fund the coding and testing of the interface in order to combine the ideas from past installations into ONE.

An installation will be the final product,  but we need your support to make it happen :-)

 I have been creating small prototypes of what this new installation will be doing but I need a programmer to help me piece it all together into an independent program that can connect multiple users.

Previously I have studied ways in which we could connect our real environment with our online experience and  trying to create a relationship between the user and the Interface. What I’m trying to do is to take that FURTHER, to create a program which allows the user to manipulate the space they are in while sparking social interaction both in the real world and online. By recording their movement and leaving traces of their presence in  real time  and connecting their interaction with other users online. 

 That way the space will create social interaction with random people in the space and users online from anywhere in the world.


In the past I have experimented with ways to make a visible connection between the viewer and the the space, Like in Installation 1 (2006) where the image of the audience is overlapped with the image of the interactive objects by using digital projections as well as sound based on proximity.

In Installation 2 (2007) the viewer is then capable of altering the image of the installtion by manipulating the pixels and shadows of the space together with other users.

In Installation 3 (2012) the viewers are now able to manipulate the colors of the room by moving about and touching the scrims, and the more people interacting the more colors are introduced, that way people gain control of the room while the installation tries to create connections between the users.


There are tons of new resources and software available open source which allow people to connect video, motion sensors and even music into a computer which then translates that information into spaces capable of  responding to the user based on how they move,  how much time they spend in one particular spot and  what things they are touching. We are now capable of creating spaces that respond  changing  light, colors, sounds, creating movement patterns and even connecting random users based on proximity.


Simply put, the money will be used to create a user interface. The installation itself will only happen after the user interface is created, the thinking mechanism of the artwork will be what defines the physical elements of the space.  In order to create a space that reacts to a user  present in the installation and another who is online we need to create a software to link the users.


Kickstarter is all or nothing, that means if this project does not reach the goal amount the project is canceled.
So if you would like to see it come true you can either pledge your support or spread the word. The more people that know about the project the bigger chances it has to come true!!!


If you'd like to Pledge not only will you have my eternal gratitude, here are a few things to remind you of your generous support:

Risks and challenges

I have successfully created interactive installations before and the most challenging factor behind all of them is finding ways for people to become actively engaged in the artwork.

The challenge for this particular project will be creating a user interface, a clear simple way to connect people in real space and digitally. Exploring ways to make it functional will be a trial and error process and that is why I need the help of a programmer. I have developed the key elements of interaction with open source software, but now I need to piece it all together and give it “life” if you will.

To develop a user interface takes a little bit of time to solve all the kinks in the code so time is also another challenge, which is why I am setting the deadline for August, to give the program time to be created, tested and fool proofed.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • I am dividing the project in to five phases:

    Phase Sart End Budjet SOURCE
    1. Design Development 09/18/12 02/28/13 $700.0 ---- Gui
    2. Programing 03/02/13 04/06/13 $1,000.00 ---- KICKSTARTER
    3. Testing 04/13/13 07/15/13 $1,300.00 ---- KICKSTARTER
    4. Production 07/15/13 08/15/13 $1,800.00 ---- Gui
    5. Execution 09/07/13 To be Determined $300.00 ---- Gui
    $ 5,100.00

    I have already secured half of the funds necessary for the installation however
    the Kickstarter Campain was created to support the programing of the project (Phase 2 &3).


    At this point in the project I am completing
    Phase 1, developing the parameters for the user interface. (09/18/2012 - 02/28/2013)
    which is basically defining what features will be implemented into the space,
    how are they going to function and what will they look like,
    all in the attempt to create a cohesive platform where people can come in and intuitively interact with the space,
    part of which began as my thesis in architecture school, here you can find my research :

    The goal at this phase is to come up with a system with a very low learning curve
    so people can actually enjoy the experience rather than spend time figuring out what to do.

    For the past 6 months I have been programming the basic interactive features of the installation and
    designing the graphical user interface which is essentially 80% of the project since it is a purely visual experience.

    In Phase 2 is where the software will be assembled. (03/02 - 04/06)

    This is where all of the little programs I have been writing come together.
    I have already designed and organized the architecture of the software which is what crosses
    the information from the motions sensors to the user interface and the connection to the website.
    I have been using a software called MAXmsp which is fantastic and incredibly flexible.

    However I do need the help of a more experienced programmer to write the code for the software that links it all together,
    I have created several prototypes and there is always a problem and I really need a second pair of eyes to untangle it.
    The software is almost done, I have created the majority of it, and while consulting friends who work as freelance programmers
    I've been told it isn't too complicated to do, it is just a bit time consuming.

    I am allocating US$1000.00 for this phase of the project which essentially covers 30 hours of code writing.
    This phase of the project will span from March 2nd through April 6, the thirty hours of work will be divided sporadically
    while I make modifications to the previously created programs to better communicate with the master software.

    Phase 3 is where we test the software and solve the kinks in the code. (04/13 - 07/15)

    This is the trial and error part of the project, where we assemble the the hardware and software and let the code run!
    It will be the longer part of the project spanning from April 13 to July 15th.
    This is when we figure out what works and what doesn't; where people come in and play with the prototypes
    using the motion sensors and the video projections and where we get feedback to know if something is not clear in
    the user interface but most importantly it is when we let the software run on its on and see what are the weak points in the
    code which can potentially make the software crash.

    At this phase the budget is US$800.00
    I will be conducting the trials and adjusting the software where I can,
    this part of the budjet is allocated for any additional programing that needs to be done as well as corrections.

    the remaining US$500.00 will bu used to purchase the Arduino mother boards, the proximity sensors and infrared cameras, cables and minor electronic suplies.

    Phase 4 is when the surfaces of the installations are made (07/15 - 08/15)

    the budjet is US$1,800.00
    Like in previous installations I will be using scrims that are projected on to create a transparent yet colorful atmosphere.
    The budjet is geared toward purchasing a 4th projector, the scrims, and any additional material for the assembling such as extension cords and cables.

    The remaining materials already in my studio for this installation are : 2 iMac computers, 1 MacMini, 1 Laptop, Cables, 3 Projectors and miscellaneous devices for programable connections.

    PHASE 5 is the opening of the installation (09/07 - to be determined)

    the budjet of $300.00 is to promote the show.

    If you have any more questions please dont hesitate to ask ;)

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