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A videogame developer's love letter to his son; an adventure game to inspire us to love each other; a voice for those fighting cancer.
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    1. Numinous Games Creator on

      Hey Patrik, Yes those are all coming. Unfortunately all of our resources have been focused squarely on getting to release. Now that we have we're able to focus on these rewards. Next up is Linux and the Soundtrack.

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrik Hanson on

      Yeah, about that...

      "When available, you'll be able to get all your digital content listed below right here on your download page!

      Your purchase of That Dragon, Cancer ($30+ Tier) gets you:

      That Dragon, Cancer, Cross-Platform and DRM-Free
      That Dragon, Cancer OUYA Key
      That Dragon, Cancer Steam Key
      Steph's Poster
      That Dragon, Cancer Digital Artbook
      That Dragon, Cancer Digital Soundtrack
      That Dragon, Cancer Digital Poster
      That Dragon, Cancer Kickstarter Exclusive EP
      That Dragon, Cancer Digital Wallpaper"

      So far I have only gotten a Steam key and an OUYA/Cortex key. Is the rest coming later?

    3. rfnk on

      Love the transparency with this. I hope people aren't too upset. It is a nonissue for me.

    4. flesk

      Mistakes happen. I appreciate this candid update on why Linux was excluded, even though I would have preferred to see it prior to release. Thanks for the update.

    5. Wei-ju Wu on

      Yes, I just noticed today when I tried to install it :) Congrats for the release, it looks like your game is well received from what I've seen so far. Thanks for not forgetting about us Linux users, personally I have no problem waiting a bit since I currently don't use any of the other platforms.