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A videogame developer's love letter to his son; an adventure game to inspire us to love each other; a voice for those fighting cancer.
3,687 backers pledged $104,491 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Ian Mark Johnson on

      Hi, I still haven't received my keys. Who do I contact about this?

    2. Numinous Games Creator on

      Hi Itaiber2000, you'll need to download and install steam to redeem the code. Here are some instructions:

    3. Numinous Games Creator on

      Hi Glenn, I'm so sorry to have missed your comment, I've emailed you a link.

    4. Itaiber2000 on

      hi ryan & josh, except of the digital art album that is stated in the humble bundle page and seems that there isn't any download link for it - is it part of the steam key?
      also ,if i remember correctly, was supposed to be the soundtrack available for download. i hope those two are will be available soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      Glenn McAllister on

      Like several people here, I'm having problems with keys on the Humble site; the OUYA/Cortex key is available (which I don't need), but the Steam key is not. Is there an official support link/site for us to go through?

    6. Numinous Games Creator on

      Hi Danny, I send you a link for your key via email!

    7. Danny Kiregbaum Laursen on

      No That Dragon, Cancer on list of Humble item.

    8. Oldkid Livegen on

      I've just sent a request on the Humble store website because the Ouya/Cortex key is nowhere to be seen.

    9. Missing avatar

      Greg Sewart on

      I can't find it anywhere on the humble storefront. Resender doesn't seem to be doing anything at all.

    10. Oldkid Livegen on

      Congratulations to the whole team ! I can't play this right now because the Ouya/Cortex key still isn't available on the humble store download page.

    11. A.D. Olson on

      Julian, there is the option to grab a Steam key (at least for me). But yeah, the DRM-free versions are completely missing, as is the Linux version. And the developer is completely ignoring me (email, Twitter, comments here, a Steam forum thread...). I'm SOOOO glad I backed this...

    12. Missing avatar

      Julian Beck on

      On the Humble Download site I see a
      "Digital Art Book"
      listed, but there's no download possibility for it. Only thing beside the game is the download for "Steph's poster".

      Did I miss something?

    13. A.D. Olson on

      Where is the Linux version?

    14. Stefan Guhl on

      Great. I am happy to see the final work.

    15. Shaun Guth

      The link to the article is a 404. This one looks like the right URL:

    16. Justin Patterson on

      Congratulations to completing this project, I feel fortunate to have been a part of it in small ways as a backer. Thanks so much for the dedication from your team. I'll try to twitch stream it in the coming week to share the experience with some people and hopefully inspire them to play it for themselves. Great work, you all.

    17. Numinous Games Creator on

      Ah oops, sorry for the double post! -Ryan

    18. Numinous Games Creator on

      Keys are coming very soon, likely tomorrow, we've made the request to Steam and we are waiting for their response. That is where you will find them.

    19. Numinous Games Creator on

      Thanks for your question William. Sorry it was confusing. The keys will show up on your page on Tuesday, launch day, but if you can access that page now, you'll be in good shape on Tuesday. -Amy

    20. William C Crawford on

      I just had it resend my keys, clicked on That Dragon, Cancer, and it doesn't have a Steam key listed.

      Did you mean to say you can do that on launch day, or should the keys already be there?