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      Hussein Abdullahi on April 5

      Can you play this game on cell phones

    2. Missing avatar

      Hussein Abdullahi on April 5

      Can you play this game on cell phones

    3. Missing avatar

      Darren Harris on January 29

      Have you thought of a mobile app?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michelle Townes Lofton on January 16

      Will I be able to have Numba Ninja shipped to me in the U.S.?

    5. Missing avatar

      Abuaziza Maawaly on January 3

      I like numbs ninja game

    6. Missing avatar

      aliyah on December 11

      my times and subtraction

    7. Creator
      on November 11

      Hi Sarah, as long as you've followed me on Facebook, Twitter on YouTube then you'll get notified of the launch date. And yes, you can order from Switzerland.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sarah Wyldbore-smith Guest on November 2

      I think I have signed up. We are in Switzerland can I order the game?
      My son is struggling with his tables.
      Many thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      Selim on October 27, 2016

      I like numbs ninja game it super good

    10. Creator
      on October 20, 2016

      @Yousef - Yes, dividing is certainly much easier when you've mastered multiplication. I'm hoping to launch a follow-on game to help with division too, depending on how much interest there is in this multiplication game.

      In you'd like to be hear about that, and any other videos I release about multiplication, it might be a good idea to subscribe to my YouTube channel at:

    11. Missing avatar

      Yousef on October 20, 2016

      I would like to learn my times tabels and im in the highest table beacuse im good at doing adding and subtracting .dividing is bad because you need to learn your times tabels

    12. Creator
      on October 17, 2016

      Thanks for the feedback so far - don't forget to let me know which bonuses you'd like to claim for the like and shares!

      @Louise - yes, it is amazing - I can't wait to hear how your boys get on with it

      @Michelle - I hear you - I've now added a link to the page on the National Numeracy website that details the links between numeracy and improved health/wealth etc. Also added clearer reference to the fact that this is NOT just for boys!

      @Sabrina - thank you - I'm sure your boys will love this.

      @Doreen - yes and thanks for speaking candidly - I'm looking into getting a proper graphic designer onto the case before this goes to print. The artwork here is really just conceptual to give people an idea of what it's about and the end product should be far more exciting - although my boys have been pretty excited playing with the prototype board that I built.

      @Sarah - thanks for all the likes and shares - I see you're due all 3 bonuses - well done and thanks for the encouragement.

    13. Sarah Knell on October 10, 2016

      Can't wait to try it with my children I still recall the fear I felt if we had mental maths table tests at school. Have liked and shared and followed on twitter and fb and YouTube. Good luck, and we love the ninja theme :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Doreen Bradbury on October 10, 2016

      I want to try it! The box design could be more looks a bit old fashioned.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Ben Salmi on October 10, 2016

      Awesome video looks amazing can't wait for my children to play this game.

    16. Michelle Livi on October 10, 2016

      The video piqued my interest but I feel claims like 'improved health' etc should cite the studies that claim this. I hope this comes out soon as my daughter is eager to start. It does look like it has been geared towards boys but that won't bother my daughter (she loves ninjas and superheroes) though I could see it getting overlooked by some/many families because of this. Maybe having stickers for people to personalise the board could help? The whole concept is very clever and I think applying memory/story techniques to numbers is inspired. I hope it takes off. Good luck.

    17. Missing avatar

      Louise Randall on October 10, 2016

      Looks Amazing would really like to give it a go

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About this project

Your Pre-Launch Preview


Important: This isn't just another system for testing your multiplication tables. It's a unique system that will teach you to get really good at mental multiplication - and you won't need to memorize any tables.

Just play this game for 15 minutes a day, over 6 days, and it'll give you confidence, speed and accuracy up to the 12 times table - and well beyond - no matter how bad you think you are with numbers or memory.

Using a few easy picture stories you'll learn all of the basic multiplication tables in just 90 minutes of play to earn your first degree Black Belt. If you wish to aim higher, you can use the same stories at a deeper level to progress up to a 10th degree Black Belt, where you'll easily handle problems like 120 x 34 or 110 x 872.

I know that sounds like a huge promise, but this is a tried and tested system that has amazed everyone who's used it - children, parents and teachers alike. Click here to skip right down to their comments.

My promise to you...



Who it's for • How it works • Testimonials
What you'll get • Stretch goals£5 Deal
Bonus Options • No shipping fees



Who will this Help?

Why Ninjas?

It's about empowerment in the face of fear - for boys, girls and adults alike - as the feedback shows:

  • 9 boys / young men (aged 6 to 18)
  • 7 girls / young ladies (aged 7 to 12)
  • and 10 mums and dads (aged to perfection)

Most games are just tests in disguise, but this system gives you the strategies you need to massively improve your skills.

Many approaches focus on individual table methods, like using your fingers for the nines. That's fine, but it leaves you looking for methods to handle what appear to be the "harder" tables.

What's different about this system is that it gives you a complete and integrated set of strategies to handle all of your tables - and even problems well beyond the 12 x 12 grid.


Six Belts - Skills Training Levels

Choose your own pace, but each belt level will take about 15 minutes.

Most people are comfortable with one level per day, finishing in just six days, but you can go faster or slower if you prefer.

What You'll Get

The Numba Ninja Skills Training Board
The Numba Ninja Skills Training Board

 Other Game Components

The Nine Game Components
The Nine Game Components


Numba Ninja Game-Play Cards
Numba Ninja Game-Play Cards


As you progress through the six training levels your ninja character will be awarded skill upgrades so you can see your progress through the game. If you're playing alongside others you'll be able to choose between red, green, yellow, blue, black and white ninjas.


LEGO Ninjago fans may enjoy substituting their plastic Ninjago pieces for the place counters, in which case they can retain the counters as badges to denote character ownership and to record their progress through the six belts, which is done on the reverse:

The photo below shows my board prototype with LEGO substitutes being used by some children. Don't worry if you're not into Ninjago as the game does not depend on this in any way. The plastic characters are not supplied as part of the game and are not needed, but are just a fun modification.


In each level you'll watch 3 simple picture-story videos. Each story is about a minute long and very easy to remember. You'll play a mini-game after each story to make sure you're able to apply the skill as needed. 

After the third mini-game you'll finish the level by playing the full game that uses all of the picture-based skills you've learned so far.

So each day you'll watch 3 minutes of video and play the game for about 12 minutes to practice using the stories to solve problems. The stories are so simple that this is enough.

By the end of each level you'll have mastered three more picture-stories so you'll master 18 stories to earn your black belt. They're all simple to learn and easy to remember.

Sensei Challenge Level

After earning your black belt, flip the board over for the Sensei Challenge. Play this once in a while for 10-15 minutes, using the same 18 picture-stories but refreshing, broadening and sharpening your skills.

Limited Edition Kickstarter Boxed Version

Special LIMITED EDITION Kickstarter Boxed Version
Special LIMITED EDITION Kickstarter Boxed Version

You can get a special LIMITED EDITION boxed version of the Numba Ninja Game. A board game like this is only viable when thousands are produced at a time. So the ultimate "stretch goal" is to get enough people on board to be able to offer this option to all backers at a suitably low cost per box.

What are Stretch Goals?

Stretch goals will be unlocked when a specific level of funding has been raised. If this campaign falls short of unlocking the goals then follow-on campaigns will be launched until every goal has been achieved.

My pledge to you: "I commit to launch as many follow-on campaigns as are necessary to unlock every single one of those stretch goals and to actively promote this game in the meantime." 

In the meantime, until there's enough backers to support the physical mass-production of a boxed version of this game, you'll be able to get all of the unlocked goals in a fully playable "print and play" (digital) format. 

This means you'll be able to play the game much earlier than if you had to wait for all the backers to come on board. And that's the main reason you''re here isn't it?

So, if this campaign raises £1,000 every backer will get the first four levels of the game at the end of this campaign. The other levels will then be funded in a future campaign.

You can have all of those extra levels automatically sent to you (at no extra cost) as soon as they are funded by a future campaign. This is one of the bonuses you can have when you become a Campaign Friend - details below, but basically it involves "liking and sharing" this campaign.

I promise to launch however many follow-on campaigns are necessary to get all of those stretch goals unlocked, so you get all of the levels.

(If you'd like to know more about how stretch goals work, let me know and I'll run through that in more detail in a campaign update.)


Step 1:

Sign up for a Kickstarter account - it's free and you'll need to have one in order to be able to pledge for your Numba Ninja Game, so you may as well get this out of the way today.

Step 2:

Follow my Facebook, Twitter or YouTube as that's where I'll announce the launch date once it's decided. These links should help you:




Step 3:

I want this campaign to succeed, and it's really in your interest to. But that's only going to happen if plenty of people get to hear about this. That's why there's no point in me launching this campaign unless people are willing to share it with their friends.

Everyone you share this with today will have the opportunity of getting the same £5 Early Bird deal that you'll get by pledging within the first 24 hours of launch. So you'll be saving your friends £20 off the standard price of £25. They should be delighted you shared this with them!

So, while you're in Social Media mode, use the following links to do a bit of sharing. In a moment I'll explain how that will have already qualified you for some super Campaign Friend bonuses.

Share on Facebook:

Copy the following text or write your own, paste it here and click share. 

Act now to get the Numba Ninja Game for just £5 - instead of £25! Launching soon on Kickstarter and this terrific Early Bird deal will be open for 24 hours after launch. The Numba Ninja Game teaches you all your times tables in just 90 minutes, without having to memorize any tables! Please share today if you know anyone else who could use it!

Tweet on Twitter:

Click here to see a suggested tweet, change how you like and send.

Step 4:

Claim your Campaign Friend Bonuses. If you just completed all three actions on any of the above channels, then you have qualified for a bonus. And you can have up to three bonuses:
It's not too late to complete all of those tasks right now. If you're not on some of those channels but you'd like the bonuses then you can sign up with them today just to take these actions. It all helps.

Once you're finished just go to the very top of this page and tell me which bonuses you'd like (For example, you can just say "I'd like all 3 bonuses" or "I'd just like the set of special dice" or "the review cards" or "the free future upgrades") and tell me what you did (For example, you can just say something like "Liked, shared and followed on Facebook").

Bonus Benefits for Campaign Friends only

Please note that if you choose the dice or cards, these will only be distributed with the physical boxed game to save on distribution costs.

Why are there no shipping fees?

You don't have to pay any shipping. If you live somewhere that's costly to reach, or simply wish to keep your costs to a minimum, you can choose to just have the game in print + play format with online access to the videos.

The physical boxed option will however involve shipping costs based on your location and shipping preferences. These will be kept very reasonable and only charged when the products are ready for shipping.

As some stretch goals may not be unlocked until a later campaign, you'll be able to choose your shipping options based on pricing at that time.

Please note: The visual design of game may change prior to production.

What people say after trying Numba Ninja...

“When I heard about this I was quite sceptical. It seemed impossible to achieve all this so quickly when it takes our school system four years to cover this. But now I’ve seen it for myself I think it’s amazing. When my little boy is old enough I definitely want him to learn his tables this way - and I'm a primary school teacher myself!”
Laura K. (Eastergate)

“I hated learning my tables when I was young. And I often broke down in tears. But this is so much easier. I’m glad my children will never have to suffer the way I did.”
Genevieve C. (Bognor Regis)

“I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to teach my brother. And my friends.”
Yoshi C. (age 7)

“It’s very simple and I enjoyed learning how to use the pictures with my boys.”
Zainab L. (Felpham)

“I used to hate the 7s and 8s. And the 12s. In fact all of them used to be really hard, but now I find them easy. But now they’re all so easy. And I’m much more confident now and faster too.”
Zion L. (age 9)

“I’m only 6 and I learned all my tables in just 3 days. That is amazing.”
Zebedee L. (age 6)

"I get a lot less wrong now and I'm much faster. And it was really easy."
Rona G. (age 7)

In three days I got twice as fast, and it was really easy."
Zara W. (age 7)

"She's a totally different girl. Practically bouncing about in the car on the way here each time."
Elaine F. (Barnham)

“I really wasn’t looking forward to it as I used to be rubbish at my tables and I thought I would look stupid. But I’ve been so excited to see that I can do this. Can we play again?”
Maia S. (age 8)

“I used to struggle with my tables too, but this has definitely helped make them easier.”
Zak S. (age 12)

“This is really good. Really good.”
Alena H. snr (Chichester)

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I can do this!”
Alena H. jnr (age 9)

“It amazes me that no-one has come up with something as easy as this before.”
Cate M. (Halnaker)

“I used to really hate my tables but this is so different. It’s just so easy now with the pictures.”
Arthur M. (age 18)

“I think it’s brilliant.”
Caz F. (Chichester)

“It’s cool. And it’s been fun.”
Archie B. (Age 14)

“It’s made me faster.”
Eliot B. (age 12)

“She took to this so quickly. I’ve never known that before with anything!”
Selim B. (Home Educating Dad)

“I like it.”
Nova B. (age 7)

“You should do something with this. More people need to know about it.”
Elaine F. (Barnham)

“I was already quite good with my tables. But this has made me much faster. And I can go much higher than 12 now.”
Maddie F. (age 12)

“I’m more confident now.”
Jessie F. (age 10)

“I was really surprised that even his younger sister could join in. I wasn’t expecting that.”
Gemma R. (Worthing)

“Can we play now?”
Dylan R. (age 8)

“We were really impressed. I hated this when I was growing up, but this is much easier. Please do one for division next.”
Polly S. (Yapton)

“I like the sandwich best. And the scissors. And the bow tie.”
William S. (age 7)

Isn't it time you tried this for yourself?


The Numba Ninja game will be translated into multiple languages, based on a survey that will be distributed after reaching the final stretch goal:

普通话日本語 • עִברִית

Spanish / Español

Esta traducción ha sido proporcionada por traductor Google - lo siento por los errores!

Este juego es para adultos y niños - 6 años de edad o más. Le enseña cómo multiplicar en su cabeza rápidamente y fácilmente usando un enfoque completamente nuevo, basado en 3 pasos sencillos y fáciles algunas fotos. Es mucho más fácil que tratar de memorizar las tablas de multiplicar, y mucho menos doloroso también.

En sólo 6 días usted será capaz de dominar todo el sistema, jugando el juego de aproximadamente 10 a 30 minutos al día. El juego será traducido correctamente en varios idiomas, basado en una encuesta que será distribuido después de alcanzar el objetivo final de estiramiento.

Pre-ordenar su copia hoy y por favor deje que sus amigos sepan acerca de esto. Gracias.

Haga clic aquí para comprar.

Portuguese / Português

Esta tradução foi fornecida por Google Translate - desculpe por quaisquer erros!

Este jogo é para adultos e crianças - idade 6 ou mais. Ele ensina como se multiplicar em sua cabeça rapidamente e facilmente usando uma abordagem completamente nova, com base em 3 passos simples e algumas fotos fáceis. É muito mais fácil do que tentar memorizar a tabuada, e muito menos doloroso também.

Em apenas 6 dias você vai ser capaz de dominar todo o sistema, jogando o jogo por cerca de 10 a 30 minutos por dia. O jogo será traduzido adequadamente em vários idiomas, com base em uma pesquisa que será distribuído depois de atingir a meta final de estiramento.

Pré-encomendar o seu exemplar hoje e por favor, deixe seus amigos saber sobre isso. Obrigado.

Clique aqui para comprar.

German / Deutsche

Diese Übersetzung wurde von Google Translate bereitgestellt - sorry für alle Fehler! aufrechtzuerhalten.

Dieses Spiel ist für Erwachsene und Kinder - 6 Jahre oder mehr. Es lehrt Sie, wie Sie in Ihrem Kopf schnell und einfach mit einem völlig neuen Ansatz, basierend auf 3 einfachen Schritten und einige einfache Bilder zu multiplizieren. Es ist viel einfacher, als zu versuchen, Multiplikationstabellen zu merken, und weit weniger schmerzhaft auch. aufrechtzuerhalten.

In nur 6 Tagen werden Sie in der Lage, das gesamte System zu meistern, spielen das Spiel für etwa 10 bis 30 Minuten pro Tag. Das Spiel wird korrekt in mehrere Sprachen übersetzt, basierend auf einer Umfrage, die nach Erreichen des endgültigen Streckziels verteilt wird. aufrechtzuerhalten.

Vorbestellen Sie Ihre Kopie heute und bitte informieren Sie Ihre Freunde darüber wissen. Vielen Dank.

Klicken Sie hier zu kaufen.

French / Français

Cette traduction a été fournie par Google Translate - désolé pour les erreurs!

Ce jeu est pour les adultes et les enfants - 6 ans ou plus. Il vous enseigne comment multiplier dans votre tête rapidement et facilement en utilisant une approche totalement nouvelle, basée sur 3 étapes simples et quelques images faciles. Il est beaucoup plus facile que d'essayer de mémoriser les tables de multiplication, et beaucoup moins douloureux aussi.

En seulement 6 jours, vous serez en mesure de maîtriser l'ensemble du système, en jouant le jeu pendant environ 10 à 30 minutes par jour. Le jeu sera traduit correctement en plusieurs langues, sur la base d'une enquête qui sera distribué après avoir atteint l'objectif d'étirement final.

Pré-commander votre exemplaire dès aujourd'hui et s'il vous plaît laissez vos amis à ce sujet. Je vous remercie.

Cliquez ici pour acheter.

Italian / Italiano

Questa traduzione è stata fornita da Google Translate - dispiace per eventuali errori!

Questo gioco è per adulti e bambini - 6 di età o più. Essa vi insegna come moltiplicare in testa rapidamente e facilmente utilizzando un approccio completamente nuovo, sulla base di 3 semplici passaggi e alcune immagini semplici. E 'molto più facile che cercare di memorizzare le tabelline, e molto meno doloroso troppo.

In soli sei giorni si sarà in grado di padroneggiare l'intero sistema, il gioco per circa 10 a 30 minuti al giorno. Il gioco sarà tradotto correttamente in più lingue, sulla base di un sondaggio che verrà distribuito dopo aver raggiunto l'obiettivo finale tratto.

Pre-order oggi la vostra copia e per favore lasciate che i vostri amici sapere su questo. Grazie.

Clicca qui per acquistare.

Dutch / Nederlands

Deze vertaling is verstrekt door Google Translate - sorry voor eventuele fouten!

Dit spel is voor volwassenen en kinderen - 6 jaar of meer. Het leert je hoe je te vermenigvuldigen in je hoofd snel en gemakkelijk met behulp van een geheel nieuwe aanpak, gebaseerd op 3 eenvoudige stappen en een aantal eenvoudige foto's. Het is veel gemakkelijker dan te proberen om de tafels van vermenigvuldiging te onthouden, en veel minder pijnlijk ook.

In slechts 6 dagen zul je in staat zijn om het hele systeem onder de knie, het spelen van het spel voor ongeveer 10 tot 30 minuten per dag. Het spel zal goed worden vertaald in meerdere talen, op basis van een enquête die zal worden uitgekeerd na het bereiken van het laatste stuk doel.

Pre-order uw exemplaar vandaag nog en laat je vrienden weten. Dank je.

Klik hier om te kopen.

Russian / русский

Этот перевод был предоставлен Google Translate - извините за любые ошибки!

Эта игра для взрослых и детей - в возрасте от 6 и более. Она учит, как умножать в голове быстро и легко, используя совершенно новый подход, основанный на 3 простых шага и несколько простых картинок. Это гораздо проще, чем пытаться запомнить таблицу умножения, и гораздо менее болезненны.

Всего за 6 дней вы сможете освоить всю систему, играя в игру в течение приблизительно от 10 до 30 минут в день. Игра будет переведена правильно на несколько языков, на основе опроса, который будет распространен после достижения конечной цели растяжения.

Предзаказ свою копию сегодня и, пожалуйста, пусть ваши друзья знают об этом. Спасибо.

Нажмите здесь, чтобы купить.

Polish / Polski

To tłumaczenie zostało dostarczone przez Google Translate - przepraszam za ewentualne błędy!

Ta gra jest dla dorosłych i dzieci - w wieku 6 lub więcej. Uczy, jak pomnożyć w głowie szybko i łatwo za pomocą całkowicie nowego podejścia, na podstawie 3 prostych krokach i kilka prostych obrazów. Jest to o wiele łatwiejsze, niż próbując zapamiętać tabliczki mnożenia, a znacznie mniej bolesne też.

W ciągu zaledwie 6 dni będzie w stanie opanować cały system, gry przez około 10 do 30 minut dziennie. Gra zostanie prawidłowo przetłumaczone na wiele języków, w oparciu o badania, które będą dystrybuowane po osiągnięciu ostatecznego celu rozciągnięcia.

Pre-order kopia dziś i powiadom znajomych o tym wiedzieć. Dziękuję Ci.

Kliknij tutaj, aby kupić.

Malay / Melayu

Terjemahan ini telah disediakan oleh Google Terjemah - maaf atas sebarang kesilapan!

Permainan ini adalah untuk orang dewasa dan kanak-kanak - umur 6 atau lebih. Ia mengajar anda bagaimana untuk membiak dalam kepala anda dengan cepat dan mudah menggunakan pendekatan yang baru, berdasarkan 3 langkah mudah dan beberapa gambar yang mudah. Ia adalah lebih mudah daripada cuba untuk menghafal sifir, dan jauh kurang menyakitkan.

Dalam masa 6 hari anda akan dapat menguasai keseluruhan sistem, bermain permainan untuk kira-kira 10 hingga 30 minit sehari. Permainan ini akan diterjemahkan dengan betul ke dalam pelbagai bahasa, berdasarkan kaji selidik yang akan diedarkan selepas mencapai matlamat regangan akhir.

Pra pesanan salinan anda hari ini dan sila maklumkan kepada kawan-kawan anda tahu tentang perkara ini. Terima kasih.

Klik di sini untuk membeli.

Chinese / 普通话

这种转换已经提供由谷歌翻译 - 对不起任何错误!

这场比赛是为成人和儿童 - 6岁以上。它教你如何在你的脑袋快速,方便地使用乘以一个全新的方法,基于3个简单步骤和一些简单的图片。它比试图记住乘法表容易得多,而且远不如痛苦了。




Japanese / 日本語

すべてのエラーのため申し訳ありません - この翻訳は、翻訳、Googleが提供されています!

6歳以上 - このゲームは大人と子供のためのものです。それは3簡単な手順といくつかの簡単な絵に基づいて全く新しいアプローチを使用して、迅速かつ簡単にあなたの頭の中で乗算する方法を教えて。これは掛け算の九九を暗記しようとするよりもはるかに簡単です、とはるかに少ない痛みを伴うすぎます。




Hebrew / עִברִית

התרגום הזו סופק על ידי Google Translate - מצטער על כל שגיאות!

המשחק הזה הוא עבור מבוגרים וילדים - גיל 6 או יותר. זה מלמד אותך איך להכפיל בראש שלך במהירות ובקלות באמצעות גישה חדשה לחלוטין, מבוססת על 3 שלבים פשוטים וכמה תמונות קלות. זה הרבה יותר קל מאשר לנסות לשנן את לוח הכפל, והרבה פחות כואב מדי.

ב רק 6 ימים תוכל להשתלט על המערכת כולה, לשחק את המשחק עבור כ -10 עד 30 דקות ביום. המשחק יתורגם כראוי לשפות רבות, בהתבסס על סקר שיחולק לאחר להשגת המטרה הישורת האחרונה.

הזמנה מראש את העותק היום בבקשה ליידע את החברים שלך על זה. תודה רבה לך.

לחץ כאן כדי לקנות.

Urdu / اردو

کسی بھی غلطی کے لئے معافی - یہ ترجمہ گوگل ترجمہ کی طرف سے فراہم کیا گیا ہے!

عمر 6 یا اس سے زیادہ - یہ کھیل بالغ اور بچوں کے لئے ہے. یہ 3 آسان اقدامات اور کچھ آسان تصاویر پر مبنی ایک مکمل طور پر نئے نقطہ نظر کا استعمال کرتے ہوئے جلدی اور آسانی سے آپ کے سر میں ضرب کرنے کے لئے کس طرح آپ کو سکھاتا ہے. یہ بہت ضرب ٹیبل کو حفظ کرنے کی کوشش کے مقابلے میں زیادہ آسان، اور اب تک کم تکلیف دہ ہے.

صرف 6 دن میں آپ کو ایک دن کے بارے میں 10 سے 30 منٹ کے لئے کھیل کھیل رہے، پورے نظام میں مہارت حاصل کرنے کے قابل ہو جائے گا. کھیل ہی کھیل میں، ایک سے زیادہ زبانوں میں مناسب طریقے سے ترجمہ کیا جائے گا ایک سروے فائنل میں مسلسل مقصد تک پہنچنے کے بعد تقسیم کیا جائے گا اس کی بنیاد پر.

پیشگی آرڈر اپنی کاپی آج اور براہ مہربانی اپنے دوستوں کو اس کے بارے میں بتائیں. آپ کا شکریہ.

خریدنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں.

Arabic / العربية

وقد قدمت هذه الترجمة من جوجل ترجمة - آسف عن أي أخطاء!

هذه اللعبة هو للبالغين والأطفال - سن 6 أو أكثر. وهو يعلم كيفية مضاعفة في رأسك بسرعة وسهولة باستخدام نهج جديد تماما، على أساس 3 خطوات بسيطة وسهلة بعض الصور. انه من الاسهل بكثير من محاولة لحفظ جداول الضرب، وأقل بكثير مؤلم جدا.

في أيام فقط 6 سوف تكون قادرة على السيطرة على النظام برمته، ولعب لعبة لمدة 10 إلى 30 دقيقة يوميا. سوف تترجم اللعبة بشكل صحيح إلى لغات متعددة، استنادا إلى دراسة استقصائية التي سيتم توزيعها بعد بلوغ هدف المرحلة النهائية.

مرحلة ما قبل النظام نسختك اليوم واسمحوا أصدقائك نعرف عن هذا. شكرا.

انقر هنا لشراء.

Bengali / বঙাল

কোন প্রকার ত্রুটির জন্য দুঃখিত - এই অনুবাদ Google Translate দ্বারা উপলব্ধ করা হয়েছে!

6 বছর বয়সে বা তার বেশি - এই গেমটি প্রাপ্তবয়স্ক ও শিশুদের জন্য হয়. এটি দ্রুত এবং সহজেই আপনার মাথা সংখ্যাবৃদ্ধি কিভাবে একটি সম্পূর্ণ নতুন পদ্ধতি, 3 টি সহজ ধাপ এবং কিছু সহজ ছবির উপর ভিত্তি করে ব্যবহার করে তোমাদেরকে শিক্ষা দেন. এটা খুবই গুণন টেবিল মুখস্থ করার চেষ্টা করার চেয়ে অনেক সহজ, এবং অনেক কম বেদনাদায়ক হয়.

মাত্র 6 দিনের মধ্যে আপনি পুরো সিস্টেম মাস্টার, একটি দিন প্রায় 10 থেকে 30 মিনিটের জন্য খেলা খেলে সক্ষম হবে. খেলা একটি জরিপ যে চূড়ান্ত প্রসারিত লক্ষ্যে পৌঁছনোর পর বিতরণ করা হবে উপর ভিত্তি করে একাধিক ভাষায় সঠিকভাবে অনুবাদ করা হবে.

প্রি-অর্ডার আপনার কপি আজ এবং আপনার বন্ধুদের এই সম্পর্কে জানাতে দয়া করে. ধন্যবাদ.

কেনার জন্য এখানে ক্লিক করুন.

Risks and challenges

40 million children around the world could use this game RIGHT NOW as they're in the process of learning their tables the hard way. (That's just the ones aged 6-9 who speak English and have access to the Internet.)

The biggest challenge we have is reaching as many of them as we can, or at least their parents, teachers, uncles, aunts and friends.

That's just the children. Among adults, basic numeracy has been linked to better health, improved job prospects and higher earnings*. But hundreds of millions struggle with this - many in silence. But YOU can do something TODAY to help make their world brighter!

So, if you ORDER the game for yourself today you'll get a great product. But if you SHARE this campaign with your friends you can ALSO truly change the world. Now you don't get THAT chance every day, do you?

Thanks for your support!

* Source:

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