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The NU minimal & slim Card Holder/Wallet. Curved to fit the body, it holds just the bare essentials. Standard or RFID Blocking models.
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New RFID Shielding Plastic UNO Samples Tested

Posted by Kevin Whitley + KWA Design (Creator)

Hi again,

We have been busy this past month working on securing sample quantities of this new special RFID shielding polymer I mentioned in my last update.  This material, because of it's specialised formuation is very expensive and very difficult to obtain in small quantities.  Normally, the minimum order quantity is 100Kg, which is enough to mould about 4,000 UNOs, clearly way too much to buy for testing and evaluation purposes. 

After a lot of chasing around and negotiation with the vendors, we have been able to secure a few Kgs to allow us to mould some UNO test samples.  The pictures below show one of the UNO test samples that was used for some preliminary testing over the weekend.  The results were exactly as we predicted...The sample UNO shielded the RFID Smart Cards it contained exactly the same as our premium machined aluminium Persona model!  This is exciting news, because it now means that we can offer our standard 4 Card UNOs as well as our new 5 and 6 Card UNOs not only in our standard polymer material (non RFID shielding), but also in this new RFID shielding material for those folks that want that extra security of their Smart Cards....and we can do this for significantly less than the cost of our premium solid aluminium Persona models.

One of the compromises though of using this new RFID shielding material is colour.  The natural colour of the material is a dark grey as you can see from the photos.  This means that all of the bright colours we offer for our standard UNO range will not be available in the RFID shielding models.  RFID shielding models will only be offered in either black or a very dark Space Grey colour (yet to be determined).  We would welcome your comments and suggestions.

Standard 4 Card UNO moulded in RFID shielding material
Standard 4 Card UNO moulded in RFID shielding material
Rear View of Standard 4 Card UNO in RFID Shielding Material
Rear View of Standard 4 Card UNO in RFID Shielding Material

 Another thing you will note from the photos is the texture, or "mottling" effect.  This is because the  RFID shielding material contains nickel powder mixed in with the polymer, and it is this mix which causes swirling and mottling during the moulding process.  This is unavoidable.  Personally I like the effect, but appreciate it may not be for everyone.  

Finally, one of our backers, Stuart Bell has asked if the new 5 & 6 Card UNOs will come with a neck strap.  The answer is YES.  All UNO models, both standard non RFID shielding and our new RFID Shielding models will be supplied with a neck strap.

I look forward to hearing any comments or suggestions you may have.

Best regards

Kevin + KWA Design Team

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    1. Kevin Whitley + KWA Design 3-time creator on

      Thanks for your feedback BW,
      I agree with black as the colour preference for the RFID shielding models.

      Best regards

    2. Missing avatar

      bw de vries on

      So sorry to read the new NU's wont be available for up coming Xmas, would have been a nice gift for under the tree.
      Incase you havent decided yet, i would prefer them in Black, not dark grey.
      All health
      Kind regards\

    3. Kevin Whitley + KWA Design 3-time creator on

      I have enough of the RFID shielding material left to run a few hundred standard 4 Card UNOs. I'll be doing this in the next few weeks and they'll be available at our eStore. The 5 & 6 Card models won't be ready by Christmas, given that we have to run the Kickstarter campaign and then do tooling.


    4. Kevin Whitley + KWA Design 3-time creator on

      Thanks Stuart!

    5. Stuart Bell on

      Loving the update, can't wait for you to roll these out I need 10 with RFID shielding. Hope we can get them by Christmas time, keeping my fingers crossed.......