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Use a mix of brawling & a snappy custom COMBO creation system against punks, thugs, gentrification & more in Treachery in Beatdown City
Use a mix of brawling & a snappy custom COMBO creation system against punks, thugs, gentrification & more in Treachery in Beatdown City
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On the way to $20,000 - and Digging Deeper Pt 1 - Symbolic Political figures

Posted by Shawn Alexander Allen (Creator)

Continuing the momentum

Our campaign hit $13K over the weekend, so that’s great! A big thanks to all of you lovely people. The two weeks left mark is coming up soon though, (the kickstarter ends May 7th at 3pm EST) and we have a lot to do, so please share the crap out of the link wherever you can!! It’s the only way we can win this!

Now I wanted to dive deeper into some of the story elements and themes behind Treachery in Beatdown City. 

President Barak Orama 

In 1988, the game Bad Dudes was released in Arcades. You had to rescue president Ronnie. The plot was dubious because, in all reality, who would have really wanted to save Ronald Reagan besides a bunch of rich dudes in suits? 

It’s clear that he was used as a joke by the team who made the game, and the idea of US presidents getting captured has been an ongoing joke in all manner of media for some time. For the NES release Ronnie became “the president” making the joke something timeless ("Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?". 

Breaking News: The President has been kidnapped!
Breaking News: The President has been kidnapped!

Now, close to 30 years later, we have a president that is a real cultural icon; that people are invested in. Whether you love him, or hate him, you cannot deny the power of the symbolic nature of Barack Obama, the first president that I've seen to have the nation’s attention enough that merch with his face on it was sold by the masses across the country, people cared enough to buy it, and supported the campaign directly through donations in droves. 

We also can't deny that before Obama the idea of having a black president in a movie or game was a pure work of fiction, so the ability to have a fictionalized version of a real black president was too much to turn down. 

Mike Moneybags 

For as long as I have been able to vote as an adult New York, the city that I grew up in, has been run by a billionaire mayor. This makes sense when looking at the politics of New York of the past as it's been a city run by and known for a certain level of opulence. 

When this billionaire mayor's 2nd term was ending he decided it would be okay to run for a third term (that was illegal at the time). The City Council allowed it, and he proceeded to use his deep pockets to pay for his 3rd campaign. He won by only 4% of the vote, so clearly not everyone was happy with it.

New York has a history of farcical grandiosity that pops its head up quite frequently in history, like when there was a battle to build the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building… during the Great Depression. 

This brings us to East Fulton, a distillation of those themes in which the billionaire mayor also runs a private security company, Moneybags Security, on top of owning a news empire, Moneybags Media.

With the president of the US kidnapped in East Fulton, why is Mike Moneybags so calm, and belligerent? He suspends the EFPD and instead has his own task force crawling the streets, but why? 

As the fictional recreation of an amalgam of politicians, where do his allegiances lie? And who is his bodyguard, the burly, blond crew cut man lurking in the shadows?

Find out the answers to this and more, in the final version of Treachery in Beatdown City!

Tune in on Thursday for a look at the creation of the NinjaDragon Terrorist organization and the themes that are brought up with the use of "Ninjas" and "Terrorists".

And whenever we break $20K we'll have a great post detailing the second level!

Finally - here's some other cool stuff

Pixel Noir looks pretty cool, and they are fellow NY devs! Definitely worth checking out, another unique look at the RPG formula. 

Grave is a pretty cool looking game, definitely not your average FPS. Surrealist horror? Hell yeah! I love Dali. So check it out, it looks pretty unique. 

 Thanks everyone! See you on Thursday!

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    1. Shawn Alexander Allen 2-time creator on

      Cool man, I'm glad!

    2. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      "...who would have really wanted to save Ronald Reagan besides a bunch of rich dudes in suits?" lolol!

      P.S. I really appreciate when you do shout-outs, because it's sometimes the only way I find out about cool projects!