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Use a mix of brawling & a snappy custom COMBO creation system against punks, thugs, gentrification & more in Treachery in Beatdown City
Use a mix of brawling & a snappy custom COMBO creation system against punks, thugs, gentrification & more in Treachery in Beatdown City
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4 years since our success, A BIG THANK YOU, and "What's taking so long?"

Posted by Shawn Alexander Allen (Creator)

4 years ago I was sitting at my computer anxiously watching this kickstarter crawl up a steep mountain, that eventually became a life changing success. It’s been interesting watching The Good Life do a similar thing (although for much more money!)

Welcome everyone, this is the first public update for Treachery in Beatdown City since the Kickstarter closed in 2014.

A lot has happened since then, both to the game, and in the lives of the development team. Here is a quick recap.   

TL;DR - The game looks a lot cooler now, we have a lot more enemies (which makes the fights more dynamic!), and we are aiming to get the game out this year! We will have a bunch of announcements coming soon, but we wanted to get out this update before May 7th, the 4 year anniversary of the Kickstarter. Also, I'm getting married on the 5th, and heading on my honeymoon on the 7th!

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Almost double the enemies
Almost double the enemies

So, what's been taking so long?


  • 2014 was a wild year.  
  • The first 4 months were planning and running the 2 Kickstarters.  
  • We demoed a bunch.  
  • Playstation mobile was scrapped around August.  
  • We immediately began porting to Unity. 
  • Started learning Unity. This took longer than expected.
  • This year ended up being primarily driven by SDK issues all around, so while some work got done, a lot of new design, etc. did not.   

Near End of 2014  

  • I got separated from my ex. My life got a lot more complicated.  
  • This left me distracted, and struggling to think/work/do much of anything.  


  • I began figuring out my life.  
  • In May I moved to Brooklyn. 
  • With no food/rent safety net, I needed to take on random jobs.  
  • Manny continued figuring out Unity. 
  • Because I was distant, our progress suffered. 
  • Got a really cool job.  
  • Got laid off from said job at the end of the year because of lack of projects.  
  • We ate a lot of Rafiqi’s Halal food that summer.  
  • I also made a podcast, which in hindsight, was a major distraction. 
  • All in all 2015 was a blur.  


  • Found a new job that remained steady in Feb.    
  • With that stability, I could focus more on the game.  
  • The focus got a lot better, thanks to my job as a Producer.  
  • The game parts were finally coming together. 
  • Wrote a lot of dialog, game started to be FUNNY!


  • A year of focus. 
  • A year of progress. 
  • A year of reduced work time (full time day job, and cafes that closed 1-2 hours earlier than we’re used to.) 
  • An alpha release to backers at that tier! 
  • We began demoing again!
  • Ongoing development of systems.   


  • We are looking to release!
  • Game is almost completely done systems wise.
  • Now, for the content.  

Right now we are working on our next alpha/beta build for backers, which means we are polishing A LOT. 

We also have the game running on the Switch. This is not an official set in stone announcement, but rather an announcement of our intent. It runs great, so let me know if you want to see it there!

Here's a look at some of the art changes.  

Art in 2014, Art in 2018 (which will be animated!)
Art in 2014, Art in 2018 (which will be animated!)

We are also working on our STEAM PAGE so y'all can start wishlisting it (which helps when a game launches!) Right now I am working on a new trailer, which will have all of the nice new things in it. 

Thank you for checking out this update. 

You can sign up for our mailing list. 

You can follow the game's twitter page. 

The next update will be with our new trailer, our steam page, and maybe some more official announcements. 


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    1. Mateus Drake on

      I do hope it releases this year! It's great to see how the art has advanced, and that the charming features that got me to back the project are on track. Can't wait to enjoy the interactions and funny tidbits this game has to offer.

      I don't currently own a Switch, so I don't think I can say much about the matter besides providing my full support.
      That said, I do plan to buy one, and the idea of playing this on the go seems interesting enough for me to double dip in the future, if possible.

      I wish you all the best, with the game and with life in general.

    2. Shawn Alexander Allen 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the feebdback!
      "Any chance of an Xbox One version??"
      There is always a chance. Launching on several platforms at once is very difficult, but we'll be wherever makes sense!

    3. Releasethedogs on

      Thanks for the update.
      I think switch would be cool. Any chance of an Xbox One version??

    4. RagerX on

      Switch = Yes

    5. Missing avatar

      Alan Hess on

      I'll echo the comments that I'd also be super interested in a Switch version.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kwabena Ampofo on

      A Switch version makes EVERYTHING better. Let's make it so!

    7. Billy Gilmore on

      A Switch version? Yes, please!