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Use a mix of brawling & a snappy custom COMBO creation system against punks, thugs, gentrification & more in Treachery in Beatdown City
Use a mix of brawling & a snappy custom COMBO creation system against punks, thugs, gentrification & more in Treachery in Beatdown City
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    1. Shawn Alexander Allen 2-time creator on

      Hi Jason,

      I don't have a lot of experience with Switch codes, but I know the amount of codes that Nintendo (and console system first parties in general) provides is much more limited than PC codes.

      So unfortunately all backers of the kickstarter can only receive the PC version, as that is what was promised, and all I can realistically provide. To that end working on the Switch has helped the PC release's performance for little things like speeding up the saving process.

    2. Jason Marshall on

      Hi! Any chance we can opt for the Switch version vs the PC? I find myself playing on my Switch way more than the PC since I backed. Thank you!

    3. Shawn Alexander Allen 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the good vibes! We're feeling pretty great these days - we're making progress daily, which is awesome! Make sure to keep up to date with updates and on twitter as that's where we're dropping all the new news. Also, please understand that a lot goes into each update/and some stuff needs to be held back for bigger announcements!

    4. Aaron McCallen on

      I threw $12 bucks at you back in the day, and now just want to throw good vibes at you now. Keep on keeping on.

    5. Gordon Wong on

      Sending the creators good vibes to finishing this project...

    6. Shawn Alexander Allen 2-time creator on

      Hey Chris, I'm working on the game. Your contribution helped with that. I just sent out builds to all of the beta backers, which you're not one of.

      There are people with a lot of skin in the game, $100-$1000. We've put a few of those backer's rewards in the game, too.

      We're still chugging along, and when I have a new update ready, when our next alpha build comes out, there will be a new update. Again, you can check us on or

      Thank you for your support, and patience.

    7. Christopher Sawula on

      I'm guessing nobody has had any luck getting a refund? I asked twice and I never got an answer back. I know it's just Shawn and Manny, but it's hard to have faith after this long.

    8. JetStrange on

      That's why I said "don't answer that" because I just caught the new video....

    9. Shawn Alexander Allen 2-time creator on

      I have OBS, but I'm not going to stream every second I work on this game, nor is Manny. We're still figuring how to do that for DEV tier people... and it will come after we have the build out.

      Also, I post updates on twitter, all the time. Even if it's a picture of us working.

      I don't flood updates here, because then people unfollow the project. We're still working.

    10. JetStrange on

      about that last question... Don't answer it lol

    11. JetStrange on

      @Austin, I understand your really wanting some news about this game but doing that is going to just make him mad

      But! I do have a non related question to you @Shawn Alexander Allen, Do you have OBS on your computer? this will help you showing the game progress ( yes I've asked you on twitter sorry)

    12. Austin Smith on

      Can we expect an update in January, or will it be silence until February?

    13. Austin Smith on

      Any closer to a playable build?

    14. Missing avatar

      Antonio E. Cara on

      Happy holidays dood! Still lookin' forward to this and wishing you tons of luck in 2016!

    15. Austin Smith on

      So, in other words, you have nothing to update us on?

    16. Shawn Alexander Allen 2-time creator on

      In the last update I said there wouldn't be an update until I had a playable buildbuild, which means backers at the alpha level will have it. I also said "If you aren't hearing anything, it's because of mundane bullshit happening."

      And yes Austin Smith, you ignored my last update and posted multiple times in a week asking for an update, so yes I did ask that you stop.

    17. Austin Smith on

      @Jetstrange So far I've gotten a few requests from Shawn to stop asking for updates, though I guess that doesn't really count, huh?

    18. JetStrange on

      Soooo..... Anything?

    19. Austin Smith on

      No update in November, can we expect one in December?

    20. Austin Smith on

      Maybe for Halloween you could resurrect this game like a Zombie?

    21. Austin Smith on

      Has this game been abandoned?

    22. Releasethedogs on

      Thank you for the update. It will get done when it gets done.

    23. Shawn Alexander Allen 2-time creator on

      I will be posting a new update soon, I don't want to do too many full on updates as people might stop following. Sticking to 1 per month. You can always follow us here -

    24. JetStrange on

      Sooooo... any updates?

    25. Elijah Bryant on

      What's up people? There has been like no comments here from backers since this ended last May, 10 months ago.

    26. Kristen Maxwell on

      As a much less prolific and ambitious creator struggling with depression, I say take your time, be well, and do good things. In that order. I'm excited to see this project develop, and I'm happy to support you by funding, being patient, and, if needed, listening. Email me if you wan our need to talk.

      On the upside, these experiences will go into this and future projects, and we'll benefit from the way you process them into art for us to appreciate.

    27. Elijah Bryant on

      There hasn't been really any comments from any backers here since this ended....

      Helloooooo, anyone out there?

    28. Shawn Alexander Allen 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for your comments.

      An update will be coming through soon, and we will be opening up some forums soon as well.

    29. Elijah Bryant on

      Any new updates or anything?

    30. Elijah Bryant on

      Still extremely happy that this got funded!

    31. Limn Interactive on

      Looking forward to playing it. Enjoyed your talk at IndieCade East!

    32. Missing avatar

      Joshua Friedman on

      AWESOME!!! I am SO pumped to play this game. Congratulations, Shawn!

    33. Missing avatar

      Christopher Greener on

      Hell yea!! Congrats Shawn!! :D

    34. Inverse Phase on

      Excited that I'll be writing another several rounds of original, authentic NES music for all you backers! Please let me know if you have any music questions!

      Kareem, you left out the obvious title choice: Escape From Fulton City

    35. David Griffin on

      Super Excited!!!!!!!!

    36. Elijah Bryant on

      So happy to wake up (I work night shift) and see this funded! Congratulations! And so happy you made a 2nd attempt at a Kickstarter, it turned out to be worth it!

      Now I hope it's able to come to consoles of some kind! 3DS would be amazing!

    37. Xavier Matos on


      i'm super hyped for this.
      ¿when might us Dev Tier backers get a build to begin breaking, i mean QA'ing? :P

    38. Seizui on


      Sounds good. Was drumming ideas for an enemy and was considering the category as to where the enemy would fall under. Was considering a street boxer. Thanks, this will help me with my musing.

    39. Shawn Alexander Allen 2-time creator on

      Thanks again everyone!

      @seizui - there is at least 1 boxing enemy, she's a "grunt". But there could be more! A lot of enemies mix up their attacks.

    40. Seizui on

      Congratulations Shawn! I am happy to hear you getting funded. ...Huh, quick question. Would a boxer-type enemy be in the game, or do they fall under Grunts?

    41. Cindy Au on

      Yayyyy! Congratulations Shawn :)

    42. Davy Wagnarok on


      Crazy how many pledgers came to the rescue during the last stretch!

    43. Dean Dodrill on

      Congratulations, Shawn :)

    44. Jörn Huxhorn

      Congrats! \o/

    45. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on

      Nice job Shawn! Can't wait for the game.

    46. Antonio Garcia

      And now the campaign is over, pledges are locked, and we're happy!

    47. Paul C. on

      as we count down the seconds

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