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Snowdonia - a lovingly crafted game of strategy, history, and trains - now in an updated and upgraded form of a Deluxe Master Set.
Snowdonia - a lovingly crafted game of strategy, history, and trains - now in an updated and upgraded form of a Deluxe Master Set.
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    1. NSKN Games 11-time creator on

      Ladies and Gentlemen, all of the components will be easy to remove from the insert. What you saw in the preview is just that: a preview. We trust in GameTrayz ability to bring you the quality you are used to.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      My concern is how to get the pieces out for a less than 5 player game without dumping them all out. Is that a new dexterity expansion to the game?

    3. Missing avatar

      Kenny Goodenow

      +1 for the separate trays for each player, a la Endeavor: Age of Sail. It'd be a pity to see time and effort be put into something that organizes things well, but lacks functionality, like the insert for Coimbra. Thanks for sharing the update!

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Cherry on

      I agree with Brandon, larger gaps will make it easier to remove pieces for those of us without nails or wanting to use sharp implements and scratch our pieces

    5. David Moser on

      Reimplements: Operation (Comes with tweezers.)

    6. NSKN Games 11-time creator on

      Just to add this again: each part of the insert will come with a lid, and we asked specificcally for the tray to hold sleeved cards. As for other feedback, we are confident in the ability of GameTrayz to provide us with a final insert that is as good as any other ones in their protfolio (which is impressive and well regarded) :-)

    7. Andrew Pearce on

      Too flush how do you get the bits out? Make the holes square and slightly bigger than needed.

    8. Jeremy Berven

      I would like to throw my hat into the ring of people that want a 1 tray per player color. That way setup becomes much easier!

    9. Missing avatar

      ArsonFire on

      Looking good! Modular trays for player pieces (like Trickerion) would be good, so you can just hand out each player's tray, and they could just tip the contents onto the table.

    10. Neal McClatchey on

      @Michael Boucher that is disappointing. I’m glad they confirmed sleeves work with this insert.

    11. Kiran Wagle

      If those are player color tokens, they should come in separate boxes for each player.

    12. Brandon

      I'm sure you've already thought of this, but please make it so can press down on the top half of the workers and coffins to make them easier to get out of the box.

    13. Michael Boucher

      @neal mcclatchey - not necessary. Parks whose campaign is ending soon will have a Gamer Trayz insert and to disappointment to many, it won't hold sleeved cards.

    14. James on

      Ah, that makes much more sense

    15. warehouseisbare on

      My only concern is will it fit premium sleeves. A lid would be very nice too.

    16. NSKN Games 11-time creator on

      The insert is designed to hold sleeved cards. Also please remember that each piece of the insert will have a cover to keep components in place.

    17. David on

      Based on some of the comments, it seems there are people who are new to GameTrayz inserts. Their trays usually have a lid, most of the time they accommodate sleeves, and card and component slots that are enclosed usually have a raised dimple in the middle of the slot so that you push down on one side and it raises the other side for you to grab the piece/cards.

    18. John C

      That looks terrific!Thanks for the update!

    19. James on

      Are the card stacks just open on the end? That strikes me a terrible idea

    20. Kim & Michael Kieffer

      +1 on needs to hold sleeves
      +1 need to be vertical friendly
      +1 components need to be easy to remove

    21. Missing avatar

      Trey Gilliam on

      I am still hoping the final meeples have these light, vibrant colors shown in 3D renders versus the very dark samples we saw in early updates.

    22. Nicholas May on

      Just chiming in as well that I store games vertically so the insert needs to accommodate sleeved cards and do so in a way that they won’t move around when the box is vertical. Also that some pieces appear difficult to remove (coffins especially). Looking forward to seeing the final product! Thanks for the update!

    23. Neal McClatchey on

      Looks great! Game Trayz always accommodate sleeves and are the best solution. Very much looking forward to this!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Phillips on

      Don't forget that there is an add-on for sleeves. Surely the add-on is planned for and will be able to be used with the insert.

      Regarding storing vertically - I've got the Endeavor deluxe set and the gamertrayz come with lids. Will these be the same?

    25. Missing avatar


      yes, need to ask about sleeving. I toss inserts into a storage box if I can not fit sleeved cards in them.

    26. Missing avatar

      Claude Gingras

      looks good as concept.
      my concern is also sleeved cards, and think also that sleeves add thickness too.
      Thomas got a good point that the coffins will probably hard to take out.

    27. Russonc

      Like the concept... thanks for the update!

    28. Lajeunesse Thomas

      The coffins seem difficult to take out, if they are just on level with the insert without space around...
      But my main grief is that once again, the cards are stored flat, therefore some of them will always fall in the box if it is stored vertically. Is it so difficult to store the cards on their side when your box is deep enough (which this one will be), so that they are easy to take out without any card remaining at the bottom, and that they stay in place in any way the box is stored, or moved ?
      I'm sorry to say, I concur with what has already been said : such a tray has some good chances to be thrown out in my box, and if it's not it will probably only be because it will tear my heart to do so in a Deluxe edition. But I already know that such a great box won't be stored flat in a closet : it will be on display at the top of some shelves... vertically.

    29. Jason McMahon on

      I came to ask about sleeved cards fitting, But I see others already beat me to it. :)

    30. Claes Olsson

      +1 on sleeving cards

    31. David Hladky on

      Card sleeving and ability to retrieve the stuff from their place are good notices.

      It would be a good idea to lower the plastic in the middle of the figures a bit so one can put a finger on both sides of the wooden object and take it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Refardeon on

      Will sleeved cards still fit?

    33. Peter Johansson on

      Dont forget that ppl sleeve their cards and still want to use the tray.

    34. Neil Tracey on

      This looks great! Only criticism is that if the components lie flush with the top of the tray it will be very difficult to take them out for use.

    35. Missing avatar

      Glen Murley on

      PLEASE make this insert card-sleeve friendly! If it won't hold sleeved cards then it's going to get thrown out by many of us.