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Snowdonia - a lovingly crafted game of strategy, history, and trains - now in an updated and upgraded form of a Deluxe Master Set.
Snowdonia - a lovingly crafted game of strategy, history, and trains - now in an updated and upgraded form of a Deluxe Master Set.
4,583 backers pledged $441,141 to help bring this project to life.

Important development! Questions answered! Everything included!

Posted by NSKN Games (Creator)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

with just a few hours left in the Kickstarter, we have a bunch of very important things to tell you. Let's start with answering a question that seems to be coming back on a very regular basis. 

Is item X/Y/Z included in the Deluxe Master Set? 

Well, here's an answer from Kuba, our marketing manager:

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So, just to make it super-clear: everything that existed for Snowdonia before this Kickstarter is going to be included in the Deluxe Master Set. EVERYTHING.

Secondly, we need to tell you mre about the solo automa, and here, we have two important announcements:

Solo Automa will be designed by Dávid Turczi!

Dávid is the designer of our recently Kickstarted Dice Settlers, and the solo mode for Daniele Tascini's Teotihuacan - our upcoming Essen Release, as well as multiple outstanding games, and single player modes. Short version: the automa will be awesome!

Solo Automa for every Seasoned Traveller!

Yes, we've made it happen. The solo mode will be shipped with every single copy of the Seasoned Traveller. But that's not all!

All print and play promos for every Deluxe Master Set and Seasoned Traveller!

To reinforce the EVERYTHING message, we're adding each and every promo ever created for Snowdonia. Basically, if you can find it on Snowdonia Central (or in Tony's drawer of finished Snodownia stuff), it will be a part of the Deluxe Master Set.


Because you have pushed this Kickstarter so much further than we could have expected. 

Live Goat Pledge!

One of you suggested (@Russonc) a live goat pledge, and... we are going to include it in the pledge manager. Yes! For a $100 000, you will be able to receive a Deluxe Master Set with a live goat delivered to your door! This is not a joke. We will do this!

Thank you!

...and have a great day!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Stuart Lilley on

      I've been away from the internet since before this update, but as my only comment in the whole campaign was to moan about solo in the ST pledge, let me just say thank you. Congratulations on a massive campaign.

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam French on

      So exciting and awesome that we got the solo version!! I have been playing quite a few games solo these days so looking forward to another option!

    3. Naomiooooo on

      So tempted to 🐐 pledge. Lol. Everything🙃💃🏻

    4. Missing avatar

      Andy Newman

      I really enjoy backing your campaigns because of how much you appreciate your backers. This one is another outstanding campaign. I hope production and shipping go smoothly. Can't wait for this to arrive and for more great stuff from NSKN.

    5. NSKN Games 11-time creator on

      @Chooi: Yes.
      @David Hladky: When Kuba reads this, he will be very happy indeed!

    6. David Hladky on

      Your song is a hit. My kids heard it eight times. I got them to bed, but under condition I will play it again tomorrow.

    7. Chooi

      Will it include this card Tony made for my firstborn?

    8. Stefan Tymoshyshyn on

      Superb, well done NSKN!

    9. NSKN Games 11-time creator on

      @Russonc: The Live Goat will come with free shipping.
      @The Redheaded Pharmacist: Yes, we will replace every components the goat eats on the way.

    10. Angela M.

      Does the live goat come printed?
      I hope it can stand up, so there'll be printing on front and back side :)

    11. Filipa Tato

      Amazing! :D Solo by Turczi, wow!

    12. David Studley

      I can't wait to play Dávid's solo take on Snowdonia. Congrats on a brilliant campaign!

    13. The Redheaded Pharmacist

      I’m interested in the live goat pledge but I have one concern. Does the $100000 pledge include replacement of any game pieces eaten by the live goat?

    14. Russonc

      I'd hope the goat is signed by both Błażej and Tony!

    15. John C

      HAHAHAHA!!! Live goat pledge (trying to imaging shipping and handling :)

    16. Dumon on

      DAMN YOU!
      Now I have to figure out where to put a live goat. And how to explain to my wife that not only is $100.000 a reasonable expense, but also a necessary one...

    17. Russonc

      ... and would the goat pledge level cover the $8 shipping to the US?

    18. Russonc

      I'd grab it but I'm afraid my CC would not accept the payment.... 8-}

    19. Chad Hensley on

      I really, really hope that someone takes you up on the live goat pledge!

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      David Turczi!!! Oooh! I wanna see a future train card that shows off Trickerion magic!

    21. Karl Bibby

      The Choo Choo Chooi!

    22. Eric Miller

      Whoohooo!!!! My old plastic workers are going to be SOOOOOO tired...!!!!!

    23. No Games, No Glory on

      So the different cubes used in 1st and 2nd edition are both included? I don’t think I need 3 full sets of cubes....

    24. Benjamin Tieman

      That. Was. Amazing!!!!!

    25. Russonc

      ... what can you say but.... sweet..... :)

    26. Chris Smith (Smoothsmith)

      Wait, are you trying to tell us everything's included?