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Snowdonia - a lovingly crafted game of strategy, history, and trains - now in an updated and upgraded form of a Deluxe Master Set.
Snowdonia - a lovingly crafted game of strategy, history, and trains - now in an updated and upgraded form of a Deluxe Master Set.
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Winners of the Train Design contest are here!

Posted by NSKN Games (Creator)

Ladies & Gentlemen!

The Train Desin contest was an idea offered by you - a great idea - that made it possible for you to leave your lasting mark on Snowdonia Deluxe Master Set. When we started the list (you can find all the details in this update), we had no idea how many people would throw their hats into the ring - and how many great ideas would be put forward!


Simply put, you've done a great job designing and offering feedback. So great, in fact, that we decided to include 12 new Trains. Yes, 12 cards will be illustrated and forever added to the Snowdonia legacy. 12 Trains, and... 13 winners!  


And the Winners are...

Let's not keep you waiting! Here is the complete list of Trains that won the contest:

  • Doc Brown's Engine by Neal McClatchey (mcclatchey)
  • Track Inspection Car by Rob van Dalen (Rob0Rider)
  • Byron The Solar-powered Train by Jonathan du Puy (DuPuy)
  • The Hype Train by Stuart Burnham (vk1980)
  • The Mule by Dallan Christenson (dallanc)
  • The Train of Ghosts by John Crawford (lostdog)
  • The Mail Rail by James Cartwright (Rindel) and The Guinea Pig Train by Becky Bateson (Smudge) (Odo1)
  • The Mallard by Giles Bennett (gilesbennett)
  • The Mari Lwyd by John Shepherd (MrShep)
  • Trainy McTrainface by Jeremy Berven (berv63)
  • The Conga Train by Terence Burnett (Spagetti69)
  • Doni - The Love Train by Daryle Griffith (DaryleG)

The full list of winners (and honourable mentions) can be found in this special Geeklist by Tony Boydell himself. 

What happens now?

If you're on our Train list, please contact Tony Boydell on Board Game Geek via a private message. You will discuss the possible tweaks and final version of your train. After that, the Trains will be sent to us, to become part of Snowdonia Deluxe Master Set.

We would like to thank everyone who participated once again. The competition was fierce, and - win, lose, vote - you've made a piece of Snowdonia history! You are the best!

Oh, and here's a seemingly unrelated phrase in Welsh to add to your vocabulary:


I hope you have an awesome rest of the day (or evening, if you're closer to our time zone).

Have fun!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged on

      I'm still hoping to see a Teotihuacan-themed train added last-minute by NSKN.

    2. Angela M.

      I'm definitely happy for everyone whose train got chosen.
      And I'll take the credit for having had the contest idea for myself. Very proud, it got picked up by NSKN :)

    3. NSKN Games 11-time creator on

      We're happy to have made you happy! :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      John on

      @Neal, same here. Lots of trains, and one of them is mine.

    5. Missing avatar

      Neal McClatchey on

      Very excited that my idea was liked by so many people. I can’t wait to play with all the new trains!

    6. Sean Geraghty on


    7. Russonc

      Congratulations to all.

    8. Angela M.

      Yeah, 12 backers all star trains! That's great, thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged on

      Chuffed to see Trainy McTrainface selected.