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Breed dragons and explore the wilds in search of resources and fame in a gripping 60-minute strategy board game for 2-5 players.
Breed dragons and explore the wilds in search of resources and fame in a gripping 60-minute strategy board game for 2-5 players.
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Brave the Forgotten Metropolis - Second Module Update

Posted by NSKN Games - LudiBooster (Creator)

With the first two modules of the Call of the Dragonlord already introduced in the previous module update, it's time to talk about one of the meatiest additions to Smurgh - The Forgotten Metropolis.

Do you see the new star that appeared in the night sky? Some say that it shines over the tomb of Muratan the Dragonlord. Now, as our scholars have discovered the way to Forgotten Metropolis, the legacy of our First Hero is yours for the taking. Your Master Wizard is ready to move with the first light of dawn. It is time to answer the call of the Dragonlord.

Forgotten Metropolis is the biggest addition awaiting players ready to expand their game of Simurgh, and the greatest game changer, as it introduces a new board, completely changes the role of the Wizard, and adds a new level of strategy and interactive tension to every game.

The Board

When playing with the Forgotten Metropolis module, players will start the game with their Wizards on a side board depicting the way to the recently uncovered, half-mythical location of the world of Simurgh. Now, apart from placing their Vassals on Action Spaces in the White City and on Action Tiles, players will also have the option to move their Wizards down one of three paths in a race to reach the final space, representing the tomb of the titular Dragonlord himself.

Introducing completely new mechanisms, Forgotten Metropolis adds a new endgame condition, spicing up the game with a race between players already involved in strategic manoeuvring on and around the main board. Moving on each track incurs costs, but also offers rewards – and being the first to reach the Dragonlord’s Tomb offers a prize that (in the hands of a capable player) may win the game for whoever comes there first.

The Spell Book

To move down the tracks, each Wizard will have to use their Spell Book – a dedicated deck of cards, each giving the owning player an option to generate Mana – a unique resource allowing their Wizard to move forward through the Metropolis.

Knowing when to use their resources in order to make Mana and seeing when a strong, and when a weaker spell is more beneficial, becomes a new skill for players to master, and synergizing the gains offered by the track with their overall strategy makes for a completely new layer of the game.

The Wizard

This module uses the new Wizard Vassal, finding a dedicated and involved way of utilizing this new asset – to take part in the race, or to make only some use of the track, and then return to the player’s pool, effectively becoming a stand-in for another Dragonrider, or in conjunction with the Wizards module for even greater strategic depth.

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    1. Rainer Åhlfors

      Very intriguing! New mechanisms, new endgame condition ... I like that this changes and adds to the game drastically!