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Breed dragons and explore the wilds in search of resources and fame in a gripping 60-minute strategy board game for 2-5 players.
Breed dragons and explore the wilds in search of resources and fame in a gripping 60-minute strategy board game for 2-5 players.
1,138 backers pledged $88,046 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping & customs

Posted by NSKN Games - LudiBooster (Creator)

Ladies & Gentlemen,

To keep the main project page simple and informative, we've decided to put all the details about shipping and customs in this update. There is a whole process to get game boxes into your hands and we're happy to walk you through it step by step.


The first step is bulk shipping towards our fulfillment partners, which will happen right after the games are out of the production line. We ship in bulk with FedEx for the past 3 years and because they deliver on time helping us to do the same.  

Games bound to our fulfillment centers are transported by sea to North America and Australia and by trucks to Europe. The major risks here are bad weather and customs - both for overseas shipments, but for both we accounted for possible delays when we put together our timeline.


We will fulfill orders from 6 separate centers: USA, Canada, France, UK, Poland and Romania and we're working to get more on board.

SA - Backers from US will receive their games from Passport Game Studios via UPS or USPS. There will be NO customs charges.

Canada - Backers from Canada will receive their games from Board Game Bliss via FedEx or the Canadian Post. There will be NO customs charges.

EU - Backers from the European Union will receive their games from UK, France, Poland or Romania. There will be NO customs charges.

Australia - Backers from Australia will receive their games from a local fulfillment center via the Australian Post. There will be NO customs charges.

Rest of the world - Backers from outside USA, EU or Canada will receive their rewards from Poland. Customs charges may apply and backers are responsible for those charges.


Backers from US, EU, Canada and Australia will not have to deal with customs at all since the rewards are shipped locally.

For the rest of the world we are offering shipping from the EU and the packages will most likely go through customs processing. The responsibility of the custom charges are with you, our backers. We wish we could find more local partners to help us reduce this burden, but without significant amount of pledges from a specific country or region this is a very difficult task.

The value of each package will be stated as the value of the pledge (including the shipping) minus the actual shipping cost. For example, one copy of Simurgh shipped to Switzerland will have a declared value of $47 + $16 - $29 = $34. We are not legally allowed to label any outgoing game as a gift.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask, we are happy to provide even more details.  

Have a great day,


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    1. Guro Marie Bjerkan on

      A comment on the formula itself (follow up to Yaron Davidson's comment). My country at least count the total VAT threshold as item value plus shipping. If the shipment were marked with the total value and shipping included in some instances an "estimated" shipping would be added before estimating VAT, so the formula presented of listing item value as the pledge amount minus the actual shipping cost is actually the best way to ensure I get a fair VAT charge rather than an inflated one.

      Also, at least for my country any of the pledge levels in this campaign would trigger VAT charges, in fact there are VERY few KS game projects where I wouldn't be subjected to VAT charges (and import fee).

    2. NSKN Games - LudiBooster 5-time creator on

      @AC - we're considering this option, but we'll have to take into account that rewards bound to Australia travel by sea for 6 weeks before they reach the fulfillment center. We'll definitely choose the fastest option.

    3. Missing avatar

      AC on

      For those of us in New Zealand, is it possible to have the rewards sent from the Australian hub? I assume it will be cheaper postage for you and much faster for us*.

      * I've dealt with Poland Post before and shipping to NZ took 8+ weeks. From Australia it is 3-5 days.

    4. NSKN Games - LudiBooster 5-time creator on

      @Yaron - after having read your analysis (with which we wholeheartedly agree) we look into our local regulations. Things are shady, crowd funding is not really regulated and the custom officers at the local post can deny shipping if they consider the value to be fake and they have no idea what crowd funding is. The value we have been using is both fair to backers and keeps us away from legal troubles. That being said, thanks for sharing this with us, it will help us sort things our better in the future, when crowd funding will gain its righteous place in our legislation

      @Trienco - that is pretty much what we must do indeed

      @Guro - yes, that is correct

    5. Guro Marie Bjerkan on

      Thank you for the predictability :) Am I correct in assuming the games to us outside the EU will be sent via the postal system from Poland?

    6. Missing avatar


      The problem with customs is that you deal with bureaucrats and their system simple doesn't have proper regulations for crowd funding. Trying to explain the difference to the person handling it can be a frustrating process and the whole concept that the reward value might have absolutely nothing to do with what you paid is just over their head.

      So when I picked up another game I asked a simple question: if I support a movie with €1000 and receive a movie poster in return, are you telling me that poster is worth €1000? Response "if that's what you paid, then that's the value". Did I mention the part where dealing with clueless bureaucrats is frustrating?

      So if they insist to be difficult, the best you can hope for is the pledge level (usually fine for straight forward "product projects"). If you paid more than that, it might be a good idea to simply not have any "proof of payment" and let them figure out the value themselves.

      Btw. it's somewhat shocking how many of them still have no idea what Kickstarter even is... probably speaks for the high number of EU friendly projects.

    7. NSKN Games - LudiBooster 5-time creator on

      @Yaron Davidson: This is a solid and in-depth analysis. Thank you for this contribution, it will be considered.

    8. Missing avatar

      Yaron Davidson

      The declared value in this case is not an issue for me since by your formula it will fall below the VAT threshold, but a general comments since this may be relevant for other people in various countries:

      Generally speaking for transactions/purchases your formula seems fine. The values related to a package includes the value of goods and value of shipping, so by saying "this is the total you paid minus how much was paid for shipping" you essentially get the value of goods.

      One potential issue, and one that in this case would push towards a higher value, is that in some countries the official/legal position is that if a transactions has the shipping price included in the listed value then it should be counted as a part of the value (e.g. if the invoice on a purchase is "item : $30, shipping $20" then value of goods is $30, but if the invoice says "item (shipping included) : $50) then the value of goods is $50). Probably intended to deter cheating by faking most of the cost of the goods on shipping, so when doesn't involve attempts to cheat It's often annoying and very unfair, but in many cases it is the law (my country included). This is one point where including part of the shipping (e.g. US shipping cost) is detrimental. Because legally what should be listed as value of good in a transaction you describe is $47 and not $34, what the seller paid for shipping isn't relevant, just what the purchaser paid extra for shipping. Not likely to be a real problem for anyone as long as you don't include any invoice page including the original separation (e.g. as long as you list $34 and $29 instead of $47 and $16).

      That said the main issues, and ones that goes in the other (better) way, are:

      1. The listed value of goods shipped is supposed to be the listed value of goods actually shipped in the package.

      Obvious example is splitting tangibles, say if for the $75 pledge (both game and expansion) you would use two different packages then obviously it would be wrong to list $75-shipping on both, because none of the packages actually contains both games that reach $75.

      Where it gets more relevant is that should also include intangibles, because intangibles aren't shipped. Are you taking into account backers' opinions more than other random people on the Internet? Isn't this worth something? Do backers get anything else that non-backers don't (backer-only updates? credit on the site/manual? opportunity to test rules early? anything else?) ? If so, are you sure it is worthless?

      Heck, there is at least an explicit $1 value needed to be able to comment on the project and follow updates, that one can't be officially worth nothing for you because you sell it for $1.

      Basically if there are any intangibles that backers get beyond the game boxes, then these aren't shipped in the package, and it's not correct to include their value.

      2. KS is very very *very* adamant that it's a crowdfunding site and not an online store. You probably had to press an "I agree" button on the TOS that also state that clearly. Which means that the pledge levels are not in fact a direct transaction for the goods provided. It includes extra intangibles that make the difference between purchasers and investors (helping even make the product happen, helping to improve the product, supporting the product, supporting NSKN in general, having a strong influence on the product, etc...).

      If you're sure that these don't exist then you're essentially violating KS' TOS and using it as a store-front. There are companies that do that, but the behavior and development on this project, and other NSKN projects, don't look like a basic store page.

      And since it's not a store, then pledge levels aren't a transaction for the goods. So the $47 pledge level that *also* includes a game box as a reward isn't a sale of a game box for $47.
      Now I'm not at all saying that marking as "gift" would be appropriate. The games have value, and they realistically have value for the pledgers. But the value isn't the pledge level.

      This is why many KS project are completely right and legal by listing lower values for KS rewards, in a way that wouldn't be right or legal for other store purchases or pre-orders later. Common options include listing value at wholesale (basic rational being that crowdfunding mean the backers are the investor, 1000 copies of the game mean 1000 copies for "the" investor that are just shipped separately, deserving wholesale prices, not 1000 individual copies for individual purchasers), or listing value at cost / materials (which would be the minimum that would make a valid and legal sense, this is what it actually cost you to be able to give this to the investors so this part of the pledge obviously went directly to making the delivered game).

      Just for your consideration.