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Breed dragons and explore the wilds in search of resources and fame in a gripping 60-minute strategy board game for 2-5 players.
Breed dragons and explore the wilds in search of resources and fame in a gripping 60-minute strategy board game for 2-5 players.
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Your adventure starts here! - an update about the structure of the expansion and the first 2 modules

Posted by NSKN Games - LudiBooster (Creator)

Welcome to the first Module Update for Simurgh: Call of the Dragonlord. What you are reading is a start of a series that will detail each of the different Modules that are included in the expansion. 

The first thing you need to know about Call of the Dragonlord is that this is a modular expansion. Modules can be freely combined with each other and the base game, as it is already explained in the rules.

Currently there are 6 modules:

  • Module 0 – Expanding the World
  • Module 1: Wizards
  • Module 2: The Forgotten Metropolis
  • Module 3: Leadership
  • Module 4: House Ability Cards
  • Module 5: Quests

As the campaign continues, we will be adding information on Modules, including each new Module unlocked via Stretch Goals. This time, however, I would like to start by introducing part of what you will find in expansion box right off the bat.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Module Zero – Expanding the World

To be honest, this is the part of the expansion that is least modular in its nature, as – simply put – it adds a stack of Action Tiles, and a new Dragon Tile. Although each of the tiles added is new, the Module Zero does not introduce any new game mechanisms, instead making for an even more varied game.

The rulebook of the expansion will tell you not to add any of the modules before playing the base game at least once, but in the case of these new tiles, you can simply ignore the warning, and treat them as part of the base game. Like I said, they are not a game changer – they simply add to the variability of each game, by throwing in more of the goodness that makes Simurgh the awesome game that it is.

Module 1: Wizards

Knowledge is power, and arcane knowledge is what can tip the balance of this conflict in your favor. Make good use of this powerful new ally, and let his exceptional abilities serve you on your way to be the one who holds the fate of the White City in their hands.

The Wizards module is the first one that will visibly alter your game experience, should you decide to add it to your game. It brings to the table a new kind of Vassal, and one that comes with a variable set of powers to spice up your game.

Mechanically, the Wizard is another Dragonrider in almost every respect. However, if you decide to incorporate this Vassal into your game, you will also randomly draw a card which will detail one special power each of the Wizards will possess. From peeking into other players’ hands, to making Wisdom stand in for some of the other resources used by an Action Space, every iteration of the Wizard will unlock a new strategic option – and introduce yet another twist on the worker placement formula.

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    1. NSKN Games - LudiBooster 5-time creator on

      @Eric Arsenault: Thanks!
      @Sheri Paschen: Yes, we like variety too - hence the modular game expansion. Having options even before you setup he game is also something we like in other games. It is only natural for us to go with what we enojy in other games.

    2. Rivsung

      Game variety, love it.

    3. Eric Arsenault on

      Love the way that you are explaining everything, great job =)

    4. NSKN Games - LudiBooster 5-time creator on

      and we're very eager to describe more of them in details... so many updates and so few days ;)

    5. Rainer Åhlfors

      I'm really looking forward to trying out all these modules!