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Eclectic unique mix leaving virtually no subject untouched 20+ years in the making of poetry, prose and short stories

Eclectic unique mix leaving virtually no subject untouched 20+ years in the making of poetry, prose and short stories Read More
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Julie A. Woolf
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Julie A. Woolf

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About this project

We all live in a world of poetry…Poetic moments exist everyday…We have only to take the time & awareness to recognize them; beautiful, scary, creepy, depressing and all things…poetry is life and life is poetry in motion.   

Thanks for checking out my project and I hope you'll be able to read my full book in the very near future!  I could create a flashy out there project listing but that's not me so it would be disingenuous!  I'm a down to earth, with head still hoping in the clouds, person and poet and what I list here and say is just real me!

Did you ever have to write a “Haiku” or “Short Poem” in grade school or high school? I did and after that it was something that never went away, something woke up inside of me and started spilling forth. It was a slow flow at first but as the years progressed it trickled out piece by occasional piece. Later when I was carrying the creation of a child in my womb, aptly enough, the creation of poetry increased even more. In the years following the birth of my son my writings started to soar and skyrocket! I now have well over 500 pieces of poetry/writings created over the past 20 plus years!  So here I am, a full book of various forms of poetry and short stories just aching to be compiled and delivered out into the world!

About The Book Title:  It derives from a poetic idea and a poem I wrote. The subtitle is attributed to it being a collection of writings that spans a long period of time.  It creates an interesting tale in its own right to see how an individual as a poet and a person progresses through the years.  

About The Cover Art:  Usually authors don’t draw their own cover art and I will be no different.  However, it's being done “in house” so to speak.  The rough draft that is up now and the final refined cover art I have given into the hands of my wonderful and talented son Shadow!

This book is not just one theme or style; it covers a wide range of many aspects of life. Some are rather esoteric, lovely, irreverent, dark, creepy, riddle like, lyrical, silly, funny, sexy, gruesome, inspiring, angsty, introspective and some, well, hard to categorize! If you like to read a variety of things, connect, identify, ponder or be transported and entertained then I believe you will find my book interesting.

Feedback from some of my friends and family over the years has been interesting and very positive.  However some poetry or authors don’t fit one person as well as they do another. To each their own of course but I hope the fact that my poetry is broad in spectrum that it will reach a wide audience!  You won’t find a book full of just rhyming poems either, the style and form just like the content is quite varied.

The book is written so that part’s done.  So at this point I just need to spend a lot of time organizing, figuring, formatting, editing and all that jazz.  The funding will of course mostly be to get published and spread the word!  Also some funding will be to get the rewards to you all, can’t forget that of course!

As for publishing, I would love to find a literary agent and publisher but sadly I know that’s not likely these days.  I will likely have to go the route of self publishing, which definitely costs.  If after a short period of time I cannot find an agent/ publisher (who knows a miracle could happen!) then I will self-publish. SO NO WORRIES, you’ll get this book one way or another!

This won’t be a tiny book obviously and I dream of it being wrapped up under one cover if at all possible.  If it doesn’t all fit then I will have a 2nd book but I’ll keep everyone posted on that and everything with updates.

Well I’ve given that a lot of thought and some ideas were there right from the start! An abundance of pure incredible thanks of course is there at this very moment! But of course, there is more! 

• One: You’d get to help out a fellow human being and that’s always a good thing to do!
• Two: Personal poems/prose JUST for you!
• Three: Of course at some reward levels you’ll get the finished book!
• Four: I’m an artist in many mediums from crafty to the fine art level so you’ll get that as well! Here's a little slide show video showing examples of some of the artistic rewards you'll receive!


NOTE: Some of my poetry of course is personal and written about me or my life. However much is also inspired simply by life itself and all that it contains…the faces, friends, family, emotions, environments, thoughts, imaginings and so forth. Perhaps many would know this already of “poetry” but it’s not always something taught and understood these days, so hence, this note!

DISSECTION    10-30-1991

I lie in wait, my body splayed open, my soul exposed.

Do people look away at the ghastly sight or are they blinded by the light?

Does the universe laugh at such a show or is it their dissection going according to plan…

TRUTHS WIND    04-19-2001

The wind blows through the leaves of the trees,
like the freedom of thought blows through my heart.

The wind blows over my skin as the soft caressing reminder of life.

The wind blows across my face like the light touch of loves lips.

The wind blows through my hair like the gentle fingers of friendship.

The wind is all things when felt by the thinking mind of truth.

WONDER LUST    01-17-2006

Wonder lust takes a ride on the dark light...
Demons rile and wail and play Beethoven upon the rail...
Wanna take a ride on the snow white abyss collide...
Come fly with me and see what plays...
Leave the games behind and just let loose the tale...
Hesitation rips the wings full shorn...
Action brings flight into full form...
Wanna play Russian roulette with an unloaded 45...
Just use your imagination to see what shoots out into the mind...
Wicked bliss turns between each fist...
Hold onto the handles and rev the charge...
It’s play time on the universe’s electric spasmodic barge...
Come take a ride and play long into the dawn’s night...
The twisted dusk children are awaiting.

ROWS     04-19-2006

Walking slowly through the corn field
she ran her hands along the stalks.

So lovely the dry yellow looked
against the blue sky of mid autumn.

So lovely the moist red blood looked
against the yellow.

She didn’t even feel the long slits
the leaves were cutting into her hands and arms
but the blood ran as she slowly strolled.

A breeze lifted up her hair and with it
her gaze went from ground to sky.

Her chin out and up towards the heavens
and her stare went into focus upon the clouds.

Arms out open wide streaming,
now leaving a trail of blood lines behind her
as she made her way down the row.

Fingers, wrists, forearms all slit to shreds
and yet she continued her slow stroll,
touching the stalks as she went in a haze
of thoughts resting upon the white clouds.

No pain on the outside but inside just a drop left,
the whole while she walked the row
every step took more and more pain away
till now she was nearly numb inside and out.

Even her thoughts were beginning to clear away the haze
and just one was left that hurt her
as back down to the ground her gaze now moved once more.

“And so I walk the bounty of the land
and of love now crumbling dry and dead
into the seasons of life.
From born new, green grow the stalks
till dying yellow they depart
and winter’s frost is now close at hand.
From this earth we all come and leave
just as the clouds move on their way to dissipation.”

She sighed and was nearly at the end of the row
and paler then any ghost still walking the living path.

She came to the opening of the end of it all
and turned around to look back down the row from which she came.
She saw the yellow stalks streaked with her life force
and saw the lines upon the brown earth fresh glowing moist
as a trail leading up to her.

She looked down and saw everything soaked upon her,
her now white gown stained crimson
and her porcelain skin now glistening and torn.
She sighed and smiled and raised her arms up towards the sky
and fell backwards down upon the green grass of the field
stretched wide around this cornfield.
With a smile upon her face
and a tear of blood near her eye
she sighed out...

“At last I leave in the fall of my life
to embrace the spring of eternal heaven
and winters lonely frost will never bite me again.
My heart can now be freed from its sorrowful prison
and find paradise and full love in a land
that never could I find here, this is the end
and now my beginning at last, again.”

And she closed her eyes and the setting sun shone down
from between eve’s clouds and painted her purple and gold
to mix with her red and her spirit left and rode the beams
into the peaceful slumber of ethereal eternity… 

INTENSITIES RHYTHM    uncertain of the date

Music beats on and life moves to the rhythm…
Bodies entwined feeling the words, feeling the intricacies, creating a dance…
Thoughts float over a myriad of feelings…
Intensity swells at the softest and quietest of moments…
Breathing without air save for the breath of another…
In and out, pause, in and out once more, listening, feeling breathing in euphoria…
Messages of unheard words and times yet to be recalled pass between…
Hair tangles to mix two into one…
Face so soft held with caresses of gentle bliss…
Warm and cozy flesh forms perfectly one along side the other…
Electricity courses through every vein and nerve…
Quivering with surprising shock of passion strong…
Chemistry existing with no equation known by formulation…
Existing, in the rhythm, in the beat, in the breath, in the heat, in the passion, in the deep, in the moment multiplied a thousand fold…
Over and over again…
Don’t go; stay, just a little longer…
Scent lingers as kisses are recalled…
A journey must be taken through the entrance of a long stare into the eyes to find the souls that live behind…
Stare, lock with me, let us see what we can see…
Wonderful friendship with depth or something more floating upon the fringes…
Walk with me through the trees and let us see what reflections can be found on the waters edge…
Open are the pathways to wander the road…
Care to continue the drive and flowingly see what we find...?
Let us take a stroll once more…
Hold my hand and we’ll keep each other warm…
Winter brings exploration into the known and unknown…
Music will never be the same for memories inside it will always rain…
Night and day meld as time loses tracks in the wind…
We are only just here and we and the thunder of it all rolls on…
Goodnight and good morning to the new days to come…
And the music of the breath beats on.

WEARY    01-10-07

A sigh escapes lips shut tight...
A drop of lid tries to grab winks to sleep the night...
But mind in pain keeps an awakening for nothing fraught...
Coldness calls and ushered forth the body moves out...
Weary are the wisps of energy left strangled dangling upon bare thread...
Glossed over is the action as something is created in the deadened motion...
Where is the wanderer to awaken the hazed wandering...?
Where is the heart to jump start the low reticent heart again to thumping...?
Where are the fibers to mix and strengthen these fraying ones...?
Where is anything to supplement what is waning..?
Where is the voice uplifting to rouse the spirit once more to soar...?
A nullified shell being plea bargained by a tired mind entreating heart and asks soul to sear it all in a rescue by sheer self divine...
An intervention from outside or within, an intervention of anything akin, to revival...
Weary is the worn out frame and perhaps in the end the thoughts run not so deep and it has just simply been a long day...
Heart, mind and body, quiet yourselves and go to sleep so says the soul...
Tomorrow is always another day and always will be no matter the flows sway...

ATTIC DUSTY    01-24-2007

Into the darkness
Alone you lay
Upon the floor
Dusty attic you crumpled
Corners are your confidants
Cobwebs are your covers

Pin points of sunlight filters
Heaven in beams barely warming
Dance dust faeries and come down for me

Take me from this wooden hold
Trinkets scattered forgotten memories
All my closest friends now inside this keep
It is just us lost old parcels no longer shining for you
Stowed away and kept but touched no more
Like a prison with love kept wallpapered just beyond the door

Pin points of sunlight filters
Heaven in beams barely warming
Dance dust faeries and come down for me

Chill is the winter coming through the cracks
Hard is the floor beneath my exposed back
The spiders have come and made a home inside of me
At least something finds comfort still with this rag doll body
Lonely still more so as I rot away each day after day after day
Why didn’t you at least paint tears on my face
So I could shed them when you so carelessly tossed me away

Pin points of sunlight filters
Heaven in beams barely warming
Dance dust faeries and come down for me


Slit my wrists and call me honey…
I ain’t your jukebox junkie…
Fly your wares in the face of lame…
Do you really think I want to play your game…

Send me flying down the long haul road…
No dead end signs bother me son…
I have a pistol that sleeps with a gun…
Serving up cynics and I’m on the run with cat got your tongue…

Slit my wrists and call me honey…
I ain’t your jukebox junkie…
Fly your wares in the face of lame…
Do you really think I want to play your game…

The Diner light never fades even when my roots start to show…
I’m up at dark and down at dawn with your shame under my thumb…
Living wherever the best dust may blow never checkin the clock…
One light towns flash on by as I laugh while stealin your heart…

Slit my wrists and call me honey…
I ain’t your jukebox junkie…
Fly your wares in the face of lame…
Do you really think I want to play your game…

Show me some thigh and grit your teeth…
Life’s not a purty thing that smiles at you high…
A smack here and there some say I deserve it…
Punches thrown back and don’t you forget…

Slit my wrists and call me honey…
I ain’t your jukebox junkie…
Fly your wares in the face of lame…
Do you really think I want to play your game…

Time to shove out and back on the road…
Your shit does stink and I’ve gotta go…
Trails of memories smeared lipstick wrong…
Josie doesn’t stick around, not for anyone son…

Slit my wrists and call me honey…
I ain’t your juke boxjunkie…
Fly your wares in the face of lame…
Do you really think I want to play your game… 

PRIMORDIAL WAIL    01-16-2012

Primordial wails echo through the archaic caverns of bones gone dry…
Over ploughed fields leave fallow the valleys of yore left dead and withered…
Oh man of times long gone why must you be only in the myths scarlet eye…
Bleeding deep grievous wounds of the flesh made rot we scourged to naught…
The slivered droplets of rain lost in the eyes that no longer see what once was,  what could be…
Anguish lays the whips to backs breaking in the heat of apocalypse dawn on the rider’s raider heart…
Hail storms razed to the goddess strung out on unhallowed halls waylaid beneath the earth…
Demon called man raped the beauty and built the alter of all greed and well fed lips…
Hunger abates in the sullen womb gone barren from scar tissue as the fetus calcified to dust…
Hear those of ancient tongues, come back, come call and sow the seeds so sacredly missed…
Prism light fades to whispers of black as the twilight swallows gaping mouths in horrors nights…
Lashed to the prison walls of cairns thrown asunder as the shackles of new iron are forged unforgiving…

If you read this far and everything on here, you are beyond amazing and I thank you severely!  

Love and Light,

Julie A. Woolf

NSEWind Creations

Risks and challenges

Luckily there are few risks! No matter what, if I get funding, I can produce via self publishing a finished book! Also the poetry and writings are complete so that's done. The only challenge is getting it all organized and formatted and some logistics figured, but that will just be time needed and that I will have no problem. So I feel pretty confident that this is low to no risk and minor challenges that will be easy to push through. I've been through a lot in my life and all of it far more difficult and challenging then doing something like this that I love and enjoy, so all shall be well.

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE REWARDS PLUS...You will get to choose from a selection one signed B&W 35mm 8x10 photo. They are all Analog and optically (hand) printed by myself, there is no digital with these! I'll be doing it the "old fashioned way"! These are printed on archival quality silver gelatin photo paper! I will print them at the time before sending. All will be reflective of many of my poems in some form or another.

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