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We're raising funds to make an original cast album of the Off-Broadway musical NOW. HERE. THIS.
We're raising funds to make an original cast album of the Off-Broadway musical NOW. HERE. THIS.
1,248 backers pledged $89,833 to help bring this project to life.

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      Patty Helbig on

      Hi, I never received anything. I'm not sure what happened. I should have received an autographed CD and a thank you. As my only present for my birthday, I helped as a backer. I saw TOS several years ago as my present then, so I thought that it was fitting that I help support your next project. Very sad that I never received anything. I'm not sure if it got lost. I thought that you may still be working on mailing them since you have so many backers. I hope that it still shows up :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Kathy Mervine on

      Still have not received my framed sheet music of "Then Comes You". Wondering if it's lost in the mail?

    3. Missing avatar

      Amy Beth Cannon on

      Distraught! I answered the survey when I first received it by email, but just now when I logged on, it asked me for all the same things again! Does this mean I won't get my name on the thank you list? Does it mean I won't get my CD! Nerts! (all said, I'm still happy to be a part of it all, but I'll be happier still if I get my autographed CD w/ my name in the note.)

    4. P He on

      I got my signed copy yesterday and couldn't stop listening to them, especially the Susan bits......I cried my eyes out while listening to Golden Palace.

    5. Aldrich Gamboa on

      Just heard the release date is Dec 18th. Can't wait to get my copy and rewards! So excited for this sound track. Loved the show at the Vineyard (Saw both the read through and the full production). I hope it sees the Broadway light just like Title did.

    6. Missing avatar

      JM on

      "What are the Odds" sounds awesome! Can't wait to get the full CD! Great job guys!

    7. Missing avatar

      JM on

      We need an update! Seriously y'all!

    8. Aldrich Gamboa on

      Congrats on the Recording! Can't wait to hear it!

      You guys didn't send out a survey yet for our information did you? I'm just making sure I didn't miss it.

    9. Jim McDermott on

      Yeah! So happy to see this! Congratulations us and world!

    10. Missing avatar

      Meredith Stevens on

      I feel like there should be a closing bell and a confetti canon. Werd nerds, werd.

    11. Chocolate Print Books on

      Congratulations! Glad to have supported your project.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Robeson on

      Congratulations boys and girls!!! Saw the show and was bummed that there was no CD available. Now we will be able to enjoy the original musical over and over. Can't wait for you to finish.

    13. Jody Walker on

      I'm so happy you reached your goal, and I'm so glad I could be a part of the process. Your inspiration ripples farther than you realize. I can't wait to hear the album.

    14. Kathleen J. Ringley on

      I have never been happier that my credit card is going to be charged for something!!! Can't wait to hear this show!

    15. P He on


    16. Missing avatar

      Jonah Stabinski on

      Thank you for being such inspirations to me and all of the other high schoolers trying to do this for the rest of their lives. You truly inspire me every day.


    17. Missing avatar

      Jim McCann on


    18. Wes LuAllen on

      HUZZAH!!!! It's a real album now! So excited for this! I need to use more exclamation points!!!!!!

    19. Everett William Smith on

      congratulations everyone!!! we did it!!

    20. Amish Comic on

      I'm staying up all night and am going to drink vodka and cheer for the big 7 5 oh oh oh! Way more exciting then watching balls drop on New Years.

      Hugs from Amish and fam

    21. Everett William Smith on

      omygod we're so close!!!

    22. Bryden Larsen on

      I just upped my pledge because you guys are incredible! I wish I didn't live in Idaho so I could have actually watched the show! I cant wait to listen to it!

    23. Ayanni C.H. Cooper

      I am so excited I saw this come up on my newsfeed! I absolutely loved the show (felt sooo many emotions) and I hope this album funded asap :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Jayson Jarushewsky on

      I have enjoyed [tos] and N.H.T. immensely, participating in this even in some small way seems like the least I could do.

    25. Joshua Elliott on

      This cast recording IS going to be a reality because it NEEDS to be. You four are amazing and inspire me on so many levels. This fantastic show needs to reach more people to continue its wonderful chain of inspiration. Good Luck you Guys ^.^b


    26. Robbie Tursi-Masick on

      All our love and support to gang!!!
      Robbie & Kevin

    27. Trisha Lynn of Saucy Goose Press LLC on

      @Eric: Wow, that's a little mercenary, isn't it?

      I'm very sorry that I didn't get to see the original run; hope this makes up for that.

    28. Jess Brookes on

      I've had the privilege of seeing this beautiful show a few times. This is one cast album that is more than just something fun to listen to. This piece has a message and purpose and I can't wait for more people to get to hear it :-)

      Jess Brookes

    29. Eric Jacobson on


      I contributed because I love your vibe. Plus I want to do a cast recording of my show! If you back and share my project, I'll share yours and up my donation. What do you say?


    30. Missing avatar

      JM on

      I am contributing purely because I think Heidi needs to be on more CDs. I LOVED that very emotional song in NHT and Heidi knocked it out of the park. Well worth 25$! Besides, it's so much fun to sing [Title of Show] in the car and I bet Now.Here.This. will be the same!

    31. Missing avatar

      Kirk Breault on

      I'm so excited about this. I couldn't get to New York this year and missing Now. Here. This. was the biggest disappointment. Good Luck!

    32. Amanda White-Jensen on

      Favorite, favorite, favorite off-broadway show. Even though I have the entire thing memorized (I saw it 7 times, people), I can't wait to hear it as a cast album. lsadkfja;lsdfj. so excited.

    33. Annie Crowley on

      For turtles, Trappist monks, teen modeling, woo woo drama teachers, Dorothy Michaels, dinosaurs, friendship, collaboration, and an incredible spring at the Vineyard.
      I was inspired every day, and I'm so grateful. :)

    34. Hana Slevin on

      Yes, yes, and yes. This show was incredible and I can't wait to have the cast album so I can experience it again!

    35. Missing avatar

      Meg Martinez on

      I'm so beyond thrilled to be able to support you guys in this endeavor. Playing Susan in [title of show] was one of the greatest experiences of my life, especially since my friends and I have been following you since your Vegetable Medley days. We were there for the regional premiere in Cleveland some years ago, where we even had the privilege to meet Susan and Heidi--I still have the playbill they signed, and best of all, Susan drew a monkey on my playbill. At the time, my friend and I never imagined that just a few years later we would have the incredible opportunity to play these phenomenal women, and it was a dream come true. We may've killed our fair share of vampires along the way, but it was always worth it--in the end, we'd rather be nine people's favorite thing.

    36. Jim McDermott on

      Thank you so much for doing this. I love Title of Show (and the Title of Show Show) -- when I first heard it I was really struggling to commit to becoming a screenwriter, and it helped me take the leap. Of course, now I'm penniless and have scripts that no one has read. But I'm less afraid of vampires. Thanks a lot.

      Once I was walking on 5th Avenue around 12th Street and suddenly there were Susan and Hunter right in front of me and I had one of those oh my God I just want to say so much moments, and I walked up and Hunter had this look on his face like oh Jesus, what is this going to be? and I just kept walking. Thanks a lot, Hunter. (Seriously, you were right. I would have been crazy.)

      I've shared your idea of Now. Here. This. many times with people since I heard about this show. Can't wait to actually hear it.

      Love you guys.

    37. Oliver Southgate on

      Your show rocks and I want me a CD.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jim McCann on

      Hey nerds! I barely squeaked in that pledge level! the 16 bars will be miiiiine, my precioussssss. (and they better be legible, Jeff!) Kickstartin' some kickstarter ass!!

      PS- I totally posted this in the wrong place the first time. Oh well, maybe some other nerds will see it and pledge! Word.

    39. Michael Italia on

      Well this just made my night! Good s'luck y'all!

    40. Missing avatar

      Caroline on

      Sorry that all I could afford was a CD! I Had the honor of playing Heidi in a recent production of TOS and fell in love with you guys. Listening to your music and watching your videos is like hanging out with my friends. Please keep writing! Keep inspiring our little group of thespians, writers, and dreamers! <3 The Empty Space Crew

    41. Jason Lott on

      I'm really excited and hopefully this gets funded. Saw the show and was blown away - we laughed, we sobbed, we met the amazing cast.

      BREAK A LEG!

    42. Madeleine Faigel on

      You guys have brought me so much joy. Even though I am a poor college student, I will do what I can to help you out :)

    43. Douglas Cross on

      Hope this works out, it's an amazing show.

    44. Max Wojtanowicz on

      Can't wait, you guys! I saw [title of show] as a wee boy when it was at the Vineyard and then got to do the Minnesota premiere of it last year (as [hunter]). I read all about NHT in the spring and hope I get to hear these songs! xo

    45. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Vignau on

      Couldn't be more excited you are doing this!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Christopher Okiishi on

      Thank you for asking for our support! I couldn't be happier donating to this!

    47. Missing avatar

      Robyn Shepherd on

      Shuddup and take my money! So excited! x

    48. Kate Brennan on

      Loved the show! Can't wait to hear the recording so I can push for a Philly premiere!

    49. Missing avatar

      BFL-0611 on

      Very excited about this! Can't wait to hear it.