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Spirit Siege is the first real-time card game to offer incredibly deep PvP duels with buttery smooth controls for iOS/Android.
Spirit Siege is the first real-time card game to offer incredibly deep PvP duels with buttery smooth controls for iOS/Android.
503 backers pledged $55,555 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nathan Cannell on

      I'm losing more and more faith in kickstarter. This project is dead in the water and i have nothing to show for the money i invested. Hope you all found opportunities outside the gaming world

    2. Ben Frazier on

      Hey Todd Jonker, this is Ben from Nova Heartbeat. I sent you an email at the address associated with your Kickstarter account about getting Spirit Siege beta access. Feel free to reply to me there, and we'll get this sorted out for you.

    3. Todd Jonker

      Can you post info on how we can get access to the iOS beta? I see it mentioned in a few updates but can't find the details.

    4. Nathan Cannell on

      Fantastic! Thanks for the update
      Congrats again nova heartbeat

    5. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      Hi Nathan! Thanks we really appreciated everyone support, we can't wait to have this product out the door and in everyone's hands.

      Currently we will be sending out updates through Kickstarter, so you will see them in your email. As we approach a beta state, we will likely open up a forum where our Alpha and Beta testers can communicate with each other and us.

    6. Nathan Cannell on

      Will there be a forum to go to for all the developer updates, or will the kickstarter page be the go to place?


    7. Thomas and Patricia on

      Wow! Congratulations to all! ... a new lucky number ... 55,555. All the hard work has paid off. So exciting!

    8. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      YAY! With 34 minutes to go, we just made our first stretch goal of Single Player vs. AI at $55k.

      A full-featured Single Player Campaign mode is at $60k...can we do it in 34 minutes??

    9. Chad Buffett on

      So close to the stretch goals! You guys can do it.

    10. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Nathan Cannell:

      Thank you, Nathan!


    11. Nathan Cannell on

      On the fence with upping my pledge, decided to go all in!

      Good luck novaheartbeat!

    12. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Brian Abel:

      Thank you so much for coming by and seeing us at PAX and your awesome pledge. We are glad that you enjoy Spirit Siege and are excited for its release. We are, too!


    13. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Arthur Engelhard:

      Re: Your question about distributing the demo build...
      Yes, please feel free to pass along the file to people who you are pitching the game to. The idea is that you would show the game to them in-person. If giving them a copy of the build helps you show off the game, we are all for it.

      The point of us distributing the build to backers only was to put the power in your hands as backers, letting you decide how best to interest your friends in the game.

      Thanks for asking!


    14. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Ian McCowan:
      Thank you for the sandbox idea. I will run it by Ben and see what he thinks. I think that the proxy cards look pretty cool as well.


    15. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Arthur Engelhard:

      Thank you for tuning in to our AFK stream. We will be streaming from the studio both today and tomorrow.

      Today's stream is happening right now.

      Tomorrow's stream will be for most of the day leading right up to (and a bit after) 8:32pm when our campaign comes to a close. Details will be shared in an upcoming update.

      The link for our stream channel is:

      Thank you for your pledge and all of your support!


    16. Nova Heartbeat Creator on


      Thank you very much for your enthusiastic support for Spirit Siege!

      I see that Charlie has posted some replies to you. I wanted to make sure that we have answered the questions that you had to your satisfaction.

      The best way to help the project get to our next stretch goal ($55k, Single Player vs. AI) is to engage people on a personal basis. This could be sending people personal messages online as well as showing the game to people in person, as Charlie said. Do share the build that we posted for backers with people who you think would like it.

      About your card-collecting question:
      When designing the Kickstarter rewards, we were very careful to provide a clear value to our backers without depriving them of the thrill of collecting cards. Like Charlie said, if you feel that the cards unlocked as a part of your reward is "too much," we will happily give you a blank slate and then add back your Kickstarter exclusive in-game player icon. Just let us know when the time comes.

      Thank you again for your questions!


    17. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Ross LaBrant:

      Wow! You were so right! Do you have a small army of serial backers that you control with your mind? We are very glad to have your support, sir! Thank you!


    18. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Bryce Walton:

      Thank you for being such a vehement supporter of the project! :D

      Why, yes, we do have add-on items. We even posted an update a ways back containing a tutorial on how to "do add-ons" for folks who may be new to Kickstarter. Here is a link to that tutorial:

      Thanks again!


    19. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Chad Buffet:

      You, sir, are our top commenter. Congrats! We appreciate your pledge and all of your support. We rocked our $50k base goal and are striving for our $55k stretch goal: With the help of folks like you, we can do this!


    20. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Ian McCowan:

      Thank you, Ian! Your pledge increase helped push us over $50k. Now we're plowing towards our $55k stretch goal: Single Player vs. AI. Read all about it in this update:


    21. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Jonathan Christensen:

      Hooray! Thank you very much for your support, your pledge, and your pledge increase. We appreciate our backers very much, both for helping us reach our goal and for pushing towards our stretch goals. Let's go $55k!


    22. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Thomas and Patricia:

      Thanks for celebrating in our honor! We did a quick happy dance yesterday when we crossed $50k, and then promptly went back to feverish work pushing towards our $55k stretch goal. Rest assured, we will have (cheap) Champagne on the Livestream tomorrow night! :D


    23. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Joshua Hiler:

      Thank you for asking. Right now, the most probable reality for Single Player vs. AI is that you would be able to play battles offline (when your device doesn't have access to a data connection). We would not give credit towards rewards for those offline battles; a connection to the server would be required for reward progress to be counted.

      Being someone who frequently just wants to just wants to fight a bot, I'm really excited for the Single Player vs. AI stretch goal ($55k). :D

      Thanks again!


    24. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Kayla Graves: Thank you so much! We really appreciate your pledge and also you hosting us last weekend. We met a lot of great people and had a fun time streaming from AFK.

      Folks, if you are local to the Seattle area and you've never been to an AFK, check them out! One in Everett and one in Renton:


    25. Kayla Graves on

      Congrats on funding! -From the folks at AFK!

    26. Missing avatar

      Joshua H. on

      So will SinglePlayer vs AI be offline?

    27. Chad Buffett on

      Congrats guys, great job now own to the stretch goals. I can wait till single player.

    28. Thomas and Patricia on

      Having Champagne tonight! ... Okay ... mimosas.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Christensen on

      I've upped my pledge. The best of luck to you.

    30. Ian McCowan on

      I already upped my personal pledge by a cool hundo yesterday and got you guys a 3K backer today so it's time for some of y'all other slackers to step up

    31. Chad Buffett on

      Just increased my by $7 who's next?

    32. Charles Engelhard on

      @Bryce yeah the add-ons could be more prominent. We should remind backers of them in the coming days!

      @Ross How did you know? ARE YOU A WIZARD?

    33. Missing avatar

      Bryce Walton on

      If everyone increased their pledge by $7, we'd push it over the funding goal. Alternatively, if 81 people upped their pledge by $30 (say from the $20 tier to the $50 tier), that'd also do it. So very close!

      (Also, I just realized there are add-ons...)

    34. Chad Buffett on

      Wow awesome progress guys, great backer support can't wait for this game to be live!

    35. Ross LaBrant on

      I think you guys are going to have a good day. :)

    36. Chad Buffett on

      Awesome love the playable demo, you guys can do it!

    37. Charles Engelhard on

      @Marjie: we find that engaging people 1 on 1 is a lot more successful than doing a share. Also, once we get the backer build out (very soon!) you could show it to your gamer friends in person!

    38. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Jennifer Evans: YAY! It was great to meet you and your family at AFK in Renton on Saturday. We are glad that you had a chance to come by to play Spirit Siege and that you had a fun time. Thank you for supporting independent game development! :D -Jessi

    39. Marjie on

      I really want to see this project make the kickstarter! I already shared it on facebook :) What else can I do to help?

    40. Arthur Engelhard on

      Thanks for answering all my questions about the game last night during the AFK live streaming. Keep up the great work!

    41. Chad Buffett on

      It was a blast seeing everyone at the AFK.

    42. Jennifer Evans on

      Our family just played at the AFK and loved it. We are really excited to see this launch. :)

    43. Chad Buffett on

      Great progress you guys can do it!

    44. Nova Heartbeat Creator on

      @Joshua Hiler: Thank you for your question. Yes, the build that you asked about is being tested right now, as soon as it is ready we will announce it in an update and provide a link to the file. Stay tuned! -Jessi

    45. Missing avatar

      Joshua H. on

      New backer here, in your Update 6 you said you sent a backer-only update with a link to a testing build, are you guys still sharing that out? I'd love to give it a spin.

    46. Ian McCowan on

      Not that you asked for my opinion, but as an alternative/addition to the "proxy cards" thing (which strikes me as a bit complicated), I was thinking it might be useful to have a "sandbox" where you can play with all available units even if you don't have the cards. Maybe it would have some like target practice dummies in it so you can see how the units behave in action, maybe it could be like whack-a-mole. It seems a little conceptually simpler than the proxy cards while accomplishing the goal of tempting people with the cards they don't have.

      That said, the all-blue dragon looks pretty sweet. I might want to have proxy cards just so I could have a cool all-blue dragon.

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