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When a door opens...

Posted by Novacut Team (Creator)

You walk through it.

Recently someone dropped a PR opportunity in our laps.  This isn't why we undertook Novacut... we've been at this for a year.  But at this point, we are really, really struggling.  So we couldn't afford to ignore the PR opportunity, thus this Kickstarter project was born.

We have all the ingredients needed for this Kickstarter project to blow up in the news.  And we need your help making that happen.  Here we have 169 wonderful, generous people who see a clear need for what we're doing.  But here are nearly 8000 more with whom our mission should resonate rather strongly.  We need your help reaching them, we need your help reaching the press.

Our design focus has been shaped through conversations with many artists.  For example, we've been talking to Arin Crumley, who was listed among the top 20 new media moguls by the Wall Street Journal.  He and his no-nonsense editor, Christie Strong, have so much faith in what we're doing that they made an 8 minute video to help explain Novacut to other pro editors.

Sometimes we've struggled to make it clear just how much we've accomplished the last year because the core piece of technology we've built is very technical and low-level.  Yet another artist we've been talking to, Hanna Sköld, immediately understood that dmedia could help her fans more easily remix her films and make trailers, a key part of Hanna's successful marketing strategy.

dmedia is an elegant solution to the time suck that is file management.  The competition obviously isn't serious about saving artists time, otherwise it wouldn't be so easy for small fries like us to do better.  For example, consider these instructions for how to work "seamlessly" between two computers.  Although dmedia isn't quite production ready, its instructions for the same will be something like, "Turn on first computer, turn on second computer, work seamlessly."

We're obsessed with saving artists time because for the sort of productions we're designing for, a little time can be the difference between sustainability and collapse.  So another thing our artists need is insanely fast frame-accurate cutting. In fact, to save these artists as much time as possible, bit by bit we're going to build a full end-to-end solution, with just the features they need, all carefully designed for time savings.

Interestingly, the same someone that dropped this PR opportunity in our lap has also left a void in Hollywood that we quite realistically could fill.  Although our color-grading, for example, wont be suitable for Hollywood anytime soon, that doesn't matter, because all Hollywood wants from their editor is great cutting and film cross dissolve.  They use other tools for the rest, so to fit into their production workflow, we just need to support the standard industry formats used to move from one application to another.

And what about all the film schools that have based their curriculum on a certain product that has been discontinued with the wave of a hand?  What are they going to do?  If Novacut can build what is the most strategic end-to-end solution for independent artists, which just happens also to be the cutting solution Hollywood is migrating toward... well, some interesting conversations would start happening.

See, this is a great story.  It's got controversy, struggle, and even that magical company everyone is always talking about.

So let's make some news!

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