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Our Roadmap

Posted by Novacut Team (Creator)

We know a lot of you have been wanting more details on exactly what we plan to develop feature-wise.  Most all of this has been publicly documented for a while, but scattered in bug reports, so not the easiest to digest or discover.

We're starting with a very narrow focus, and will slowly broaden as we go.  So if this describes you, Novacut should be a good fit for you early on.  These features and their priorities aren't set in stone, and adjustments will likely be made as we get feedback from more artists.

Bare minimum

  • dmedia (think Media Asset Management, but futuristic and simple)
  • Industry leading file import workflow
  • Transparent proxy generation and use
  • Powerful media tagging, rating, and organization
  • Real-time collaborative editing (thanks to CouchDB)
  • Snapshotting (version control)
  • Frame-accurate cutting with industry leading productivity
  • Per clip channel volume level adjustment (it's a start)
  • Relative clip positioning
  • Fast L-cuts

As much of it is already done, we feel confident the above can be delivered with our $25k funding goal, but realistically, we probably couldn't get much farther.  However, we're in this for the long haul, and should we surpass our funding goal, we can keep charging ahead without having to stop and scramble for money.  And charge ahead we will.

Spreading our wings

  • Automatic clip sync (using audio channels)
  • Automatic multiclip group and sync (using audio channels + import batch)
  • A multicam workflow that we think can set the standard
  • Fully animate-able volume level adjustment
  • Volume leveling and normalization
  • Good noise removal workflow
  • Decent color grading, but fairly simple
  • Start work to support hardware like the Tangent Wave (depends on driver progress, availability of specs)
  • Enough motion graphics support for simple credits/titles
  • FCP7 XML project import (degraded fallback for missing features)

Getting fancy

  • Frame rate adjustment using optical flow
  • Fully animate-able playback velocity (forward, reverse, stopped)
  • Temporal video denoising
  • Rolling shutter correction
  • Fully animate-able crops, rotations, and transforms
  • Compositing (internal and/or Blender)
  • Full motion graphics via Blender integration
  • Full blown color grading

Probably not

These are some features that we don't plan to support, although Novacut being open source, these features could always come from industry or the community.

  • Tape workflows, tape hardware
  • Broadcast hardware
  • Hardware and cameras that are rare or outdated or too proprietary to justify
  • Obscure FCP7 XML features that our users don't actually use (should there be any)
  • DVD and Blu-Ray mastering


I probably forgot some things, but that should give people a decent picture of our current roadmap.  Again, this will change based on your feedback... so leave your feedback below!

- Jason


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    1. Joshua Brown on

      The other issue is, 3D technology is changing monthly, and there is no clear defined workflow... I doubt there will be for a long time, if at all.

    2. Novacut Team 2-time creator on

      Ah, don't know if we've got this question yet! :-)

      So right now we're taking a wait and see approach with 3D. First off we want to help artists that are making low-cost high-production-quality direct-to-fan content (mouthful, I know). There are a lot of these artists, and although most are getting decent revenue, not that many are profitable. We want to boost them over that ledge. So we're really tuned on their exact needs (cameras, workflows, etc).

      My hunch is right now 3D would probably make them *less* profitable (higher equipment cost, longer production and post-production times). Either way, we know of no such productions shooting in 3D (please let us know if you do!).

      We're definitely watching what's going on with 3D, and none of our architecture decisions are closing of the 3D option. But as best we can tell, it's not very strategic for our artists. If that changes, you can bet will pounce on 3D.


    3. Mark Darbyshire on

      Well I'd be intrigued to know whether stereoscopic 3D might one day slot into the feature list (and whether the architecture being developed would allow for such a feature), although I can't imagine it being an immediate priority.