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Heartbroken?  Fill the void with a pro editor built for HDSLR storytellers.
Heartbroken? Fill the void with a pro editor built for HDSLR storytellers.
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Novacut 12.07

Special thanks to monstercameron for editing this excellent video with Novacut and OpenShot!

I'm happy to announce that I'll be presenting at the GStreamer conference on August 27. And this month I made a three part video tutorial to help interested folks get started with Novacut development:

What's New

It was a slow month in the Novacut component, but Matteo Ronchetti made further enhancements to the project trash.

However, this month saw massive work in our CouchDB foundations. I packaged CouchDB 1.2.0 for Ubuntu Quantal (pending review), and this release is using CouchDB 1.2.0 (delivered in our PPA). I also did a lot of work in Microfiber and UserCouch, two components that had been fairly quite for a while.

And I did a ton of work in Dmedia, making some important steps toward being able to certify Dmedia as truly production ready. I didn't think it would take so long to get Dmedia production ready, but data loss is a scary prospect and these things just take time.

Fun fact, ohloh now estimates Dmedia at 5 person-years of work, and estimates Novauct at 3 person-years of work.

Install Novacut 12.07

Please follow these instructions to install Novacut on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Note that if you've already installed a previous version of Novacut, you'll automatically get Novacut 12.07 the next time the Ubuntu Update Manager runs.

However, you will have to reboot for the Novacut update to take effect. We know this is annoying, and very un-Ubuntu like. We're working on a fix.

If you're trying Novacut for the first time, you probably want to start by watching this so you understand a bit about Dmedia, and then watch this to get a good tour of Novacut.

Source code

You can download the source code from each component's Launchpad project page:


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