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Heartbroken?  Fill the void with a pro editor built for HDSLR storytellers.
Heartbroken? Fill the void with a pro editor built for HDSLR storytellers.
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Want to get involved with Novacut development?

So this Saturday, August 20th, we're going to have our first Novacut Developer Day. If you're interesting in getting involved with Novacut development, or just want to learn more about our development process or technology stack, please join us in the #novacut IRC channel (freenode). We're planing for a 3 hour event, from 16:00 - 19:00 UTC. In some common time zones:

  • India: 9:30PM - 12:30AM
  • London: 5PM - 8PM
  • US Eastern: Noon - 3PM
  • US Central: 11AM - 2PM
  • US Mountain: 10AM - 1PM
  • US Pacific: 9AM - Noon

If you can't make it, don't worry: the IRC logs will be available.

This developer day is going to be focused on the Python code in our backend components, and the overall Novacut service architecture. You'll be able to ask lots of questions, and we'll walk you through the basics step by step. We'll have three 1-hour sessions:

As Ubuntu is our primary development platform, things will be easiest if you have an Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal install handy, even if just running in VirtualBox.

Here are more details on getting involved with Novacut design and development.

Hope to see you Saturday!


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    1. Terry Hancock on August 25, 2011

      Thanks Jason -- I'll look into WebKitGtk for a start.

    2. Novacut Team 2-time creator on August 16, 2011

      Err, if comment above looks screwy, it's because Kickstarter ate my less-than video greater-than, less-than audio greater-than.

    3. Novacut Team 2-time creator on August 16, 2011


      I'd have to learn a bit more about Lib Ray to say for sure, but it seems there could be some nice overlap. From the bit I've read, I'd say using embedded WebKit for Lib Ray would be a lot better than a vanilla browser.

      WebKitGtk uses GStreamer for playback of HTML5 <video> and <audio>... I think it would likely meet your needs already. For Novacut, we want something rather like <video>, but with a slightly extended API (exposed through JavaScript), where we "play back" a GnonLin/GES composition rather than pre-encoded video.

      We're happy to help where we can, although like I said, I think WebKitGtk might be an out-of-the-box solution for you already.


    4. Terry Hancock on August 16, 2011

      I probably can't contribute to dev of Novacut as such, but I'm really intrigued by the WebKit+GStreamer browser platform that you mentioned earlier.

      I'm wondering if it would make sense for me to move towards building off of this platform instead of trying to use more general-purpose browsers like Chromium, as I have been. I don't know enough about Novacut's requirements, but it seems that high-performance with HD video at high qualities (high-bitrate) is essential. And that's my top requirement too, for "Lib-Ray" ( - an open standard for fixed media distribution of HD video features with menus, etc, but without the DRM, region-coding, etc).

      The other requirements are full-screen "kiosk" mode and support for the draft HTML5 spec on Javascript APIs including multiple embedded audio and subtitle tracks (Of course, as a general-purpose video viewer, GStreamer should support these). I suspect this will be above and beyond what Novacut needs, but if the API documentation is decent, it might be possible to add the necessary features.

      What do you think? Is there enough overlap here for this to be a worthwhile strategy?