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Heartbroken?  Fill the void with a pro editor built for HDSLR storytellers.
Heartbroken? Fill the void with a pro editor built for HDSLR storytellers.
802 backers pledged $28,276 to help bring this project to life.

Drumroll please... backer "Aframe" puts Novacut over the top!!

A very heartfelt thanks to all of our backers - 25,000 times Thank You!


    1. Creator Melvin Garcia on July 28, 2011


    2. Creator Wei-Hsien Hsu on July 28, 2011

      Congratulation! I'm really glad you achieve the goal because I can tell how hard you tried. I'm looking forward to seeing the video editor when it comes out!

    3. Creator Inma de la Torre on July 28, 2011

      Congratulations I hope to see the project up and running soon. :)

    4. Creator Eric Licciardello on July 28, 2011

      Sweet. Although, my computer still shows 24,977/25,000?

    5. Creator Kris Stewart on July 28, 2011

      Awesome! Very happy to see you reached your goal this time with time to spare.

    6. Creator Vadim Peretokin on July 28, 2011

      Excellent! Glad you made it.

    7. Creator Stephan H. Wissel on July 28, 2011


    8. Creator Paul Stamat on July 28, 2011


    9. Creator Joshua Brown on July 28, 2011


    10. Creator ubuntu on July 28, 2011

      Thank you Novacut team! If only Linux programs have kickstarters, I will always donate. Thanks for lighting up the fire.

      God bless you.

    11. Creator John Joseph Hamelink on July 28, 2011

      Well done everyone!

    12. Creator Seegar Mason on July 28, 2011

      Awesome! Make it happen guys, I'm sick of Cinelerra!

    13. Creator Steve Göhre on July 28, 2011

      Go Novacut! :-)

    14. Creator iGert on July 28, 2011

      Yes! Job well done! Now go for it!

    15. Creator Manish Sinha on July 28, 2011

      I was planning to buy a TV Tuner Card(Cheap one), but found it better to divert the money for this cause.

    16. Creator Andre Hugo on July 28, 2011

      You have now the opportunity to rock the world by being awesome and producing an magical piece of software. Good luck!

    17. Creator Lucas Betschart on July 28, 2011

      No go back to work and finish this :p

    18. Creator Mladen Mijatov on July 28, 2011

      Great. Looking forward to seeing this one! :D

    19. Creator Steren on July 28, 2011

      Great ! Looking forward to try this promising software !

    20. Creator Benjamin Lebsanft on July 28, 2011

      Let's show the nay sayers!

    21. Creator Willian Girhad on July 28, 2011

      Awesome!!!! Yay!

    22. Creator Calum MacRae on July 28, 2011

      Woooo! This made me very happy ;D

    23. Creator Alex Vincent on July 28, 2011

      best $25 I ever spent

    24. Creator Peter Woodbridge on July 28, 2011

      this is a great initiative

    25. Creator Josh Wines on July 28, 2011

      Great Job.

    26. Creator Jan Paardenlul on July 28, 2011

      Good luck...
      I am verry curious about the result!
      When can I expect the first release?

    27. Creator Sidney on July 28, 2011

      So proud the community came through!! Wow! Just wow!

      Point me to the install files!!!! :-) JK

    28. Creator Mark Nowotarski on July 28, 2011

      Awesome! Well done.

    29. Creator Nick Efford on July 28, 2011

      Brilliant news - well done!

      I'm sure we are all looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the months ahead...

    30. Creator Mark Darbyshire on July 28, 2011

      Congratulation! I'm quite excited to see where you'll be able to go from here.