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Heartbroken?  Fill the void with a pro editor built for HDSLR storytellers.
Heartbroken? Fill the void with a pro editor built for HDSLR storytellers.
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Eats rainbows and craps money?

When we explain dmedia to artists, the conversation usually goes something like this:

"We want to save you time, so we made file management go away Blah Blah Blah..."

And then artists kinda of zone out because we just promised them a unicorn that eats rainbows and craps money.  Artists must bask in the light a moment before they can absorb any more details.

We're not just designing a video editor.  We're designing a storytelling workflow.

You're an artist, not a robot.  We get that.  So with dmedia you'll never have to:

  • Backup files - dmedia will maintain a configurable number of copies across local computers, removable drives, and optionally the cloud
  • Do anything to work seamlessly between computers - dmedia will load files on demand from local computers and the cloud; if a needed file is on a removable drive, dmedia will tell you which drive
  • Delete files to free space - when you need disk space, dmedia will look for files that can be safely reclaimed (because enough copies exist elsewhere); this is highly error prone for humans (and a waste of time), but dmedia can do it with perfect accuracy

But dmedia still gives you the right sort of manual control.  You can:

  • Put all media for a project on a specific computer or drive (say, so you can work during a flight)
  • "Pin" specific files (or entire projects) on a computer so that dmedia wont consider them when reclaiming space
  • Delete files using our Lazy Delete UX, an improvement on the traditional Wastebasket UX that we imagine others will adopt

The idea for dmedia came long before Novacut.  I observed how stressful and time consuming file management was for Tara (photography) and my brother Nathan (timelapse), and I wanted to help them.

The higher the workload, the more error prone file management becomes.  So the "do not make mistakes" loop starts playing louder in your head, even when you're not currently doing any file management tasks.  In Getting Things Done terms, this stress response becomes an item in your mental inbox.

File management robs you of concentration and makes you less creative.

As I worked on the code that drives the dmedia UX, I was constantly trying to sympathize with the target user.  For me the user wasn't abstract: I thought about Tara and Nathan.  dmedia has been harder than anything I've done because it's like writing something that is both a UX design document and a distributed file system at the same time.

To toot my own horn a bit, dmedia in and of itself is ground breaking.  There has never been anything like it (unless I've missed something).  Folks will have to coin a new term for what dmedia is (Media Automation?)

Lets go!

Wow, 663 backers! Amazing! We love you all!

So all you wonderful backers, here's your daily mission: let's see if we can get this here Kickstarter project on Slashdot.

I was rocking out to music as I wrote this and thinking of Nathan, so here's more of the cloud timelapse he did.  It was shot in RAW and then rendered with "fake" HDR using a timelapse program I threw together for the occasion (less than stellar UX/UI, but I only worked on it for a couple of weeks).

Thanks to @cedr for recommending Auralsauce for the music!

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      nathan derose on July 27, 2011

      rad thanks for putting that up novacut!