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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, March 11 2017 1:00 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $200,000pledged of $200,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, March 11 2017 1:00 AM UTC +00:00

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      Robert Chacko

      I honestly don't think enough people knew about the KickStarter. I myself didn't see it until a day or two before it ended on KickStarter itself. I think you guys should give it another shot for a longer time period. Also advertising/marketing the KickStarter on the sister stations i.e. WNYC & WHYY and such would go a long ways.

      Regardless, I really hope that WGBH does give KickStarter because I would love to back it.

    2. Leonardo Corbucci on

      Ouch! I can't believe it was no possible to find $30K to close this fundraise! I wish I had that money to give it to you guys... you deserve it, you guys Rock! Keep it up! Let's go again! :)) we are ALL ready! ;)

    3. Missing avatar


      I will definitely back you again! In retrospect, I heard about this project through Kickstarter, but I didn't hear much talk about in my life as a graduate student at a large public research university. If you re-launch, I think I'll try and bring this project attention by flyering in some of the science buildings.

    4. David Held on

      Please keep trying. I can't believe that all the people, like me, who have grown to love NOVA can't get it together. I raised my kids to watch intelligent TV like NOVA and now one is a budding physicist and the other is an engineer. Your work is IMPORTANT! Please kept going.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Fieler on

      Please don't stop and try again!

    6. Shawn Tabai on

      Please stay encouraged and don't stop. :) There are many of us who will fund your work, and help publicize it too. Next time you have a Kickstarter campaign, I strongly encourage you to have appearances to get additional exposure. Like I said before, I'm happy to do everything I can to set up a talk at Google (which I think could be a fabulous event and fundraiser without Kickstarter too)!

    7. Missing avatar

      Manisha Paralikar on

      Please try again!! This is a wonderful and (I think) necessary project - so many of us are ready to support you on the next attempt!

    8. Efren Rodriguez

      Darn :-(
      Was hoping it would have made it this time...
      I'm ready to support you all on the next one... :-D

    9. Missing avatar

      Michel Biedermann on

      Try again please! Science is more important now that maybe ever before...

    10. Missing avatar

      Phong Ngo

      Third time's the charm! Let's do this!

    11. Ki Wong on

      I'm so bummed!

    12. Natasha Dzurny on

      Hey NOVA! I really hope this you will make it at the last moment. I'm cheering you on! If you re-launch I'd love to see a cheaper t-shirt option- $25 and in women's cut too. I'd love to walk around wearing it! Good luck. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      David White

      Would suggest a DVD option at the t-shirt price level.

    14. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      @Mark Our intention wasn't to exclude folks outside the US. If you have more feedback about how we approached the campaign and how we could have made it more inclusive on a global scale, we're happy to hear it! Feel free to send it along in a message. It's good information for us to have in the future.

    15. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      @David We appreciate your feedback! Sorry to hear you feel things were a bit too pricey - we did put a lot of thought and effort into pricing things at appropriate levels that also accounted for the cost of manufacturing and Kickstarter fees.

    16. Mark Gray

      Another big problem with this project is that it has virtually no appeal outside the US. Just look at the Community tab to see what that has done. I raised this in the last attempt and got ignored, so I can only assume the creators have no interest outside the US either, which is rather odd given that NOVA is available outside the US:


    17. Missing avatar

      David McCarthy on

      It's disturbing that this campaign isn't garnering the support that I expected, but I think the rewards are badly chosen and overpriced. The original campaign with its massively overaggressive target suffered from this as well, but this campaign seems to have lowered the goal and ignored the other side of the equation. "Hang the art" might be a better value at $75, perhaps a "Choose the book" at $100 and "Get the books" at $150, "Get the books and DVDs" at $200. The higher levels are appealing but even more overpriced. On the other hand, you're only three $25,000 pledges from success, so good luck.

    18. Erik Peterson on

      Still have $77k to go. This campaign could use more backers, it seems. How can we further spread the word to attract more folks, to guarantee this project gets funded this time around? I really want that shirt! :)

    19. Caterina Berio on

      Hi, I pledged for the digital download, but i don't have iTunes. I hope it will be available Also for android systems. Thank you

    20. Jenn

      With 6 days left, is there any news on non-iTunes availability? :(

    21. Lynn Knott on

      Get Professor Brian Cox to appear on your show. I bet that would have some draw....

    22. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      @Kent Yes! The digital download will be through the iTunes store. As for the physical media in the $250 Level, you can either donate to the school or teacher of your choice, or we can find one for you!

    23. Kent Yee on

      I was wondering will the digital download be downloadable through iTunes. I pledged $250 and I wanted to donate everything else.

    24. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      @Fred All you have to do is click the "Manage your pledge" button in the upper right hand corner of the NOVA campaign page. (Make sure you're signed in to your Kickstarter account!) Thanks for asking!

    25. Missing avatar

      Fred S. on

      See you have created more levels. How do I increase my pledge?

    26. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      Hi @Fred! That's good feedback. It seems as though a couple of other folks have had a similar thought. We're weighing the options right now! Any reward levels we add will be announced in future backer updates.

    27. Missing avatar

      Fred S. on

      I pledged $250 to last campaign. why the big jump from $100 to $1000? I'm in for $100 now but would have liked to give more ......

    28. Hans de Wolf

      Suggestion: could you add a reward that includes amdownload of "hunting the elements"? This may have been widely available in the US, but a digital download would be a nice addition for viewers outside the US.

    29. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      Good to know @Jenn! Thanks for the heads up. No news to report right now, but we'll let you know if anything changes.

    30. Jenn

      Welcome back! I would love to raise my pledge for the digital download, but not if it's only through iTunes... do you think there will be more news on that front before the campaign ends?

    31. Jim

      Well I'm back in...Still not to sure about how you're going about this, but either way good luck.

    32. Ki Wong on

      @NOVA: Yay! Pay-It-Forward works now. Thank you!

    33. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      @Leonardo Do tell! We love ideas!

    34. Leonardo Corbucci on

      Hello guys! :) Great project! ..I have an idea if you like... ;)

    35. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      @Ki Should be fixed now! Thanks for you patience as we work out all the kinks!

    36. Ki Wong on

      @NOVA: Yes, the "Store Not Live" warning is indeed gone, but I still cannot complete the checkout process because of this error: "Shipping Options
      You cannot continue checkout because there are no shipping options available."

    37. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      @William Good idea! We'll definitely take that into consideration. Anyone else out there hoping for add-on t-shirts?

    38. William James Hartley

      Guys are you going to have add-on items for pledges like additional T-Shirts i'd love to be able to augment my pledge with additional T-shirts for all the family.

    39. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      Thanks @Ricki! That's amazing! We're so glad to have your support again - keep circling the URL on your social media feeds : )

    40. Ricki Schwimmer

      I'm so happy you re-launched! We upped our pledge and posted on Facebook. I really wish we could afford to lunch with Mr. Pogue - a dream come true. Good luck!

    41. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      @Efren & @Ki A hiccup on our end! The Pay It Forward store is now live at https://makescienceforall.com/send-nova-to-schools/ Let us know if you have any other problems and we'll look into it right away. And THANK YOU for your support!

    42. Efren Rodriguez

      Agreed with Ki. Website indicates that "Store Not Live"

    43. Efren Rodriguez

      Gotcha! Thanks @Nova!

    44. Ki Wong on

      At the moment, the "Pay It Forward" store is not live yet. I can't complete my checkout because shipping options aren't available.

    45. NOVA - WGBH 2-time creator on

      @Efren There is a teacher option! We just did it a little differently this time. If you visit https://makescienceforall.com/send-nova-to-schools/ you can get the digital downloads for $25 and help the campaign as well!

    46. Efren Rodriguez

      Backed y'all. Good luck!! :-)
      Just a little disappointed that there was no teacher option. Was looking forward to both video downloads to use in class.