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What does it mean to risk your life for your ideals? How far will five revolutionaries go to fight for the future of their country?

UPDATE 3/3:  We couldn't have made this film without the incredible collaboration of many extraordinary and talented individuals, and we hope you will join in our collective effort. Everyone who donates will be thanked on our website, and backers at the $50 level will be credited in our film AND - THIS JUST IN - EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR donated through the end of our campaign WILL BE MATCHED!

"In an industry where words like "brave" are freely tossed around,'The Square' soberly redefines the term. The movie also, it should be said, bolsters the claim that, as international media bureaus are shrinking, local documentarians with handheld cameras are filling the void."

- Steven Zeitchik, Los Angeles Times

Hi Kickstarters – 

I’m Jehane Noujaim, the director of Control Room,, the TEDprize inspired Pangea Day and now - THE SQUARE (made with so many other inspiring and amazing collaborators). THE SQUARE is a film about a group of young Egyptians brought together by a revolution, who find a new sense of hope for their country. THE SQUARE celebrates the process of a truly democratic movement as it unfolds in real time.

The revolution is far from over, we still have a lot of work to do to complete our film the way we want to. We’re off to a great start - we won the World Documentary Audience Award at Sundance 2013, but our mission to inspire the world is just beginning. 

We are asking you, the Kickstarter community, to help finish our film. There are so many ways we want to make sure this film really comes to life after its debut at Sundance. We hope to raise the funds to return to the edit for 6 to 8 weeks to incorporate fully the recent events unfolding, to complete a full score for the film, and to finish with a sound and color mix that will make the experience as powerful in the theater as it was in the street. 

It's been two years since we began this incredible project. We've come this far and are committed to continue because we believe this is a story that needs to be shared. Our crew has been arrested, shot at, and made huge sacrifices - because this is a story that they want the world to watch. 

Join us now. By backing this film, you’ll be doing much more than supporting a film on Kickstarter, you’ll be contributing to spreading the voice of freedom and democracy - of hope and of progress. We can't wait to show this film to the world. 

As they say in the film, “No one can tell our stories except for us.” We are duty-bound to ensure that the story of Tahrir Square is told by the people who lived it. 



- Jehane Noujaim, Director, THE SQUARE

PS- While editing the film in Cairo artist Ammar Abo Bakr and his crew El Moshir & Ziad painted a new mural each day that represented the major events of the revolution in vivid color. Here's a video of the wall in progress. We will be sending pieces of the wall to 10 backers who pledge $10,000 for their own artifact from The Square (see image below). 

5 ft by 2.5 ft piece of a graffiti wall painted by Ammar Abo Bakr.
5 ft by 2.5 ft piece of a graffiti wall painted by Ammar Abo Bakr.


The movement in Tahrir Square started with a small group of people who believed in something enough to turn it into a reality. Not only is that belief is at the core to what makes a revolution; it’s also the central principle of Kickstarter. That’s why we’re here. People of Kickstarter, we are asking for your support, not just in funds, but in spirit as well. We’re talking to you, too, $5 donors! It begins with you ALL. 

Our work is far from over - at this very moment our team members are on the ground in Egypt, continuing to capture footage of history as it unfolds - to be included in the FINAL final edit of the film. 


Your support and funding will help us bring this film across the finish line- scoring the film, supporting post-production facilities, editing, and the continued filming of current events in Egypt…all things that take this film to the next level. 

Your funding will help this film reach the quality (editing, music, post-production and finishing) and the release this revolution of modern times deserves. This is a film made by and inspired by many talented people who believe in celebrating for the greatness of humanity - in Egypt and the world. 

As they say in the film, “One inch we gain today will be worth miles down the road.” Take that road with us now. 

Thank you in advance for your support! 
The Square Film Team 


We've got this stencil that represents one of the core beliefs of the team - that our cameras are our weapons. If you're inspired, print this out and put it up! Send us a tweet with #SeeTheSquare or @TheSquareFilm! 

PS Are you interested in further supporting the film, or even after Kickstarter is over? Get in touch with the team directly at Or talk to us in the comments or messages on Kickstarter.


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We're still in the process of making the prizing, but here is the Square Poster! 

The People Demand the Fall of the Regime
The People Demand the Fall of the Regime
Ammar's Wall
Ammar's Wall

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We will finish this movie. It will premiere at Sundance. But the fact of the matter is, then what? We want to do a second edit, add in as much feedback as possible from the festival goers, and also new footage if we can.

Our obstacle to doing all those things is just not having the financial support to put all the elements together to make this film more than just a great doc that premiered at Sundance. We have the people, we have the skill, we really just need that extra push.


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    We have an amazing set of ONE OF A KIND artifacts from a now-fallen graffiti wall - all works are by Ammar Abo Bakr, a street artist from Tahrir. (You may recognize his work from the film - and from our poster) Each gift and download above is also yours to keep, as well as a Special Thanks on our film.

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