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What does it mean to risk your life for your ideals? How far will five revolutionaries go to fight for the future of their country?
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Common goals in the final stretch

Posted by Jehane Noujaim (Creator)

Beloved Kickstarters! 

We've nearly reached the end of our Kickstarter campaign, JUST 1+ DAY LEFT (~30 hours depending on your time zone). Check out this video that just came in, a fresh look at Ammar Abo Bakr's murals from the streets of Cairo.

We are incredibly grateful that you are with us, and we need your support as we go forward. You are now part of an amazing group of people. 

We feel a wave of renewed energy and purpose. Why? Because YOU have energized us with your love and support. We are truly humbled by it all. 

You have been a driving force behind this digital revolution; a global connectivity that has fused people together across faiths and geo-political boundaries through a common goal: To help each other see our common humanity. Injustice to you is an injustice to me. History has shown us that we are more closely connected than we think and need to act on the injustice we see in the world. 

We are thankful and relieved to know that we’ll finish our film. But most importantly, we feel a great sense of encouragement and inspiration from the global community who supports the ongoing struggle for justice in Egypt and in the world.

In this revolution, in the streets of Cairo…ordinary people have done extraordinary things. The people of Egypt have achieved amazing change that no one thought was possible. But not without a terrible cost. Our friends have been jailed, tortured and worse. Many have given up their regular lifestyle…to write, to film, to sleep in a square, to go on hunger strike, to fight and to lose loved ones.

Thousands of revolutionaries have died for their beliefs. The people of Egypt have a voice in this film that cannot be heard on the evening news and thanks to you we know they have an audience. This is a time for the global community to listen, and respond. 

We want this campaign to educate more people about our common causes… Bread, Freedom, Social Justice. We are spreading this word through our film. 

In these final hours of our kickstarter campaign, we are asking people to PLEASE SHARE the project with others via Facebook, Twitter, Email, at work, at parties, everywhere you can. We hope you will stay with us as we go forward the release of the film. 

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD: Until tomorrow, the final day of our Kickstarter campaign, EVERY DOLLAR is matched. Every donation is worth DOUBLE. AND, we’ve extended the offer for FILM CREDIT to everyone who donates $50.


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