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I am currently building a drawing machine! With the goal to create a complete guide as well as open-source code for everyone!
I am currently building a drawing machine! With the goal to create a complete guide as well as open-source code for everyone!
54 backers pledged $3,147 to help bring this project to life.

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      Douglas Dankel on January 9, 2012

      Still no response. What's up?

    2. Johannes Gees on November 6, 2011

      Hi Harvey
      whats happening? Still no drawing as promised. When will you send them out? Best Johannes

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      Douglas Dankel on September 8, 2011

      I have sent you a few e-mail concerning my drawing and have not gotten a response. When will you be sending them out? doug

    4. Johannes Gees on June 29, 2011

      Hi Harvey

      what's up? Havent heard from you in a long time :-((. When will you send out drawings? Best Johannes

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark on February 18, 2011

      Could you Please give us some more instructions on how to use the arduino code and SVG code in processing. thanks

    6. Nicolas Genest on February 2, 2011

      Yeah, Harvey! Congrats on exceeding your goal. Keep the creative juices flowing!

    7. Matt on February 2, 2011

      Can we have the details mechanical/electrical ad software for the first drawing machine you have built. Will this first machine be producing the drawings we will get with our pledge or the new machine? I'm really excited about building a similar machine and receiving my drawings.

    8. Matt on February 2, 2011

      Do you have the mechanical/electrical details and software online and available yet Harvey?

    9. Waylon P. on January 28, 2011

      9 days to go. (pre)Congrats for your successful project!

    10. Missing avatar

      Creator Harvey Moon (deleted) on December 28, 2010

      Todd, The $100 pledge grants you a 12" or larger drawing. The more that is pledged, the larger or more detailed the drawing is. Sizes go up to 24"x36"

    11. Todd Lampone on December 28, 2010

      Question: What exactly does "full size completed drawing" mean? I know the $30 pledge tier is for a 6 - 8" drawing. How does the $100 pledge tier compare? Thanks.

    12. Missing avatar

      Shannon Gallagher on December 24, 2010


      Updates are looking great. I love the pieces you have made with the dot-matrix motor drawing machine and have displayed at The Studio on several occasions.

      Any chance I can come take look at the new machine in the new year?