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I am currently building a drawing machine! With the goal to create a complete guide as well as open-source code for everyone!

For the past four years I have been building a Drawing Machine. A mechanical robot that takes commands from a computer in order to draw onto the wall.
I was first inspired by Hektor

Other similar mechanisms include
the Muralizer and As220's drawbot have each built a similar device. The difference from these past projects is that mine works! and plans are available to anyone who wants to build one. (other projects are either closed source, lost funding, never worked, or no longer supported)

I am attempting to build a new Drawing Machine that will have more flexibility and hopefully a stronger community interested in the project.
(I see this machine as a viable alternative to current plotting solutions.)
I intend to release all plans, code and help to anyone who wants to build one themselves!
If there is enough interest, I will print PCB's and make kits for the masses!
This drawing machine will have more mechanical components and will be much more precise then previous models.

This project is an attempt to help me fund the completion of the second Drawing Machine.
If enough support is found, I will consider starting a new project to create Kits.

I have extensive experience with mechanical fabrication and have already created detailed plans for the construction of the machine.

Every dollar contributed will go directly toward the purchase of parts for the drawing machine.


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    with each donation of $10 or more. you will receive a test strip from the current or the new drawing machine.

  • Pledge $30 or more
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    with each donation of $30 or more. you will receive a 6 to 8 inch drawing made with the wall mount model.

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    if you donate $100 or more you will receive a full size completed drawing from the wall machine. The more you donate, the larger the drawing!

  • Pledge $500 or more
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    if you donate $500 or more. Send me any photograph and I will have the machine draw it. The final drawing will take weeks to complete and will be a completely unique and original piece of art.

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