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...Bend Water With Light...
...Bend Water With Light...
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Details on commissioned rewards

Posted by Northern Circuits Inc. (Creator)

Been getting some questions regarding the commissioned rewards so I'll try to provide some more information on the possibilities that are available with the design patterns.

In general, these patterns CANNOT be done (either by physical limitation, or by my lack of understanding/skillset):

  • Creating text (spelling out names was the most popular request)
  • Creating shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, etc
  • Of course goes without saying, creating elaborate figures and logos
  • Creating straight lines (vertically, horizontally, diagonally)
  • Coloring a stream "black", unfortunately there is no light that can create darkness :)
  • Coloring a stream with UV blacklight, the LEDs that are used do not have this capability unfortunately
  • Creating "droplets" that float in midair, in theory this can be done with some physical changes to the spout (and this was certainly what I did in an early version), however, feedback for having a continuous stream far outweighed the droplets.  Also, the droplets experiment has been done to death already, and already exists as a commercial product you can find here :)

Patterns like the following CAN be done:

  • Coloring streams with any color (other than black or UV blacklight)
  • Creating color changing transitions across streams (ie. a stream changes from one color to another)
  • Creating color gradients across streams (ie. a stream looks RED at the top but BLUE at the bottom)
  • Creating "chromium" colored streams (ie. streams that have been colored with multiple colors creating a chrome like effect)
  • Creating momentary (rapid) stream appearances like lightning
  • Creating fade in, fade out streams
  • Creating streams that move up, move down, or freeze
  • Creating multiple streams (I'd say the limit is probably around 10)
  • Creating streams that move against each other
  • Varying the thickness of streams
  • Varying the distance between streams
  • Varying the speed of stream movement
  • Creating a slow strobe effect (ie. blinking the lights at 20-50 Hz) to mimic those oldschool slideshow animations (epilepsy risk)

Hopefully that answers all your questions about the commissioned patterns and what is or is not possible within the source code!

Stephen @ Northern Circuits

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    1. Mike Douglas

      I'd like Creating a slow strobe effect (ie. blinking the lights at 20-50 Hz) to mimic those oldschool slideshow animations (epilepsy risk) up to 60 Hz if possible.