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$2,502 pledged of $7,499 goal
$2,502 pledged of $7,499 goal

no money no honey..

We'll we didn't get funded. . . sad.

However we still plan on completing ArtWars later this year, but first we have some other things going on.... If you are in the NYC, Paris or Basel in the next few months come by and say hi, we never turn down a quick coffee or a hunt for the best pastry in town..

What else are we up to? Well....

- Lasersaur our open source laser cutter won Editors Choice at Makerfaire SF 2011. Nortd was also recently featured on Makezine and Make TV, September 2011.
- The ShadowProject was featured as an interactive architectural interface in Volume Magazine The Internet of Things, V.28 in August.
- Nortd is honored to be speaking along with some really amazing people (like Arduino, yes all of the Arduino team) at the Open Hardware Summit in NYC on September 15th and Future of Stuff NYC at Pivatol Labs also in September 2011.
- Nortd is also speaking at Parsons Paris in October and NYU on September 16th 2011.
- We also will be in Basel in both November and February at Hyperwerk Institute for Postindustrial Design doing both a Residency and Workshops on building 100-200w machines with their students.

We also have a lot of other projects on the burners- we are thinking a lot about things like building solar cars to drive on the Silk Road and making mills to cut metal awesomely well so you can literally build anything..

Check what we're up to by following Lasersaur on Twitter or by dropping us an email at 'helloworld' then 'at' then our website nortd dot com..


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