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Add depth to your 5th Edition monsters with cultural details, combat tactics, a huge variety of new stat blocks, and much more!
Add depth to your 5th Edition monsters with cultural details, combat tactics, a huge variety of new stat blocks, and much more!
Add depth to your 5th Edition monsters with cultural details, combat tactics, a huge variety of new stat blocks, and much more!
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    1. Casper Ro on

      Hey guys
      You cant have too many monster manuals and this one is a little different
      Help support a great, new company

    2. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      @Nathan, conversion costs are prohibitive at the moment. We want to add this book to Roll20, but it's not in the budget. In future projects we may set it as a stretch goal.

    3. nathan hawkins

      any idea if the roll20 files were releashed or if its still in the pipeline?

    4. Nord Games 14-time creator on


    5. Richard Hodge

      Sweet Revenge of the Horde for 5E just downloaded for fantasy ground for me. Can't wait to wreak some more havoc on my players.

    6. David

      @Nord Games Only the Pathfinder version appears to be in their store. I pledged for the 5e version and have not received any notifications yet. Updating Fantasy Grounds also does not yet download the content.

    7. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      @All, the Fantasy Grounds files are now ready. If you pledged for the Fantasy Grounds files during the Kickstarter you should be receiving an email from SmiteWorks with instructions on how to claim your files. Please get in touch with us if you don't receive anything from them.

    8. Michael Potter

      @Matt Go to the forums and ask the developer of the Roslof Keep module the reason for that. I think it had to do with an agreement needing to be signed with the publisher. I don't recall much mention in that Kickstarter campaign.

      I was able to get Roslof Keep as an official module in my account, you should be able to get it as well, just email support.

      The issue with any conversion is that they are done by freelancers.

    9. Matt

      @Michael I understand that. Also with FG new Pathfinder push, I was just frustrated. Previous campaigns for modules had to be sent to me by the creators. The complete roslfof campaign for one is and example of FG never sending the module or notification. Even worse months later they released it for sale. All the while the creator had the finished module, months before FG release.

      Just looking forward to it. Just my experiences give me concern.

    10. Michael Potter

      Based on the FG forums, the person working on the 5e version will be done very soon. And then it needs to pass QA.

      Smiteworks (Fantasy Grounds) only would contact you if your email address given to them by the kickstarter creator did not match the one used by their system. Otherwise, the module shows up the next time you connect and update.

    11. Matt

      So I got a sale email from Fantasy Grounds. I see the Pathfinder version for sale. Says released 8/23/2017. I got the Roslof Keep module for FG in another KS Campaign. The creator had to send us the files since FG never contacted us. No contact from FG yet. Also wasn't the 5e completed prior to the PF Kickstarter.

    12. Michael Potter

      The FG files seem to be ready. Based on previous campaigns, they will match the KS email address with your FG email address and where they match this will automagically appear in your account. Where they do not match they will email you. I am guessing this will happen over the next few days.

    13. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      @George, message us directly and we will get you the tracking info.

    14. Missing avatar

      George Sullivan

      Bit of a problem as I have not received my book yet. Do you have a tracking number?

    15. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      @David, w00t! We're glad you like it!

      @Matt, FG files are being created as we speak. You'll receive an email from Fantasy Grounds when the files are ready.

    16. Matt

      Any update on FG Module....

    17. David Farcus on

      Got my book today. It looks great.

    18. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      @Michael, message us directly and we'll give you the link.

      @Spencer, also message us directly and we will figure out what your order status is.

    19. Missing avatar

      Spencer Vance on

      I have not received anything yet!

    20. Michael T, Kitten Juggler of Valoria on

      I never received the PDF email as far as I can tell is there any way to get another?

    21. Missing avatar

      DM Nate on

      Ok I thought that was only the treasure decks. Thanks for the update.

    22. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      @DM Nate, the critical hit decks are out of stock. The re-stock that we received with the Treasure Deck order were not up to our standard of quality. We are having production re-print and re-ship all of the decks. We are expecting them this week or next week.

    23. Missing avatar

      DM Nate on

      Any word on my shipment? I ordered a bunch of add ons with the critical hit decks. Still no word or shipping notice. What's going on?

    24. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      w00t! We hope you enjoy them! It's an inexpensive way of getting a lot of monsters on the board.

    25. RDP

      Just got my Pawns today, they look awesome! Thanks!

    26. Richard Hodge

      Personally I’m fine waiting, I know it is going to be awesome. Fantasy Grounds just grew so fast over the last couple years that I don’t think they ever anticipated as much work as they have now.

    27. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      Still waiting, if anyone wants a refund or store credit on our website we will go ahead and do that. It's just taking too long...

    28. Richard Hodge

      Any word on the Fantasy Grounds version? I know those guys get backed up but heres to wishful thinking.

    29. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      Thank you all for your positive feedback! You can pick up bases for the pawns from many hobby websites, ebay, and amazon. Just look for "Pawn Basis" and you should find what you need. We are still waiting on the delivery from production on the Critical Hit Decks. We will post an update as soon as we have received them and fulfill those remaining orders.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ellen Bertagnolli on

      Fantastic book. Definitely going to be a useful supplement. I wish the pawns had come with bases, but that's not a big deal when they look so awesome!

    31. Missing avatar

      DM Nate on

      Any update on the restock for the crit decks so those orders will ship soon?

    32. Missing avatar

      Devon on

      Got mine today and awesome :D only surprised that the pawns don't come with any bases at all, which means I'm going to have to make my own

    33. Alex

      Just got mine today, absolutely gorgeous!

    34. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      @Michael, w00t! We're glad you like it! If you need the PDF just email us at

      @DM Nate, as soon as we get a solid delivery date from production we will post and update. Thank you for bearing with us.

    35. Missing avatar

      DM Nate on

      Any news on when the cricket hit decks will be restocked so those of us with them, will ship?

    36. Michael Kidd on

      Got mine today (Ontario, Canada) and it is really an awesome book. It's better than I expected. This will let me do some incredible things with these races. Thanks!

      P.s. Not sure I got the PDF email, might of got caught in my spam filter. Will check.

    37. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      @Michael, we will post an update when we hear back from the folks at Fantasy Grounds.

      @Toby, thank you very much for your acclaim. We write these books for our own enjoyment, but it makes us so happy to hear your feedback!

    38. Toby Vandal on

      I just got my book, and it's not what I hoped it would be... IT'S BETTER!?!

      All my thanks to Nord Games for this awesome product!!! My games will be all the richer for it!

    39. Michael Potter

      Any updates on the FG conversion?

    40. Nord Games 14-time creator on


    41. Missing avatar

      Evan Dooner on

      Just got mine! Nice print quality, and the contents look great!

    42. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      Thank you all for your feedback! We are very happy that you like the final product that you made a reality. For Michael and other folks who haven't received yours yet, I hope you enjoy it when it arrives! -Chris

    43. Michael Brown on

      Mine won't be here until next tuesday :( can't wait to get it though.

    44. Patrick Pulliam on

      Just got the book and pawns, looks great! Especially like there are multiples of the larger monster pawns!

    45. Scott Sysol

      My book just arrived today - looks great!

    46. Mick G on

      Just got my copy in Canberra, Australia.

    47. Tim Rose on

      Awesome here in Colorado Springs!! Got mine and the Rock Gnolls will be causing havoc on Saturday!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Sands on

      Mine arrived in Traverse City Michigan!! Looks great!!

    49. Nord Games 14-time creator on

      @Adam, that's a good idea. Let us get that together.

    50. Missing avatar

      Adam M

      @Nord Games - Will we be getting the lair maps as a separate set of PDFs, or only as part of the PDF for the bestiary?

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