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A collection of ruined buildings cast from Hirst Arts assets. Perfect for tabletop RPGs and Wargames! Starting at $25! EU Friendly!
A collection of ruined buildings cast from Hirst Arts assets. Perfect for tabletop RPGs and Wargames! Starting at $25! EU Friendly!
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Fulfillment Complete

Posted by Nord Games (Creator)

Hi All,

First off let me start by saying thank you for your patience. This has been a difficult project for us to manufacture and fulfill. For any of you who have kept up with you updates you know that we've run into issues at every step. The good news is that we've fulfilled the last of the orders and everyone who filled out their Backerkit Survey should have received their rewards, or, for some international backers, should be receiving them very soon.

Back In The Office. Recently my dad was diagnosed with cancer, so almost immediately after the 5th, when we finished shipping the last of the packages, I became unavailable. I'm back in the office now and I'm answering all of your various comments, questions, and emails as quickly as I can.

Missing Orders. If you have filled out your Backerkit survey but have not received your package please check your Backerkit account for the tracking information. If it's stating that your package was delivered and you're unable to find it please get in touch with us via the contact page on our website.

Broken Pieces. We realize that despite our best efforts in choosing a robust material and packaging solution, the USPS has managed to break a fair number of models in transit. If you have slightly chipped models they will go back together with superglue and modeling glue. If you have badly damaged and broken pieces we will of course replace them. Please let us know through our contact page.

Into The Future. We are experimenting with different materials and alternative shipping methods for any future terrain projects. This was a huge learning experience, and though it was daunting at times, we are happy with the final product. We hope that all of you are satisfied with the models you received and are able to use them in your tabletop games!

Happy Gaming!


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    1. Hayland Terrain on

      @Dubu90 Merlins magic is Plaster as I said in the email in the EU we used a similar product as merlins magic is not available in the United Kingdom, We used a dental stone that was similar :)

    2. Joseph Glessner on

      Trying to find about fulfillment. I sent an email directly. I apparently missed something. Could someone advise me, please?

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Cusulos on

      I'd disagree that it feels like "stone" it feels like pottery clay that has been through the kiln and then not glazed. It's like those clay pots you pick up at walmart/shopko garden centers. I worry that if I bump them into anything or each other, they will chip or fracture.

      It was worth trying out though, we'll see how they last in the long run. I'm debating hitting everything with a spray of matte sealer to maybe give it a little cushion.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dubu90 on

      What does Merlins Magic feel like? Is it clearly plastic? How fragail does it Seem to be? And are there manny air bubbles?

    5. Nord Games 17-time creator on

      @James, thank you for the positive feedback. We too appreciate the stone-like feel of the Merlin's Magic.

    6. James Wallbank on

      Just got my order last week - fantastic quality! So much better than my resin or plastic terrain pieces. I really hope this product line becomes available outside of KS in the future....