The Ruins Of Glendale Village - Tabletop Gaming Terrain $25!

by Nord Games

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    1. Squirrelich on

      Thank you for the update! Good luck with being a new parent and have fun having a St. Patties day child!

    2. Missing avatar

      Thimo Wilke

      Thanks for the update a have lots of fun as parents of two. My wife and I have two little ones too :-)

    3. Skye Williams on

      Awww!!! Congratulations!

    4. Nord Games 18-time creator on

      Thanks all, I've heard that 2 is not twice as difficult, it's more like 4 times more difficult... but they're worth it haha!

    5. Thomas


    6. Missing avatar

      James Oliger

      that's definitely been my experience Chris, but don't worry, going from 2 to 3 is worse. you have to stop playing man to man and go for zone defense.

    7. Squirrelich on

      I once had it explain to me that having a third kid is like drowning... and then getting handed a baby.
      I love my two though. It's rough at times, but for some reason wouldn't trade it for the world