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The Amplifier is a non-electronic sound amplification device for the new iPad and iPad 2
1,453 backers pledged $45,691 to help bring this project to life.

Your Amplifiears Have Shipped!!!

Posted by Nonlinear Studio (Creator)

Hi Backers,

The day we have all been waiting for is here.  All of the pledge rewards have shipped today.

We want to thank the team @ Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment for getting all our Kickstarter Orders shipped quickly & hassle free! (truely this was the most hassle free part of the entire process)

We hope that you all love your Amplifiears and that it was worth the wait.  We thank you all for investing in our product and our new business.  We could not have done it with out you.  Thanks for all of your patience and supportive comments as we navigated the tooling and production. We have learned so much through the process and hope that you guys have too.

On our new web store, we have created a special page that explains the Kickstarter origins of the product and thanks you all individually for your support.

We hope you feel a sense of pride when you see the product in a store near you this holiday season.

A sincere thank you + best regards,

Nonlinear Studio


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    1. krislegion on

      Hey Guys

      I have never received mine .... I had them sent to my GF address in Cali (as I am currently living in the UK) and she still has not received them

      (I had completely forgotten about it, until I was checking in on my kickstarter account)

      Can you pls resend ? or advise me what happens from here


      K x

    2. Missing avatar

      JDZ on

      Hi There,
      I too have never gotten my amplifiear. Can you advise what is happening??

    3. Missing avatar

      Marie Spodek on

      Hey, I have never received my amplifiear. I was just looking at all the products that I have backed, and I realized that I never got mine. Now what?

    4. Missing avatar

      Duane Nasis on


    5. Sam Murphy on

      Well I just wanted to say I've been using my Amplifiear for a couple of months now and am very happy with it so thanks for creating a great product in the end. Believe it or not I also back two other projects (Brydge and nesl) around the same time as yours and neither of them have delivered yet so you are in my good books! Thanks again.

    6. John Beasant III on

      Dec. 25, my package has not arrived.

    7. Missing avatar

      Duane Nasis on

      23rd Dec in London, UK and I STILL haven't received mine!! We had been expecting them (backed enough for 2 Amplifiears) way back in July and wondering if we'll even receive them before 2013?! Please get in touch.

    8. Missing avatar

      Fabricio Carvalho on


    9. Missing avatar

      Ed Cowan on

      Scrap that last comment. Arrived. Amazing product

    10. Missing avatar

      Ed Cowan on

      December 14 and counting - still no sign... Maybe i will be able to wrap mine up and put it under the tree for Xmas 2014?

    11. Missing avatar

      CRettig on

      They finally arrived! They are real and working ;-) Thanks.

    12. Missing avatar

      CRettig on

      This really isn´t fun anymore. How about some tracking numbers, how about some reaction?
      I am waiting another 4 weeks (it is Europe, not the Moon), then I´ll file a lawsuit for fraud.

    13. Missing avatar

      Darla Swanson on

      and I still have not received mine, not even one of the 60 i pledged

    14. Missing avatar

      Darla Swanson on

      now on ebay with the exact same photos for cheaper than we paid wholesale, way to protect our investment. i will never again use kickstarters to back ANYTHING!!!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      hongkim on

      I still have not received mine and I am in NY

    16. Roger W Turner on

      Now received. It was indeed posted international first class on 22 October.

    17. Missing avatar

      Darla Swanson on

      WHERE IS MINE? Im not international!!! I dint get just one!!! I want my money back.

    18. DuncanCreamer on

      That was over two weeks ago now. No sign of it yet.

    19. Annet Rijk on

      How many days for international shipping? Can you please send a track & trace number?

    20. Missing avatar

      Alberto on

      Mine's havent arrived yet, can you tell me if i can track my order? thank you

    21. Missing avatar

      Bryan Hansen on

      I received mine a few days ago and it is terrific! I have supported a few different projects on Kickstarter that had the same purpose as this one...but yours outpaces them all! Great job! This product has my highest recommendation.

    22. Rob Klingensmith on

      My Amplifiear finally arrived, but it was worth the wait. I love it. Works exactly as advertised, and I appreciate its simplicity. Good luck!

    23. Francisco Cruz on

      NVM! Just realized that I had missed the rubber pads, works great!

    24. Francisco Cruz on

      Yay, just received mine! Looks great and I love the packaging.
      Only problem (and I feel like a dummy for asking) is that it keeps sliding off my ipad.
      Doesn't stay I using it incorrectly?

    25. Missing avatar

      yvonnelcamaleon on

      I received mine yesterday. Looks like Mickey Mouse's ear :o)
      Ihave not tried it yet because I gave my son my ipad, but I'll let you know as soon as I've test driven it.

      Thanks and congrats!

    26. MOKU on

      Yes, just got my order thanks.

    27. Nonlinear Studio Creator on

      Chris - They were shipped USPS, but we are guessing from your later comment on the Comments Page that they already arrived. Enjoy!

    28. MOKU on

      How are these shipped? UPS or USPS.

    29. Missing avatar

      Robert Serrano on

      Just got mine, and wholly cow does it make a difference! I'm so excited to have it! It was bigger then I originally thought, but it compliments my iPad. I hope to start seeing these in stores soon.

    30. Nonlinear Studio Creator on

      Bruce - Thanks you! We are glad you like it. And don't be ashamed to show it off to your friends ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      Bruce Berger on

      Woo Hoo!!!

      They came in the mail today!!! Can't believe what a difference in volume! I have a new iPad with smart case. Not sure the stick pad is needed - it almost seems 'too' tight.

      Bruce in Massachusetts

    32. Lucas Hantz on

      Did anyone already received is Amplifiear? Can't wait to receive it!

    33. MOKU on

      Coming soon the iPad 4

    34. Rose Vines on

      Congratulations. I'm really looking forward to donning my new ears.

    35. Missing avatar

      yvonnelcamaleon on

      Well done!!! Counting the days...

    36. Jon Lundstrom on

      I had the privilege to work on this project on the packaging side and I have used one of these on my ipad and it is AMAZING! Best of Luck in the future with your program. I am confident it will be great!

    37. Anders Minken on

      Great news! And all the best for the future for this smart & simple little useeful gadget. It rectifies one of the very few disign faults from Apple!

    38. Nonlinear Studio Creator on

      Hi Chris,

      Just checked out the Amplifiear on your web store, looks great! Just want to remind you that the Amplifiear now fits with the Smart Case as well (if you want to update the specs).

      Thanks again for your support!

    39. MOKU on

      Yes, can't wait and I sold just over 10 as a pre-order already.

    40. Missing avatar

      Joanna M. on

      Congrats! Can't wait!!

    41. Richard Easton on

      Woohoo! Great news, looking forward to trying it out. :)