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The Amplifier is a non-electronic sound amplification device for the new iPad and iPad 2
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...and along came the Smart Case

Posted by Nonlinear Studio (Creator)

Sorry for being out of touch...

First of all, we sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. As you may know, Apple recently released a new iPad Smart Case. We felt that everyone who pre-ordered on kickstarters and any future buyers would appreciate it if the Amplifiear adjusted to suit the market.

In order to face this challenge we had to halt tooling. We have spent the last couple of weeks working very hard to redesign the product. We are proud to say that the new Amplifiear now fits the iPad 2 and the new iPad with and without the Apple Smart Case. In addition, although it has not been tested, we believe the Amplifiear will now fit the first generation iPad.

In order make the Amplifiear fit, it now comes with two different EVA foam pads. The specified foam pad can be attached depending on your iPad’s generation and casing. The EVA will additionally serve as protection against any wear and tear the Amplifiear may cause with repeated use.

These recent events have caused us to push back the shipping date to July. We understand this may come as an inconvenience, but we remind you that designing and manufacturing a product is long and delicate process. We thank you for your continued support and hope you will be happy with the new product changes.

Thanks + regards,

Nonlinear Studio


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    1. Missing avatar

      Enrique A. Carrillo on

      Hey guys (that's you at KickStarter) -- can you please let us know what's going on with this item; I understood it was scheduled for shipment, back in July... ?

      Many thanks!

    2. Rachel Moody on

      Will you accept cancellations? I've not been happy with the huge and indefensible international shipping costs, which double the cost of the product, your inability to respond to a simple request to combine the shipping of mine with my partner's separate backing which had we known we could have combined to select option 2 and had coloured products, I have repeatedly contacted you as we together would now be spending $60 for 2 B&W when as the total for two $15 B&W pledges plus 2 x $15 international shipping, when we could have gone for the £35 option for 2 items in ANY colour, plus $15 shipping, so only $50 and that includes an ANY colour upgrade, you have not replied to comments, or to questions on your surveys or comments, and all your emails' have no-reply addresses, now we're waiting a tool change/redesign. I have had enough, please refund all the money you have taken and cancel my order, I am sure I will be able to buy one in the shops if they are successful and cheaper than $30 for a B&W one! Or get someone to post one for the $2 international shipping to the UK would actually cost. Shame, I loved the idea of supporting you, the reality is that your culture is false, your performance and communication and delivery is poor/none existent and I feel ripped off, ignored and fed up. Please cancel right now. Rachel Moody

    3. MOKU on

      What were the top 3 colors choices?

    4. Missing avatar

      Charles Humphrey on

      My address has changed since I became a supporter. How does one go about notifying Nonlinear of the new address?

    5. Missing avatar

      Charles Humphrey on

      My address has changed since I became a supporter. How does one go about notifying Nonlinear of the new address?

    6. Nonlinear Studio Creator on

      The new iPad is what Apple is calling the iPad 3. There is a slight thickness difference between the two.

    7. Nonlinear Studio Creator on

      We appreciate all your support. We'll keep you updated. When we find out the official shipping date we will let you know.

      Thank you,
      Nonlinear Studio

    8. Missing avatar

      Mike K on

      I officially second the comments by Chris, Duane, and Philip. While I look forward to receiving it, but I (as well as those on my xmas list) appreciate your efforts to enhance the utility.

    9. Mick K

      Nice update!
      Thanks guys!!

    10. inches on

      What is the difference between the new iPad and the iPad 2?

    11. Philip Shook on

      Glad to hear you're being forward-thinking. I don't care about delays as long as it's for a quality product!

    12. Duane Roberts on

      Take the time to get it right. Looking good.

    13. MOKU on

      Good move guys.....

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Missing avatar

      stan shoemaker on

      Do you know when the product will be shipped ?