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Introducing Hub+ mini, a smaller and more compact version of the Hub+. You can buy one now on our official website or click the button below.
Introducing Hub+ mini, a smaller and more compact version of the Hub+. You can buy one now on our official website or click the button below.
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Manufacturing Update

Posted by NONDA (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

After confirming the latest details, here’s an update on manufacturing from our end. We appreciate your patience during this time. 

For the development of Hub+, our focus for the last month has been finalizing all of the chipsets in order to enable all Hub+ ports and power functionalities to work together. Our engineering team is working with three manufacturing partners to secure the five different types of chipsets that we need. Currently, we have two of the five types of chipsets ready and will be finalizing the last three over the next two weeks and resolving the remaining technical issues - a bit of a slower process than originally planned. 

When all chipsets pass final testing, we will quickly move to production. We anticipate all testing and development will require us to ask for your patience for a month and a half of additional time from late June to ensure that all of our development process is thoroughly tested prior to mass production. After testing, manufacturing will proceed very quickly.

We’re very excited about bringing Hub+ to our backers. We’re confident that we can deliver this product to you faster than anyone can. Our engineering team and our carefully vetted partners are leading experts in chipset engineering and manufacturing. We have manufacturing plants lined up for production. Once we finalize the chipsets, we can hit the road running with testing and then production. 

We very much appreciate your support and patience and we’ll continue to do our best to answer all your questions.

Best regards, 

Nonda Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Zhengmin on

      Delay again and again! When you will send the product. You think we are foolish?

    2. Missing avatar

      Miguel Vázquez on

      How to applu for a refund?, I can not wait until August, it is disrespectful

    3. Missing avatar

      黄鹏 on

      How to apply for a refund? We can't wait until August.

    4. Justin Winchester on

      Why did you start with USB 2? USB 3.0 should have been the starting point.

    5. Xavier Tee on

      So is the chicken dance on? Hehe anyways just try your best we know sometimes we need to wait for great products. Great job guys!

    6. Grant Goodale on

      Thanks for the update. It's completely reasonable to expect a schedule slip due to changing out parts. (For those who aren't familiar - swapping an IC in a design isn't necessarily a simple task due to different pinouts, changes in power constraints, etc.)

      Do continue to provide detailed feedback on the process like this - it's a confidence booster for us backers, and fun to watch. In fact, I'd love to see a (strategically blurred) prototype board photo appear to compare the old PCB to the new one. :)

    7. NONDA Creator on

      @Jeffrey: The reason we are delayed is based on the fact that we are re-designing the product after the Kickstarter campaign began. The change from USB 2.0 chipsets to USB 3.0 chipsets is why we are facing this delay. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your patience and support.

    8. Jeffrey Then on

      It's quite disappointing to hear that it will be delayed. For those who back the project later, the schedule eta is july, so it will be delayed till aug?

      I said its disappointing because on 1 hand the company is giving targetted goal to reach certain figure like 500k, 1M etc. On the other hand, now they are saying that they cannot deliver on time.

    9. Matteo Cristofori on

      I understand the difficulties and delays that come with product development but I was hoping that the date of the end of June came to you respected because I wanted to use my Hub+ during my summer holidays in mid-July. Now I will have to buy an Apple USB-C to USB Adapter......

    10. NONDA Creator on

      @Boris: Thanks for the offer!

      @Brian Lin: The package called Hub+ Backer Deal is for the Hub+, the mini USB adapter and the HDMI adapter ($93 plus shipping). You can change your reward tier to the Hub+ Backer Deal to receive the HDMI adapter. (Visit the project page and click the blue “Manage” button that appears next to your pledge amount. On the next page, just select the reward you'd like to receive.) If you need further assistance, please inbox message us. Thanks!

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian Lin on

      Can I change to + HDMI package ? PLS

    12. Missing avatar

      Boris on

      I understand the difficulties and delays that come with product development and appreciate your effort to get us a quality product. One idea -- it would be great to have a beta program where you ship out a limited number of the prototype units. I mention that because i) I believe it would raise your credibility that you are in fact close to production; and ii) get you feedback beyond your controlled test environment.

      If you do decide to adopt the suggestion, I'd be happy to be a volunteer for a prototype unit.

    13. NONDA Creator on

      @Simon: We will try our best to keep you all updated. Sorry it took us so long.

      @David: Lol! We are well aware! Our chicken dance is coming! :-/

    14. Missing avatar

      David Shaw on

      From your title page:

      "We are confident that we can deliver the Hub+ to you on time - if we miss it and experience delays, we'll put on chicken costumes and do the chicken dance for you without hesitation. If any surprises happen, we’ll be sure to keep our backers up to date."

      Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    15. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      On the bright side at least you're communicating. I know how hard it is to get a device into production - especially in China.

      Please please just keep backers in the loop. Communication is a key to success. It is something that the uber sxxx Chris Walker and his laughably inept AGENT watch never really understood (he just decided to shaft his partner and then disappear instead)

    16. Patrick Balleur on

      So there is a 6 weeks delay? Wow that was not expected!

    17. NONDA Creator on

      @SMS: Until we finalize the remaining chip sets, we will update with a video then. Thanks for your patience.

    18. SMS on

      What about the video?