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Introducing Hub+ mini, a smaller and more compact version of the Hub+. You can buy one now on our official website or click the button below.
Introducing Hub+ mini, a smaller and more compact version of the Hub+. You can buy one now on our official website or click the button below.
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    1. NONDA Creator on

      @Paul: If Apple USB-C Digital AV adaptor doesn't support it, Hub+ probably can't support it, either. Sorry about that.

    2. Paul Walke on

      Hi guys, great job so far. I have a JetDrive 520 SATA 6Gb/s SSD for Macbook Air that I wanted to use as an external 1Tb drive for my new Macbook. Of course the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adaptor from Apple won't support it. Will your device? Here is a link to their spec page. Many thanks for a life saver!

    3. Missing avatar

      Alex Martin on

      Is there any chance you could test the USB 3.0 max speed with an external USB 3.0 SSD ?
      Theoritical max speed is around 600MB/s, flashdrive can't reach such speed so it's doesn't give an idea of the chipset limitation.
      Thanks !

    4. realdigital on

      perfect! & thx for the hdmi adapter!

      any chance for an ethernet adapter?

    5. NONDA Creator on

      @Leonard: Thanks! Gold is a great choice!
      @Stef: Glad you are happy and thanks for the suggestion!

    6. Missing avatar

      Stef Verbraeken on

      Great job you guys! USB 3.0, didn't see that one coming. � Only thing missing to make it PERFECT is that HDMI-port

    7. Missing avatar

      Leonard Gee on

      Whoa! Nice it's going to be USB 3.0.
      Can't wait to order mine in gold to match my MacBook.

    8. NONDA Creator on

      @Max: Nothing on Ethernet is confirmed but if anything should change, we will keep everyone up to date. Thanks for your suggestion!

    9. Missing avatar

      Max Narula on

      Is there any possibility of there being an RJ45 Ethernet port on the hub?

    10. NONDA Creator on

      @Thierry: At this point we cannot confirm that, but we will definitely keep everyone up to date on any changes for the Hub+.

    11. Thierry Marques on

      Without promising anything obviously, do you guys think it would be an option to have a HDMI out on the hub too? Or are there severe technical constraints?

    12. Missing avatar

      Dimitrios Zacharopoulos on

      Excellent news! Cant wait for launch!

    13. NONDA Creator on

      Thank you all for the support! We are all very excited as well!

    14. Kevin Hanson on

      As long as this doesn't delay things, I'm happy. I prefer USB 3.0 to 2.0, but I don't care that much... I just want a USB hub w/ mini DisplayPort!

    15. Shashwat Parhi on

      Wow, that is truly great news! And so quick. Congrats. Now if only my wish of getting another USB-C through port became a reality, this would be perfect...

    16. Missing avatar

      prempain on

      Amazing !! That's AWESOME!!
      Product Will have a longer Life !
      You're n*1 ! Thanks for listening your backers :)

    17. NONDA Creator on

      @Marie-Andree: Great suggestion! Thanks for the feedback!

    18. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Now only thing missing is an HDMI port ... Or at least an adapter as an add-on :-)

    19. NONDA Creator on

      @Thierry Glad you're happy :)

    20. Thierry Marques on

      USB 3,0, woohoo!!! :D