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Don't salivate in vain at the delicious food your favorite chefs make. Nomiku cooks sous vide at a very precise temperature.
Don't salivate in vain at the delicious food your favorite chefs make. Nomiku cooks sous vide at a very precise temperature.
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Project Update XXIII: International Update

Dear Backers and Pre-orderers,

Our factory has finished assembly of 200pcs with the new motor, and the replacement motors are working properly. If the QC inspection goes well this week we will begin shipping immediately afterward!

The motors are rolling in quickly, so we should be back up to full production this week. Pre-order units are on schedule to be finished next week, and we'll keep you up to date as we have a firmer timeline for delivery.

As always, thank you for your patience, we can't wait to get you your noms!

Dedicated to you, 

Lisa, Abe, Bam, Patrick, and Monica


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    1. Bryan on May 20, 2014

      Almost at the 2 year mark

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Paine on May 19, 2014

      Hi Guys, that was almost 2 weeks ago now, and still no news. Did the backer orders get shipped yet? I haven't heard anything. Please another update.



    3. Lisa Q. Fetterman 2-time creator on May 17, 2014

      @Jdskeilson--my colleague Patrick is in the process of planning more of them. If you have any questions (or suggestions for venues!) let him know at

      @Mark Chan try that! Remember, BagSoakEat has all our recipes, as does our blog ( and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter by going our site: for weekly recipes and ideas! Also, we're just as responsive over email ( too for recipes! Sometimes these comment notifications don't come through :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on May 17, 2014

      Christian; recipe? Did you keep it switched on for the entire period?

      Nomiku guys; please please please!

      Been bragging about owning this haha; now need it to show off (and fill friends stomaches!)

    5. Missing avatar

      jdskeilson on May 15, 2014

      Any updates on the backer parties?

    6. Missing avatar

      Christian on May 13, 2014

      To all you guys and gals still waiting: the wait is totally worth it. I got my European Nomiku last week and cooked up a batch of 72 hour ribs over the weekend. Just had them tonight. The verdict? Unbelievably good. Never thought I'd be be able to have ribs of that quality and fall-off-the-bone tenderness at home.

    7. Lisa Q. Fetterman 2-time creator on May 8, 2014

      Hi Mark, exactly!! Sous vide and make amazing food whenever and wherever!

      Yup, just make sure to dip whatever you sous vided (if you plan on consuming later) into a water bath for about half an hour, then refrigerate. Then, like you said, you can retherm in a water bath :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on May 8, 2014

      Many thanks!

      I am soo excited and giddy waiting for this; and the beauty of it I can take my kitchen almost anywhere!

      Another Q: could one provisionally sous vide food for the requisite amount of time then pop it back into the fridge for consumption the next day / few days by heating back up to temperature?

    9. Lisa Q. Fetterman 2-time creator on May 7, 2014

      Hi Mark, yeah, some kind of insulation will help reduce energy demand and heat loss. And we recommend using hot tap water so your Nom has less heating to do. You never reach boiling point in sous vide, so boiling is not recommended :) And most ingredients will require a post-sear as opposed to one before sous viding. Hope this helps!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on May 7, 2014

      Lisa, another techie question. If I can find a silicon sleeve to wrap around my pot - can I expect that to reduce energy demand as the sleeve will reduce heat loss? Furthermore, suppose I semi boil the water to reach a specific temperature before using the nomiku, that's ok right? Lastly, sous vide then skillet or skillet then sous vide?

    11. Mark England on May 7, 2014

      Looking forward to it. It's so close.

    12. Enrico C
      on May 6, 2014

      Thanks the update Lisa. I am dying in here. :_)

    13. Nathan Kulinitsch on May 5, 2014

      yay woooooooooooooo!! cant wait!! :D

    14. Lisa Q. Fetterman 2-time creator on May 5, 2014

      @Mark, freezer and food-safe plastic bags work great for sous vide as they're plasticizer free! You can get more info on our FAQ:

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on May 5, 2014

      Can you give some suggestions as to which food storage bags are suitable for sous vide?

      I do have some concerns regarding asphenol leaching.