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Don't salivate in vain at the delicious food your favorite chefs make. Nomiku cooks sous vide at a very precise temperature.
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Project Update XIX: CE Status Update

Posted by Lisa Q. Fetterman (Creator)

Dear backers,

We have good news and bad news regarding the 240V units. The good news is that the units have their final CE certification and we don’t expect any more regulatory hurdles. Despite some obstacles with our factory, we've produced 160 units so far and if they pass our quality inspection, those units will go out to the earliest international backers next week.

Unfortunately, we continue to have difficulties with our factory and vendors. Specifically, our vendors have repeatedly delivered the wrong product to us, which has caused day-by-day delays. Also, this week, our factory discovered they did not have enough of one component (a controller PCB) to last through the production run. We are investigating why they seem to have lost almost 500 pieces, and have ordered additional PCBs in case the lost units can’t be found. Those units, however, take about 2 weeks to manufacture, meaning we won’t be able to ship the remaining 250 CE units until late March at the earliest. We do not want to use our factory as a scapegoat, but despite having a part of the Nomi-crew there keeping a watchful eye, there are some things that go wrong that are beyond our control.

We know it's been a long and frustrating wait. We hate to keep you waiting, but please know, we are so thankful for your patience, and are getting close to delivering Nomikus to your door steps. We’ll post another update once we find out the status of the first shipment of 240V units.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Dedicated to you,

Lisa, Abe, Bam, and Patrick

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    1. Peter Törlind on

      Any updates, are the first batch shipping?

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Paine on

      Could I echo the question, how will we know if we are in the first batch of 160?

    3. Missing avatar

      Derek Chan on

      I think chances are good those pcbs have walked out the back door and into some knock off version.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rudolf Blazek on

      Yeah, I'd worry about the PCB being stolen to make a clone, too. On the other hand, stealing the designs may be less noticeable. So, maybe just messy: 50/50.

      We all wish you luck. And thanks!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Cook on

      I second Mark - congratulations on getting CE approval.

      Don't suppose there's any way for a CE backer to predict whether they'll be in that first group to receive a device - by pledge date maybe?

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on

      Great for passing. Regulations. Boohoo for poor factory management and attitude. Not your I mean them.

      Do take care as they can be notorious in stealing ideas.

      Can't wait for my perfect medium well steaks. And yoghurt. And lamb chops.

      Oh by the way. Do you have any idea weather the common food bags on the market are safe for sous vide?

    7. Nathan Kulinitsch


      cant wait guys!!