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Don't salivate in vain at the delicious food your favorite chefs make. Nomiku cooks sous vide at a very precise temperature.
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Project Update XVIII: CE Update

Posted by Lisa Q. Fetterman (Creator)

Dear Backers,

In our final push to get the 240V units out the door, we’ve run into more issues with our testing agency. After they published the CE draft report (the last step before approval) last month, we found that there were additional tests and requirements that they had not performed. We have made the necessary changes to pass the tests, but it is taking more time for our vendors to catch up.

Some of you might wonder why CE is taking so long for us, while other companies ship to Europe relatively quickly. The answer is the CE mark doesn’t always mean the same thing. Many products from China ship as just CE certified for EMC, which is a self-declared mark that the product will not interfere with electromagnetic frequencies. The mark we are getting is a full safety mark, comparable to the ETL mark that we have. This means we must take the time to go through a battery of additional testing by an outside lab, and not just a simple self-declaration. This also means that we can ensure that your Nomiku gives you the safest sous vide experience possible.

As a result, production won’t begin until after Chinese New Year (Jan 25-Feb 17). We’re sorry for a longer wait; we know you’ve been very patient and we are very grateful. All hardware projects must choose between cost, quality, and schedule. Because we have limited resources, and have high standards for quality, we have had to make compromises on our schedule.

Finally, if you plan on moving in the coming months or if you have not contacted us about a shipping address change since our Kickstarter campaign, please email Patrick at

We greatly appreciate your support. Know that we will get you Nomiku as soon as we can. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at .

Dedicated to you,

Lisa, Abe, Bam, and Patrick

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    1. Max Ziebell on

      Yes… my wife and peers are already all smiling when I get into promising them the best steak ever… please make it possible to deliver after all this waiting!

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin MacRobert on

      Hi Guys,
      CNY 2014 is done & dusted. Any news on the 240V units? I'm salivating in every sense...

    3. Thorbjørn Kühl on

      This is perfect! Firstly I'll be able to finish my diet and be down to my goal weight when the Nomiku ship! Secondly, my birthday is March 19, so hopefully I'll get a wonderful birthday present this year!

      Oh, and a question, when you finally do ship, from whence will you then ship? If you ship to EU from outside of EU, we will have to pay import VAT to get out packages, unless you pay, or mark the value as under $10 including shipping (unlikely) that's all fair and well, but for us poor rich Danes, we'll have to pay an additional 160DKK/$30 just to have the stupid post office give us a bill for whatever the VAT is (apparently 572DKK/$105)

      Ouch, our $300 Nomiku might just actually be a $455 Nomiku, VAT sucks :(

    4. Lisa Q. Fetterman 2-time creator on

      Viki: Thank you for your feedback and understanding--- our best guess is March.

      Wilbur: It doesn't do well for our financial status not to ship. We want to ship and get there!

      Rich: We never promised free Nomikus to anybody. We're a startup and that would pretty much be suicide. If you're ever in SF however, we'd be more than happy to cook you up an excellent meal. We don't know what type of certification Sansaire has specifically--- you can ask them I'm sure they'd be open to letting you know.

      Mark: Thank you for your support!

    5. Missing avatar

      Vicki Pracht on

      Like some of the others, I would really appreciate an update on when you think you will be able to ship the Nomikus for Europe. As a project manager, I know it's uncomfortable to communicate something like that, however as a backer, I find it equally as frustrating to wait and wait and wait.

      What's your best guess?

      Thank you for the updates.

    6. Missing avatar

      Wilbur Wabbit on

      Firstly, thank you for the update. I appreciate you're working hard to finish the project.

      Secondly, now that you're well over a year behind and you've experienced yet another delay and yet another hardware change I would really appreciate an update on your financial status given you've stated you have limited resources and also give us all a genuine estimate on the chances of being able to fulfil the 240v rewards at all, the chances of further delays and a hard deadline set by yourselves for shipping the final rewards.

      I really really appreciate the updates but frankly I've had enough - it's insulting seeing you celebrating the successful deliveries to your US backers while the rest of us are left holding the bag and issue ingle never ending increased risk of loosing $300 that would have bought us an off the shelf sous vide supreme.

    7. Rich McDonough on

      Well, I suppose as long as you follow through with your promise if one free Nomiku for every one ordered, to make up for the wait, most people will live with yet another delay. Sansaire has shipped their 240v despite starting a year after you guys. Are you suggesting their certification is inferior?

    8. Diego Truyen

      Guess I'll have to live a little while longer without perfectly cooked Noms :-(

    9. Mark England on

      Great to get another update and great to know the product we'll eventually get will be the best possible and safety comes first. I admire your dedication to making sure what you produce is the best it can be. It gives me great confidence in what I have invested in. Keep up the passion.

    10. Nathan Kulinitsch

      NOOOOOOOOOOooooOOoooOooOOooOOoooooooOOOOOOOOoooo *takes breath* OOOOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOoooOOOooOOoOoOoOoOooOoooOoOoOO


      oh well, thanks for the update. You guys are killing me with all the awesome photo's you're posting! my mouth is dry from all the drool i've lost over the holiday break!

      well, gong xi fa cia for next week! :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on

      I'll wait; if it's the only thing I can do. Enjoy the happy new year in Hong Kong!