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Don't salivate in vain at the delicious food your favorite chefs make. Nomiku cooks sous vide at a very precise temperature.
Don't salivate in vain at the delicious food your favorite chefs make. Nomiku cooks sous vide at a very precise temperature.
1,880 backers pledged $586,061 to help bring this project to life.

Project Update XIV: Noms on a Plane! First 500 batch shipped!

Dear Wonderful Backers,

We have come to the beginning of the sweetest, most exciting part of our journey together: the first 500 of our 120V Noms passed Chinese customs and are flying to the US! Once they pass through US customs it takes our warehouse in LA 2-5 days to process them and then they come straight to you.

We will be shipping the Noms in chronological order from when you backed us. If you backed us before June 28th, 2012 you will receive a notification email when your Nom is coming. (Please make sure your shipping information is up to date!) If you are not amongst the first 500, do not despair. This second shipment of the remaining Noms are ramping up quickly and will also be in the air soon. 

Note to 240V backers, we’ve been applying for CE in parallel and they have requested that we augment our powerboard. We’ve been working aggressively with our factory to achieve this update and submit it for approval. 

We will update all of you bi-weekly from now on so you know we are on top of this final stage. All shorter updates in between will be posted on FB and Twitter. And with shipping comes the arrival of our parties, classes, and pop-up stores in the cities you voted for. We will be sending out Eventbrite invites to you as the events get closer and really look forward to meeting/feeding you!


Lisa, Abe, and Bam


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    1. Max Harris on

      So, the next 500-1000 will go to what cutoff date and is there an ETA... I'm seeing first noms and getting itchy all over again.

    2. Lucas england on

      better then i could have imagined
      my first egg was glorious
      check it out

    3. Lucas england on

      you made it all possible so happy to be the first to get one and post. ill take a pic of my first sousvide egg as it is in the water as we speak

    4. Lisa Q. Fetterman 2-time creator on

      You are so awesome Lucas!!!!! Love the video... misty eyes of joy and excitement!

    5. Lucas england on

      Just recieved my nomiku and it is already cooking a egg at 149 f
      here is a video of my water warming up…

    6. Lucas england on

      i backed june 18th im so proud to be in the first 500 and i cant wait for my melt off the bone rib eyessteaks!

    7. Nattip Boonthanakit on

      Congrats guys, so very proud of you!!!!!

    8. Adam_S on

      Woohoo! Based on my email from when I originally backed the project, I'm in the first 500! I've now got visions of 63.3* eggs, perfect steaks, and glorious sous vide food dancing in my head.

    9. mike bogdan on


      How can we figure out when we backed? I'm not sure if I hit that 6/28 date or not

    10. Phillip Glaeser on

      Disregard my question. Saw it clarified on Facebook. Almost too good to be true!

    11. Phillip Glaeser on

      Do I understand correctly that June 28th is the cut off for the first 500?

      Outstanding news on accomplishing your first shipment. Thanks for taking me along on your journey.

    12. Missing avatar

      TxnInCT on

      Super excited!!!!!

    13. Mike Wong on

      Congrats! proud of you guys!

    14. middleca on

      Wooo! Congrats on shipping!

    15. jenn de la Vega on

      Pretty amazing to watch this process from the beginning! Wish I had backed at a higher level :)