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Don't salivate in vain at the delicious food your favorite chefs make. Nomiku cooks sous vide at a very precise temperature.
1,880 backers pledged $586,061 to help bring this project to life.

Project Update XIII: SHIPPING JULY! And what we're doing to get there.

Posted by Lisa Q. Fetterman (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Good news! We passed all the 120V testing and should ship the first Nomikus by the end of July. To get Nomiku into your kitchens as quickly as possible, we are skipping the usual slow boat from China and are instead air shipping the Nomikus to the US. From there, they will be shipped in the order we received your backing. They'll be flying to your doorsteps in August! This also means we'll be hosting the first of our promised backer parties in San Francisco August 14th at a secret location we'll email you privately about.

We're in the middle of our production verification test (PVT) right now, and the results are looking great. We're nailing down the cosmetics and making sure that we catch any issues before a unit leaves the factory. We've ordered every part now down to the last screw, so we'll be ready for mass production early next month.

In other good news, we were able to make some last minute modifications to extend the voltage range of Nomiku from just 120V to cover the full 120V-240V range! The final power rating for Nomiku will be 1150-1250W, though actual power will depend on the water level and temperature.

240V backers will be able to get their units soon after Nomiku gets CE certification. Because the units already work at 240V, we have good confidence that we'll pass the testing, but we've learned to expect surprises. Provided we don't need a significant part change, we should have your Nomikus shipped a month after the 120V ones.

We’re excited to begin mass production and get Nomiku into your hands! As usual, if you want more updates on how things are going, you can check out our blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

Dedicated to you,

Lisa, Abe and Bam


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    1. Sean Motyl

      Awesome update! I can't wait to try it out!

      I thought people might be interested in this project for vacuum sealing common zip bags:

    2. David Brophy on

      Hey I ordered a 240v Nomiku when I lived in the UK, but it looks like I'll be spending most of my time between the US and Europe. Will the 240v European Nomikus be 120v compatible? Is there somewhere I can order a Euro and USA power cord?

    3. Jason Cherun on

      Awesome, Super Excited!! Congrats.

    4. Lisa Q. Fetterman 2-time creator on

      To change your address, just send us an e-mail at

      @mike, we're not sure yet when the Boston party will be, we'll let you know as soon as we have more specifics.
      @Tom, we've submitted samples for a preliminary review for CE certification, and we'll be submitting the rest of the required units from the PVT this week!
      @Rich, we need to have CE certification to send out the units to Europe and other 240V countries!
      @Ariel, yes, you will be able to use your "120V" Nomiku anywhere, BUT you will need to buy a separate power cord from us for the local plug. We don't recommend adapters or off-the-shelf cables because many can't handle the necessary current (up to 10A).
      @Jason, yes, we'll ship all international 120V units along with the US units!

    5. Missing avatar

      Sally Jo Cunningham on

      Fantastic news! Kudos to the team for managing multivolt, that will make life much easier for those of us outside the US!

    6. Missing avatar

      JBW on

      Also really glad to hear you managed to produce a multivolt version as someone living in England with lots of power transformers to run all of my American stuff - nice to get items that will never need that treatment!

      Just need to find a way to get through a lot of barbecue season while i wait...

    7. Missing avatar

      Derek Chan on

      Hooray for multivolt!

    8. Jason Cherun on

      Does Canada get included in the first air shipped batched?

    9. Ariel בר-לבב Fogel on

      just to clarify--does this mean I can use my US 120V nomiku in Europe or the middle east?

    10. Max Krueger on

      Hooray Nomiku! I'm so excited for bagged foods!

    11. Rich McDonough on

      Can you please clarify what you mean about the voltage now being 120v-240v? You mean you can use the same Nomiku on either voltage? If so, why do I need to wait another month?! I'm sure there is something I am missing here so it would be great if you can tell me what it is! Thanks!

    12. Dan Abdinoor on

      The air shipping is great news. Thanks for doing what you can to fast-track delivery.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tom Wilkinson on

      Does this mean you've already submitted for CE testing? Excellent news if so!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jon Huss on

      Great news! Congrats L,A,and B! I have moved since this started. How can I get you my new shipping address? Please let me know. Thanks!

    15. Simon Tam on

      Congratulations guys! The end is in sight! I can't wait to get mine and start cooking up some savory sous vide goodness!

    16. Jen Caputo on

      That's great news! We will be able to change our shipping location before they ship? I'm moving in July.

    17. mike bogdan on

      CANT WAIT!

      any estimates on the date for the Boston party?

    18. Christopher Tran on

      YEAH!! I can finally give away the Frankenstein rig I built and have a much more sexy machine in my kitchen :)