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ChargeCard is a USB cable that's thin enough to fit easily into your wallet, purse or pocket. Visit us at
ChargeCard is a USB cable that's thin enough to fit easily into your wallet, purse or pocket. Visit us at
5,428 backers pledged $161,897 to help bring this project to life.

iPhone 5 in Production, Ships Next Week

Posted by Noah Dentzel + Adam Miller + Brian Hahn (Creator)


ChargeCard for iPhone 5 Ships Next Week

We're on schedule to ship out ChargeCard for iPhone 5 next week.

We began manufacturing ChargeCard for iPhone 5 today and we're on schedule to package and ship them out early next week.

In fact, we've already prepped all of your shipments. Check out the enormous pile of label-backings we amassed during the process.

And check out ChargeCard in the technology section of the New York Times this week:

Thanks to all of you for making this happen together with us.

As always, please write to us at with any questions.

The ChargeCard Team
Los Angeles, California

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    1. James Chu on

      Where is the address survey before shipping? I recently move to new place.

    2. Missing avatar

      Allen Adamore on

      I NEVER received my charge card for Iphone5. I received one for Android (useless) to me and when I emailed was informed that the correct card would be delivered poste haste. No such luck... still waiting three months later. Please fulfill your commitments!

    3. Ryan Bertrand on

      Jason I think that's B.S. as well. They fulfilled this websites orders. They ship in 24hrs.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Hintz on

      I've just received an email from Chloe regarding the status of the ChargeCard for the iPhone 5:

      "The reason our ChargeCards for iPhone 5 are so delayed in shipment is because we're coming out with a new version. The earlier units were experiencing issues and we've made improvements and changed the design. They will ship out to you in October."

      While it is frustrating that we have to wait longer, at least they're still working on it and haven't forgotten about the backers.

    5. Siddharth on

      I am still to receive any intimation abt the status of the deliveries. Im lost as to whether they have been shipped or not. Please update!!!

    6. Milly Isa on

      I completely forgot about my chargecard because there hasn;t been any updates... until this:

      That's messed up, man.

    7. Nicole W on

      Has anyone received word of delays or their charge card lately?

    8. David Pedro on

      I am yet to receive my iphone5 chargecard.

      What really is going on here?

    9. Treyci Rudder on

      I was told they will be shipping in October. There was an issue that needed to be fixed.

    10. Treyci Rudder on

      I received my micro charge card. Still waiting on the iPhone 5 one :/

    11. Ryan Bertrand on

      I think they meant to say, "the charge cards people bought from our website will ship this week". They don't care about the people who backed their product.

    12. Missing avatar

      Lennart on

      No sign of it here. Please inform us if all iPhone5 chargecards have been sent.

    13. Tomás Middleton on

      Backed over a year ago and still no notice of the charger... what a disgrace, so unprofessional

    14. Missing avatar

      Byron Rode on

      Further more, that people can order from yours, and other sites, and receive theirs before those who had faith in your project as an idea, is terrible.

    15. Missing avatar

      Byron Rode on

      As one of the first 500 backers on this project, I definitely think how the whole process has been handled is vastly unprofessional. Communication has to be drawn out of the company while I have sat back for over a year (I backed the project on 19 July 2012 and my payment which was $25 on the early bird special went off on 27 August 2012).

      I have had to move (twice) in the time that we were expected to receive the card, and now am not sure if we are going to receive it at all. Never received a tracking number, or any notification to say it was sent.

      I am 100% aware that this is a funded project and that things take time, heck, I have advocated you and other kickstarter projects where tooling and what-not has been necessary, and delays are expected, but this is out of hand.

    16. Konstantinos Beis on

      Haven't received my iphone 5 charge card yet! Horrible experience. They are not at all professionals.

    17. Rusty on

      Just a terrible experience. They used us to fund them but now they are selling them from the website before they have made sure funders have received awards. What a disgrace.

    18. Stanny Ogar on

      Hi Noah& Adam
      I just want to find out why I haven't received my Iphone 5 charge card last time I write to you regarding a wrongly delivered charge card(Micro USB one) and redirected me to ms Chloe which I did, and she instructed me to resend it to a specified address( which I did immediately) and assured me that she was aware that I was slated to receive the right charge card (iPhone 5 charge card) my concern is I notice a lot of people confirming here that they've received their iPhone 5 charge card and I'm yet to receive mine; I wonder is it as a result of the mix up mentioned earlier? Or am I deliberately ignored? I have written to Chloe again using the email address you gave me and oddly enough there's been no response! Unusual considering that last time I got prompt and decent responses from her.
      Sorry for the rambling... Pls clear this up for me. Thanks

    19. Jonathan Tabarejo on

      FINALLY! received my iPhone 5 chargecard today. It's still in the blister packaging

    20. Michael Hetrick on

      I received my iPhone 5 charge card today! Haven't tested it yet but at least I got it.

    21. Diego Momotiuk on

      Me too, still waiting. What's going on?

    22. Jonathan Lally on

      Uh, haven't received mine yet. Between this and Instacube, not sure I want to fund anything else. Just a bad, bad experience.

    23. David Keogh on

      Still waiting for iPhone 5 charge card. Very frustrating I have not received mine when most have - I hope I have not Been forgotten as they tell me they have no way of checking my status other than it will be here soon

    24. Cameron Marks on

      I received mine a few days ago, Havent checked it yet because I am waiting for the next iPhone. I will have to check to see if mine works on a friends iphone though since people are having troubles getting them to work.

    25. Keith Paul Jr Kelly on

      Just checking to see if we have an update. I have not got mine yet.

    26. Robert Mulhern on

      Any updates on this? Why are people ordering from site getting them before the kickstarters. Why would there be back orders. Shouldn't there be enough or more than what there was ordered from kickstarter. Something doesn't sound right.

    27. Missing avatar

      Pavan Vutukuru on

      I haven't received any communication regarding my shipment. Did any backers in CA get their iPhone 5 chargers?

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    29. Debbie Osborn Kreuer on

      What? @Craig Hodgson... people that purchased them have received them...but backers have not?

    30. Debbie Osborn Kreuer on

      Did you send them out yet? We'll be getting new iphones by the time they are ready and they will be obsolete again...

    31. Craig Hodgson on

      Hi, any update would be good, especially since I past around the discount code and out of the four people that ordered all four now have theirs (delivered 6-10 days ago!) even feedback on an ETA would be useful :-)

    32. Ryan Bertrand on

      Horrible business guys. What are you doing? Send us our products!!!!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Katrina Shaw on


    34. Missing avatar

      Rob Sauter on

      still waiting patiently, backed up July 20th 2012...

    35. Rusty on

      This is a huge disappointment that the update was incorrect and there has been no further communication. I'll think twice before backing another project from these guys. What a headache.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kristina E on

      Still waiting here too. I'm seeing it crop up for sale on more and more sites. Would be nice to get an update. My mailbox is still empty...

    37. Missing avatar

      Drew Leonard on

      Here is an email I got last week after emailing them, not that it tells you much:

      Hi Drew,

      Unfortunately I cannot say for sure whether or not yours has shipped. We were more backordered than I had thought. But we did a big production round recently and are now trying to fulfill all of our backorders. Thus, if yours hasn't shipped already it should do so very soon!

      I know it's been frustrating to wait this long and I really do apologize for the wait. I hope you enjoy ChargeCard once it finally makes its way to your doorstep. We're a small company and you, our customer, is really our top priority (along with a great product!), so please write back with any questions or concerns and we'll do whatever we can to resolve your issue and keep you happy.

      Again, I apologize for the delay. Thanks so much for your patience and please get back to me with any other questions or concerns.



    38. Missing avatar

      Louis Rosenberg on

      Can we get an update? Still havent received my cards

    39. Missing avatar

      John O'Reilly on

      Yes, this is frustrating. They've been less than transparent; haven't heard in a month. Is it quality issues or have they diverted units to the retail channel to keep distributors happy and leave backers waiting.

    40. Ben Perkins on

      Still no ChargeCards or updates? I'm a little annoyed that they're already for sale on other websites while we're still waiting...

    41. Missing avatar

      jmonty on

      Also still waiting. Honestly I don't understand why there is no update when there was a promise to ship them out a while ago. You can at least correct your previous statement so that we aren't left wondering.

    42. Missing avatar

      ONG Swee Choon on

      I pledged for 10 charge cards. To date, have not received even a single one.

    43. Shabihul Abdi on

      Apparently if I comment here I can get my iPhone 5 charge card

    44. Daniel Suslavich on

      Still waiting in MA too.. Any updates?!?!

    45. José Pėrez on

      Hallelujah, today I got my iPhone 5 charge card. Thanks God...

    46. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bruce on

      Would be cool if you could give us an update guys…..

    48. Nick on

      What's happening here? Still waiting.

    49. Missing avatar

      Drew Leonard on

      They've been on sale on the website for weeks. A few weeks ago if you ordered it said they'd ship July 20th. Idk why we haven't gotten any response when these were supposed to ship two weeks ago... These kids may be engineers but don't know how to run a business.

    50. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Still not got mine. When are they shipping. If you can order from the website and they ship on 12th what was the point of ordering early!