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ChargeCard is a USB cable that's thin enough to fit easily into your wallet, purse or pocket.
ChargeCard is a USB cable that's thin enough to fit easily into your wallet, purse or pocket. Visit us at
ChargeCard is a USB cable that's thin enough to fit easily into your wallet, purse or pocket. Visit us at
5,428 backers pledged $161,897 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Susanne McAllister on

      Hey, I never received my charger and as it's now 2017 and, needless to say, I don't own that version of the iPhone anymore. Please refund my pledge money.

    2. Michael Phillips on

      I didn't use the charge card right away, but started to in the past month. It worked great for a week. Now it is impossible to get a charge to my phone. It is just like any other knockoff Apple charger.

    3. Chris Bray on

      I got the dreaded "this is an unverified cable and may not not work properly message" and soon after the cable stopped working :(

    4. James Chu on

      Feedback: My iPhone 5 charge card die today, seems like it broken wiring inside. Surprised that it due so quick. I use it about once a day, and we'll storage in my pocket so it still looks good from outside, but I saw some small crack on the hard material.

    5. Laurent on

      Nearly 2 months since the charge cards were sent out - I still have yet to receive mine in South Africa.
      Were they sent out by registered mail?

    6. Missing avatar

      Khalil Najjar on

      Sorry guys, I still have not seen the iPhone 5 charge card.
      I live on Australia, is international shipping supposed to take this long??

    7. Xenatos on

      Woohoo! just got mine! just in time for the eve to end...
      happy New year folks!
      if 2013 was crappy make 2014 better,
      if it was good, make it even better!

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Finally got mine in the UK - they are coming :-) Pretty impressed so far!

    9. Maureen on

      They are getting theirs overseas before a few of us in the good ole USA

    10. Maureen on

      Ditto - I have been waiting too for a while now, I ordered 2 iphone 5 chargecards black and have not received them yet … can you please update me on my order thanks

    11. wgusa on

      Hey guys I have been waiting for a while now, I ordered 2 iphone 5 chargecards black and have not received them yet … can you please update me on my order thanks

    12. Missing avatar

      Kai Dean on

      I got mine at the weekend in the UK

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert Finnigan on

      Just received my card, have faith people.

    14. Vosvos on

      I haven't received anything waiting waiting waiting.....

    15. Missing avatar

      Lennart on

      Have not seen anything yet. Can you update me on when to expect it? I am in The Netherlands.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ron Me on

      got my chargecard one week ago at germany, thanks guys.

    17. Zoltán Csuzdi on

      Thank you all !
      Finally arrived and it is working well.
      Love it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rosalia on

      Greetings from Montreal, Canada! ChargeCard received today! Thank you! Merry Christmas!!

    19. Bruce Winther on

      Got it in Australia... Works well... Thanks

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      In UK and still not got mine ;-(

    21. Vosvos on

      Still waiting in Turkey too.

    22. Bruce Winther on

      Still waiting in Australia

    23. Evgeny on

      Don't received the ChargeCard for iPhone5 :(

    24. Nick Dawson on

      UK backer here, just arrived this morning.

    25. Noah Dentzel + Adam Miller + Brian Hahn Creator on

      If you have not received your ChargeCard for any reason, email and she will arrange a replacement unit. The very last remaining ChargeCards shipped as of 2 weeks ago.

    26. Konstantinos Beis on

      Still haven't received mine

    27. Doug Otto on

      Still haven't received mine. This project has been a huge disappointment from the start. Pretty much ruined kickstarter for me.

    28. Missing avatar

      SomeTechNoob on

      Got my ChargeCard for iPhone 5 yesterday. Works flawlessly on iOS 7!
      Located in the USA

    29. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on

      Nope nothing in The Netherlands

    30. Missing avatar

      Lennart on

      What about shipments to Europe, have they gone as well? Did not see mine yet. Anybody in Europe got it yet?

    31. Noah Dentzel + Adam Miller + Brian Hahn Creator on

      Thanks Aamir! Glad you received it. You too Ken :) Cheers, Noah

    32. Aamir Patel on

      Hey Guys

      Just got my card! Everyone I'm showing it to wants one! Hope you guys get into stores and make some millions!

    33. Ken Goldenberg on

      I just received mine today. It works on my 5s. Yippee

    34. Noah Dentzel + Adam Miller + Brian Hahn Creator on

      If you have not received your iPhone 5 ChargeCard, it's somewhere in the postal system on its way to you. And if it doesn't show up in a reasonable amount of time, send us an email to and we'll take care of you and get you a replacement! Cheers -Chloe

    35. Ken Goldenberg on

      I have not received mine, help a local Bay Area bro out

    36. Vosvos on

      please tell at least you ship it or not. i am waiting more than one year.

    37. Missing avatar


      I haven't received my ChargeCard for iPhone yet. Been waiting for a long time. Please give me a reply.

    38. Phillip Gray Jr on

      Same here haven't got mine too!

    39. Phillip Gray Jr on

      Same here haven't got mine too!

    40. Vosvos on

      I am curious about my shipment also since I haven't received it by today and today is the friday

    41. Noah Dentzel + Adam Miller + Brian Hahn Creator on

      Yours shipped earlier this week and you should receive it by Friday.
      I know you've waiting a long time. But I also know that once you get your ChargeCards that you're going to love them.
      Thank you for supporting us and thanks for being so patient.

    42. Missing avatar

      Travis Quick on

      Still haven't received my two ChargeCards for iPhone 5. I realize that you guys were gracious in allowing those that ordered iPhone 4 ChargeCards to switch to iPhone 5 versions after the iPhone 5 was announced. Thank you for that, and for even be willing to make this new version.

      However, that said, waiting over a year for this product is just ridiculous. And the minimal updates have shown how far in over your head you are. Buy you folks are good at marketing, seeing as how you've already expanded the ChargeCard idea into another product. You can't deliver the original one that WE, THE BACKERS, helped you with, and that which also led you to the path of new products.

      In short, stop worrying about new products and just deliver the ones promised to those that HAVE ALREADY PAID!

    43. Missing avatar

      Krisetiadi on

      Hi there,

      I haven't received my iPhone 5 cable. I was ordering 1 mini usb and 1 iPhone 5 cable. Mini USB were delivered safely, but I haven't received the iphone 5 one. Can you help ?

    44. Missing avatar

      Lennart on

      Nothing received yet. Please update on your iphone5 chargecard shipping plans.

    45. Matt Parks on

      Finally got mine yesterday

    46. Noah Dentzel + Adam Miller + Brian Hahn Creator on

      Hey Backers,

      We've already begun delivering some ChargeCards for iPhone 5 and we're working hard to get all of yours delivered. The best way to reach us is by sending us a message to

      If any of you have experienced faulty versions of early ChargeCards for iPhone 4 or Micro USB, please send us an email to and we'll set you up with a replacement immediately!


    47. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on

      Noah will delete your post... So that won't help...

    48. mayankmisra on

      Folks who have not got an order or an update should head here and leave a comment so that the other good people who back ideas don't get duped:

    49. Missing avatar

      SomeTechNoob on

      Sorry to say, but I'm disappointed with this KS.
      I have:
      2 Micro USB Chargecards
      2 Lightning Chargecards (v1)
      Both of my Micro USB chargecards, along with one lightning card have become a pain to use as the connection where the rubber tongue is most stressed has become a problem. The connection has grown weak and often my chargecards are left basically useless as they require a specific angle for the device to charge, or don't work at all. Keep in mind thatI have used these chargecards less than 30 times each. My last lightning card worked until I updated to ios 7. But I knew that would happen. Lets hope the replacement chargecard for the iPhone5/5s cones quick and doesn't have a 75% failure rate.

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